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ANNE FRANK 80 YEARS ❴PDF❵ ✩ ANNE FRANK 80 YEARS Author Ronald Wilfred Jansen – PRESS RELEASEANNE FRANK 80 YEARSPHOTOGRAPHIC IMPRESSIONS A Memorial Tour in Current ImagesFrankfurt am Main Aachen AmsterdamCamp Westerbork Auschwitz Birkenau Bergen BelsenPICTURE BOOKPHOTOGRAPHERAUTH PRESS RELEASEANNE FRANK YEARSPHOTOGRAPHIC IMPRESSIONS A Memorial Tour in Current ImagesFrankfurt am Main Aachen AmsterdamCamp ANNE FRANK Kindle - Westerbork Auschwitz Birkenau Bergen BelsenPICTURE BOOKPHOTOGRAPHERAUTHORRONALD WILFRED JANSENRWJ PUBLISHINGIN ASSOCIATION WITH UNIBOOK FULL COLOURHARD COVERSIZE FORMAT ALANGUAGE ENGLISHNUMBER OF PAGES NUMBER OF COLOUR PHOTOGRAPHS PRICE € INCLUDING VAT EXCLUDING SHIPPINGISBNEAN You can also order directly from wwwunibookcomor at any good bookshopMy picture book has been registered at Centraal Boekhuis BV Libridis by UnibookAnne Frank is world famous Millions of people from all over the world have read her diaryAs such the Anne Frank Foundation promotes Anne Frank and her mental legacyThe travelling exhibition ‘Anne Frank — A History for Today’ is the most visited Dutch exhibition worldwideI visited The Annex for the first time in The Annex creates a deep impression on many people and I was no exception I could feel the tensions of the persons in hiding and I realised that Anne had become caught in the Nazis web; she had been torn away from her everyday world Her life was broken before it could blossem Anne was interested in culture religion and science and had a keen interest in society at large being very concerned about everybody’s experienced ups and downs — and that was why I thought it was so dismal that she had been killed And sadly this was for one reason only because she was a jew The need in me arose to portray the life of Anne Frank Not by means of a biography or a book with old pictures many of which have been published already before Instead I wanted to discover whether there are still remnants of her past life and surroundings in the presentIn I made a photoreport about the residences of Anne Frank I visited her home addresses in Frankfurt am Main Aachen the Merwede Suare in Amsterdam her place of hiding — the Annex in Amsterdam — and the concentration camps of Westerbork —Auschwitz Birkenau and Bergen Belsen — where she was kept imprisoned I have provided the pictures of short notes explaining the connection with Anne Frank My recent pictures are an important addition to the many old pictures of Anne FrankThe emptiness left behind by Anne Frank becomes evident when I place a recent picture next to an old picture depicting her both taken from the same angle When taking the pictures I took special notice of interesting details and the historical character of the subject after all the pictures are the result of personal experiences which were often uite intense My pictures show the traces of her residences which are still visible in the rural landscape; you can map out your own route along the places which are reminiscent of Anne Frank I was given permission both for visiting and taking pictures of the inside locations from the organisations concerned My visits to these locations were carried out respectfully whilst taking into consideration the applicable rules of the locations I hope that my picture book inspires the reader and watcher to delve deeper into the history of the Holocaust and Anne Frank and that it contributes to the mutual tolerance and understanding between people and cultures I also hope that my picture book contributes to the maintenance of the cultural heritage that still reminds us of Anne Frank.