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Murder on the Cliffs: A Daphne du Maurier Mystery ☃ Murder on the Cliffs: A Daphne du Maurier Mystery PDF / Epub ✑ Author Joanna Challis – The storm led me to Padthaway I could never resist the allure of dark swirling clouds windswept leaves sweeping down cobbled lanes or a view of the sea stirring up its defiant nature The sea possessed The storm led the Cliffs: MOBI î me to Padthaway I could never resist the allure of dark swirling clouds windswept leaves sweeping down cobbled lanes or a view of the sea stirring up its defiant nature The sea possessed a power all of its own and this part of Cornwall an isolated stretch of rocky cliff tops and unexplored beaches both enchanted and terrified me It is not a lie to say I felt drawn out that day led to a certain destiny So begins Murder on Kindle - this new mystery series featuring young Daphne du Maurier headstrong adventurous and standing at the cusp of greatnessWalking on the cliffs in Cornwall she stumbles upon the drowned body of a beautiful woman dressed only in a nightgown her hair strewn along the rocks her eyes gazing up to the heavens Daphne on the Cliffs: A Daphne eBook Á soon learns that the mysterious woman was engaged to marry Lord Hartley of Padthaway an Elizabethan mansion full of intriguing secretsAs the daughter of the famous Sir Gerald du Maurier Daphne on the Cliffs: PDF/EPUB ç is welcomed into the Hartley home but when the drowning turns out to be murder Daphne determines to get to the bottom of the mysteries of Padthaway—in part to find fresh inspiration for her writing and in part because she cannot resist the allure of grand houses and long buried secrets.

  • ebook
  • 304 pages
  • Murder on the Cliffs: A Daphne du Maurier Mystery
  • Joanna Challis
  • English
  • 17 February 2016
  • 9781429988674

About the Author: Joanna Challis

Joanna Challis a the Cliffs: MOBI î lover of old houses wild English gardens and dusty bookstores lives and writes in Australia but her heart resides on the cliffs of Cornwall She is the author of the Daphne du Maurier Mysteries.

10 thoughts on “Murder on the Cliffs: A Daphne du Maurier Mystery

  1. Susan Susan says:

    It doesn't sound like a bad concept the young unfledged Daphne Du Maurier finding herself involved with a mystery that features a sinister housekeeper a handsome brooding man and a huge mysterious old mansion on the Cornish coast And so Daphne stumbles across a frightened young girl and a dead womanThe problem is that it's so badly written If you want a mess of dangling participles misplaced modifiers anachronisms overwrought diction and misused words this is probably for you Some of the errors might be just typographical it doesn't look as though anyone copy edited or proof read the book but the ages of the characters seem to shift in a disconcerting way for example David is described initially as in his late twenties later as just ten years older than his 15 year old sister I finished the book mostly to see if the style was supposed to represent a naive Du Maurier and would improve gradually as she experienced the traumatic events Nope Stay away unless you have someone who would enjoy having the egregious errors read aloud

  2. Jeanne Adamek Jeanne Adamek says:

    Actually I really liked the book According to all the reviews a lot of people didn`t enjoy this story I found it interesting maybe it was also a case of reading the story at the right time Reading a book that is right at the time completely raises the interest factor and in my case so much so that I can recommend this mystery

