I Came Out for This? MOBI õ I Came MOBI :↠ Out

  • Paperback
  • 280 pages
  • I Came Out for This?
  • Lisa Gitlin
  • English
  • 06 June 2016
  • 9781932859737

8 thoughts on “I Came Out for This?

  1. Tara Tara says:

    I Came Out for This? by Lisa Gitlin is a uniue gem Imagine you’ve picked up the diary of a temperamental person who makes bad choices And I mean really bad choices Like say following a woman to another state even though she’s rejected you Are you holding that idea in your mind? You now have just the barest idea of what you’re in for when you read this bookFull review

  2. Val Val says:

    I did not like the diary style of this book nor did I like the main character Some may like it but it was not for me DNF

  3. Leah Leah says:

    I liked it though I can see how might not care for it It’s told in a diary style so it’s all after the fact and from joanna’s POV What is her truth may not be the actual truth in some of the situations as she gets uite emotional with things It’s interesting

  4. Shadoshard Shadoshard says:

    Some come out late some come out in a blaze of glory and for some it's just plain gory emotionally speaking Such is the case with Joanna Kane who realizes at the ripe age of forty something that she's a lesbian But the first love of her life isn't playing fair and Joanna chases the woman from Cleveland to DC on a fruitless uest that leads he to the real love of her lifeThis book had a lot of potential Reading like a diary it gives the reader a personal perspective of just coming out but it fails to make use of some of the elements in the story to make it a great one At one point the writer mentions that Joanna is menopausal as if it is significant but then never mentions it again It fails to use the vibrant Cleveland LGBT scene or play the heroine often against the back drop of the uniue cast At two hundred and ninety four pages being longer would have helped to bring these elements out But overall it was a fair read

  5. Mikaila Mikaila says:

    I wish I could have liked this book as a whole but I cannot say that is the truth I definitely struggled with how much this book went back and forth LikeI wanted to strangle Joanna I realize that some things can only be understood when you do butI just felt like she wanted misery as company Don’t get me wrong I have been there before I never moved to another state to accompany misery There were some points of this book that was relatable That’s why it got three stars There just wasn’t enough character development for me and there wasn’t enough of a climax to make me say that this book is five stars It’s ok Not a book I will read again

  6. Rachelle Rachelle says:

    Funny easy read The protagonist was the epitome of a “disaster lesbian” making bad decisions at every turn Made for a very entertaining read

  7. Joy Joy says:

    I wanted to like this book with it's Washington DC setting and ueer characters However I found the description of the characters to be shallow and disliked the stream of consciousness journal writing style

  8. Kathleen Kathleen says:

    loved it and very funny

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I Came Out for This?➫ I Came Out for This? Read ➳ Author Lisa Gitlin – Thomashillier.co.uk There’s only one place Joanna Kane can tell it like it is Her journal I hate Terri Rubin the woman I’m in love with She called and told me she’s dating a woman named Sonya I hate this Sonya and There’s only one place Joanna Kane Out for eBook ´ can tell it like it is Her journal I hate Terri Rubin the woman I’m in love with She called and told me she’s dating a woman I Came MOBI :↠ named Sonya I hate this Sonya and I hate Terri and I hate myself because I was never like this in my life Do you know what it’s like to come out when you’re Came Out for Epub á in your forties having menopausal symptoms for God’s sake and then fall madly in love with someone All of a sudden you’re in adolescence for the first time You don’t even recognize yourself My whole adult life I was this cool collected writer strutting around in jeans and leather jacket advising friends and siblings about their relationships being a devoted daughter and a responsible professional person and a good citizen and then one day I woke up and realized I was gay and then this sassy woman walked into my life and I fell in love at first sight after spending my life thinking that never really happened and only watching West Side Story because of the gangs And now I’ve become the kind of person I used to make fun of who becomes hysterical because her beloved tells her she’s dating some woman named Sonya who has an apothecary store in Bethesda Maryland I’m sick of being in this endless rut I’m sick of Cleveland and I’m thinking of moving to Washington DC to be with Terri Rubin who I hate.

About the Author: Lisa Gitlin

Lisa Gitlin is a freelance writer Out for eBook ´ in Brooklyn NY Her debut novel I Came Out for This was the first book to be awarded IPPY Gold Medals in both the LGBT Fiction and I Came MOBI :↠ Humor categories.