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  • Paperback
  • 344 pages
  • Surf For Your Life
  • Tim Baker
  • English
  • 23 October 2015

10 thoughts on “Surf For Your Life

  1. Tyler Tyler says:


  2. Duncan McIntyre Duncan McIntyre says:

    Great book aside from wanting to make me surf and appreciate what the sport does for the soul this book also shows anything is possible Good inspiration on how to make a plan to achieve goals stay positive and stick with it through all adversity

  3. Deborah Ideiosepius Deborah Ideiosepius says:

    I finished this book uite a few days ago I have been sitting on the memory rolling the aftertaste around in my mouth trying to put a review together in my headI am not a surfer absolutely love watching them but I can't do it myself When I took a lesson I found that my complete inability to so much as body surf was less of a problem than my inability to control a surfboard twice my height I nearly smashed my brains out with it an no one else in the water was safe eitherThe point I am making is that you do not need to be a surfer to enjoy this bookThe early story of how Mick Fanning became a professional surfer and multiple title holder is fascinating reading in the early parts it documents a little of his early childhood and family background It goes on to describe his adolescence near surfers paradise the lucky breaks that helped him get sponsors and the slow development of his professional career Through this book I have come to understand so much about the professional world of surfing than I ever did before but now I want to know The narrative style of the book is unusual; rather than a single progressive story it back flips in time a bit It tells parts of the story from the perspectives of lots of different people Mick Fanning himself of course but also his friends family personal trainers and associates I think this style of writing may be aiming at people who are not so much avid readers as avidly interested in Mick Fanning and his career that's fine but I found the writing style a little fragmented and at times disconnectedOne thing that I loved about it Fanning himself came across as a deeply admirable individual Committed to his sport and giving it his best as having a big heart for the people around him and a sense of humility in the face of an extraordinary career There are so many sport heroes in the news for less than admirable behaviors it is great to read about someone who has worked so hard to be the best they can and seems to totally deserve doing as well as he hasGo the 2015 title Mick

  4. Allie Reynolds Allie Reynolds says:

    As a keen but rubbish surfer I was absolutely gripped by Mick Fanning's life story He's not only one of the world's top surfers and an Australian sporting icon but also a fascinating individual who has led a full and eventful life With honesty and intimacy Mick reveals the highs and lows of life as a professional athlete and his experiences surfing at iconic surf spots around the world He opens up about everything from the heartache of injury pressure of competition and tragic loss of family members Sports fans will be fascinated to learn about his training techniues and methods of recovery from injury Surf For Your Life manages somehow to be both sad and funny as well as moving and inspirational I don't often cry when I read books but this one made me cry twice Always a sign of powerful writing

  5. Jess Jess says:

    A wonderful book written by a great Australian surfer I've always heard the name Mick Fanning and now after reading his book I'd love to get into supporting the surfing scene This book gives you a feeling of warmth friendship loss and love The book went above and beyond my expectations and now I'm excited to read books about surfers Fanning really opens up in this book and the love he has for friends family surfing and the world is truly amazing and inspirational

  6. Susan Fritz Susan Fritz says:

    More like 35 but bumped it up bc it made me want to surf while I was in Australia For those non surfers out there this was a good intro on how you can fall in love with surfing This is also the dude that got bit by the shark this past year while in competition

  7. BCPL Youth Services Librarian BCPL Youth Services Librarian says:

    Click to see book in BCPL's online catalog

  8. Adib Adib says:

    Really enjoyable read There is to this prosurfer than meets the eye A great outlook in life with some inspiring tales

  9. Puffy Puffy says:

    A very good book Inspirational and funny at times I feel like I'm friend with Mick fanning now A must read for surfers

  10. Jack Brady Jack Brady says:

    Great book Motivating and inspiring

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Surf For Your Life❮PDF / Epub❯ ☃ Surf For Your Life Author Tim Baker – World champion surfer Mick Fanning may only be twenty eight but he's already experienced than most of us ever will How does it feel to lose a brother Win a world title Rip your hamstring muscle clean World champion surfer Mick Fanning may only be twenty eight but he's already experienced than most of us ever will How does Surf For Epub / it feel to lose a brother Win a world title Rip your hamstring muscle clean off the bone Weave through a zippering Superbank barrel for twenty to thirty seconds or paddle over the ledge at places like Pipeline and Teahupo'o Walk into the bar of a Brazilian hotel dressed in a G string bikini to make your mates laugh only to find your mates have left and there is only a puzzled bartender staring blankly at youMick's journey so far has definitely been a mixed bag but it is the extremes of that journey that make him so interestingMik tells his life story candidly in turns funny sensitive thoughtful self deprecating while providing intimate insights into personal lessons gained along the way; with practical tips on surfing techniue fitness nutrition board design travel competitive strategies and sports psychology His story proves that what doesn't kill you really can make you strongerUltimately though it's Mick's humanity his readiness to give back that might provide the greatest surprise and inspiration.

About the Author: Tim Baker

Tim^^^BakerTim Baker has contributed to G Playboy and Rolling Stone is the author of Go Surf and is the coauthor of Bustin' Surf For Epub / Down the Door Occy and Surf for Your Life.