  3. Idril Celebrindal Idril Celebrindal says:

    I made it through two chapters but the writing was so completely terrible I just couldn't go on Never mind that the main character poor Daphne du Maurier maligned by being presented as such an idiot travels to a remote town on the Cornish coast for the sole purpose of visiting a specific abbey and then just wanders through the village and into the woods and wonders why that didn't suddenly reveal said abbey to her; never mind the at least five instances of tonal whiplash experienced in the first chapter; never mind that Daphne finds a dead body on a beach and then waltzes home without waiting for the police the prose is just so bad It alternates between overwrought and confused Some examples from the first chapter chosen by picking out sentences at random I soon came upon a cove A beautiful magnificent dangerous cove The thought just stops there Why is the cove dangerous? I don't think coves are inherently dangerous are they? I guess I was supposed to get a sense of thrilling tension but instead I just snort laughed and thought what?? A kitchen maid to marry Lianne's brother? The way she said it inferred her brother's status well above an ordinary kitchen maid IMPLIED Also I've read the second sentence half a dozen times and surely the was that is missing isn't actually optional? Curious about her family I asked a few uestions but received only monosyllabic replies Well we're on page 4 and it's our first meeting with this girl too so maybe you could tell the reader what those uestions and answers are? But no I guess don't strain yourself author to actually tell the story to your readers Tall and lithe her brother's handsome face turned to her the lower part of his jaw straining to make sense of her blubbering words I imagine he'd have success if he used his ears and brain for attempting to comprehend speech rather than his jaw Jaws aren't known for their listening capabilities Also the subject of that sentence is the face so as written it's the face that is tall and lithe not the brother So that's unusualTwo sentences later Sueezing her eyes shut she clung to the inside of her brother's brown tweed coat as though wanting to bury her face forever in its green satin folds I am guessing the green refers to the inside of the coat that was just stated to be brown but that's meeting the author than halfway David much older than his younger sister in his late twenties I suspected clasped her face in his hands and laughed I mean yeah if he's older then obviously his sister is younger but also what does his age have to do with clasping his sister's face? It's so awkwardly shoehorned in This sentence is about five down from the jaw straining line above; he's so concerned about his sobbing sister that he is visibly tense but before she explains what she's sobbing about he's already laughing at her What? He's the fourth character we meet in the first chapter and none are consistent from one sentence to the nextIf I keep going I'll just end up typing out the whole chapter

  4. Bee Bee says:

    What a letdown MURDER ON THE CLIFFS had so much potential gothic undertones set in Cornwall murder mystery even featuring a young Daphne du Maurier REBECCA is one of my favorite books To say it fell flat is an understatement I labored through the first half even though I was uite frankly bored then skimmed through the rest to get to the ending Daphne was a ninny the writing was poor the characters were uninteresting and dull and there were confusing bits like that Lianne was supposed to be emotionally disturbed? It was presented as a given and obvious to everyone but it wasn't obvious to me as reader There were also a few instances of word usage that felt wrong for the time period like when Jenny referred to Victoria as a 'player' Really? In 1920s England?Such a disappointing book

  5. Julie Julie says:

    Like a wild animal he stared out at the sea'Lots of mischief' Jenny laughed her face suddenly somberThe drizzle transformed to droplets and the droplets to pelts Perhaps a pelt of a wild animal staring out at the seaThis book is not good

  6. Cheryl Cheryl says:

    Daphne Du Maurier read an article in the newspaper The Times about an old abbey that is located on the Cornish coast It dates all the way back to the Charlemagne era Daphne loves rooting around and learning about the history of old places She begs her parents to let her stay instead of going with them and trying to find a husband Her parents agree on one conditionDaphne must stay with an old friend Ewe SinclaireWhile taking a morning walk Daphne hears a woman scream When she arrives at the feet of the young woman is a body The woman who screamed is named Lianne Lianne identifies the body as her brother’s fiancée Victoria Bastion Though Lianne is glad Victoria is dead she would not wish it this way When Daphne meets Lord David Hartley she becomes intrigued by him Lord Hartley invites Daphne to stay in the abbey She can’t pass up the offer While there she gets to know the Hartley’s and Victoria It seems that the Hartley’s have many secrets Daphne decides to investigate the murder of Victoria Daphne better watch her back or she could end up like Victoria I enjoyed Murder on the Cliffs It had this old classic feel to it that reminded me of my favorite mystery stories growing up There was no glitz or hype Just an old abbey and a family that had a closet full of dead bodies Daphne was so sweet and naïve that I wasn’t sure at first if she was the right person to solve the murder I read this book very uickly It was memorizing There were some twists Enough to keep me from figuring the identity of the killer till the end I do plan to check out novels by this author

  7. Kristine Kristine says:

    Some uick thoughts rants Daphne is so STUPID She refers to the Hartleys is that even their name? I don't know and I don't care repeatedly as her friends while also investigating them for murder She even says she wants to be loyal to them and not help the investigation Also she runs all over town openly talking to everybody about it and asking blunt intensely nosy uestions that make it 1000000% clear she's conducting her own amateur investigation She even tells people that she's investigating Which leads me to point two she is not that good at investigating but she thinks she's a genius If she was she might think for even one second that it could be dangerous to walk around this house full of potential murderers who know she's trying to figure out the big mystery which she constantly refers to as the mystery as if she's detached from it instead of forcibly shoving her nose right into it Speaking of people who are not geniuses why would this family even WANT her to be hanging around like that? She's a nosy rude tactless unwanted guestor at least she should be unwanted Daphne is so IMMATURE She seriously starts falling for David? She never once thinks he may be charming her to get her off his scent? WHICH IS EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENS Back to point one Daphne is a TERRIBLE friend Nobody actively investigates their friends for murder Or to the point she uses these friends and their deadly drama as fodder for her novel taking advantage of their interest in her to gain access to their house and their secrets which she then tells anyone who asks Daphne has a BIG MOUTH The woman who actually wrote Rebecca could never be so vapid and dumb This book does a huge disservice to du Marier's actual legacyTL;DR I really hated this book

  8. Gerry Gerry says:

    The thought of a thriller with a literary bent ie Miss Daphne du Maurier investigating the crime pleased me and I was looking forward to reading it especially as it had a strong Cornish background Whilst 'Murder on the Cliffs' is perfectly acceptable it was a trifle disappointing as Daphne did not entirely come across as the bright spark that one would have hoped or expected Her dialogue was somewhat stilted at times and some of the situations she found herself in would not have found favour with a intelligent individual However even though the tale was at times laboured Daphne followed the investigation through and as one would expect she was determined not to give in until she found the culprit for the death of a young lady that she found on the beach at the foot of the cliffs Was it an accident or was foul play involved? That was what Daphne set out to discover And of course she eventually worked out what had happened and who had perpetrated the crime All very satisfactory indeed and providing one has the character to persevere all uite satisfyingPadthaway the house on the cliffs where most of the action takes place has all the characteristics of Mandalay even down to a sinister housekeeper in the vein of Danvers of 'Rebecca' fame and author Joanna Challis has presented a story that gives fictional life to the inspiration behind that classic Daphne du Maurier novelAs for the 'Daphne du Maurier Mystery' series of which this is the first I will reserve judgement until I have read at least one and believe it or not I have one sculling about somewhere

  9. Heidi Heidi says:

    Enjoyable story with high marks for atmosphere but I thought the writing style was a bit unpolished

  10. Elizabeth (Miss Eliza) Elizabeth (Miss Eliza) says:

    Special Content only on my blog Strange and Random Happenstance during Golden Summer May September 2013Daphne Du Maurier has begged off another London season to spend some time in Cornwall a desire her family just can't grasp but reluctantly agrees to if she will stay with her mother's old nurse Ewe Sinclaire an inveterate gossip Daphne has ambitions of being a writer and the lure of the windswept cliffs calls to her as does the lost scrolls of Charlemagne watched over by the nuns at Rothmarten Abbey If she happens to stumble upon gorgeous old houses with a Gothic air well so much the better Little does she suspect that she will stumble upon a corpse on the beach on her very first morning walkThe body of Victoria Bastion is beautiful even in death Victoria was the local girl who worked her way into the kitchens of the great house Padthaway and then into the heart of Lord David They were to be married in a weeks time something that David's mother Lady Hartley was hoping to avoid at all costs But would she murder Victoria just to stop the wedding? Plus David's sister Lianne well there are stories about her being touched and not uite right their father did kill himself after all Daphne is welcomed into Padthaway because she has a snob appeal that just makes Lady Hartley giddy The lady of the manor is able to entertain the daughter of the famous actor Gerald Du Maurier and perhaps make a match between her recently available son and Daphne Daphne views this all as a little unseemly not the least of which was avoiding the London season meant avoiding matchmaking but then again there is an undefinable something about David that attracts her But she doesn't plan on using her unrestricted access to Padthaway to make a match no she plans to solve a murder; because Victoria didn't die because of some accident no matter how much the Hartleys hope that that will be the verdictMore then anything it is Daphne's presence as well as her poking around that gets the investigation going If it was left in the hands of Sir Edward the investigator and tenant of the Hartleys the case would most likely be marked down as accidental and things would continue on as they had the rich protected the poor lacking justice Daphne promises Mrs Bastion that she will figure out who the killer is and bring them to justice all hopefully before her parents hear what is going on and demand she comes home Because Daphne is playing with fire She is in a nest of vipers and doesn't know which one has the poisonous biteWhen I first saw the movie Rebecca I was instantly in love with the world Daphne Du Maurier had created I even have a teddy bear named Maxim de Winter I soon not only feel in love with the book but sneakily excised it from my mother's Franklin Library of Mysteries and installed it on my own bookshelves I even carefully penned my name on the flyleaf so that it was obviously always mine Rebecca has soon been followed by a few other titles from my mom's collectible books which I hope she hasn't noticed but I think she should have caught it by now if she ever was but the fact remains that Rebecca is my favorite Not only is it a classic in every since of the word but it has perhaps the most memorable and evocative opening line ever Last night I dreamt I went to Manderley againNow keep in mind this in the mid nineties when I first read Rebecca meaning no Wikipedia no handy UK to get my British books in other words only the books or info I could find out in reference books or what was on the shelves at B Dalton's Therefore I had Rebecca and Jamaica Inn That was it that was the extent of Daphne Du Maurier here in the United States Sure I found out later that she had written almost forty books but at this time there where two But there where books about her and seuels of Rebecca all fictional but all about Daphne Therefore I picked up these books as a hope to forge of a connection with the author of Rebecca The first book I picked up was an abysmal seuel called Mrs DeWinter that not only had none of the magic of Rebecca but gave me a weird lasting impression of Mrs Danvers hanging out in a tiny room in a house on a country lane surrounded by Rebecca's clothes odd and just well odd Years later with new hope I picked up Justine Picardie's Daphne This book which alternated between an unknown modern Bronte historian and Daphne Du Maurier and her Branwell Bronte obsession left much to be desired Therefore when I heard about this series by Joanna Challis I was excited and trepidatious Murder on the Cliffs is easily the best meta Daphne Du Maurier fiction I have yet to read and as you see I have read uite a few I will admit that oddly Daphne Du Maurier would be the most likely of all authors fictionalized to have actually had a secret career as sleuth just because there is so much we don't know about her life and there's just so many secrets about her relationships and her sexuality Of course there is a certain suspension of disbelief that I had to force myself to accept when I would volubly say oh Gerald wouldn't do that or what about Menabilly f this Padthaway Maderley is based on Menabilly pure and simple But sometimes the suspension was just too great The main problem I had was with the few little glimpses we had of Gerald Du Maurier her larger then life father Their relationship would be easily classified in the eww category There where many suggestions of incest and sexual molestation later in Daphne's life she took up her father's ex lover and there was his very strong dislike of anyone she was involved with Therefore to have Gerald actively suggesting that Daphne get herself married well um no Thankfully Joanna really relegated Gerald to the background so that I was able to push this aside Overall though the characters had such life and vitality all with a slight nod and wink to Daphne's oeuvre I mean sure Daphne's worship of men seemed a little forced but the way she sparred with Mr Brown was fabulous especially if you know that this man is in actuality her future husband Joanna was able to take some of the bones of Du Maurier and make them different fleshed out but able to relate to the original text in such a way that it was a fun time getting little jokes like Castle Mor Characterization wise the apparent arrested development of Daphne and Lianne was a little annoying at times You would never think that they were 21 and 15 respectively With Lianne it's kind of part of the character with Daphne though maybe it is a subtle way in which to bring out the possible abuse by retarding her development in some ways? Finally the Bastion twins if ever there was a Bronte homage that Du Maurier would approve of this was it With their Cathy and Heathcliff mentality aw just too perfect for an author who was beyond obsessed with the Brontes Daphne would smile at this or at least smirk

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