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Turning the World Upside Down [PDF / Epub] ✅ Turning the World Upside Down Author Nigel Crisp – Thomashillier.co.uk Turning the World Upside Down is a search to understand what is happening and what it means for us all It is based on Nigel Crisp's own journey from running the largest health system in the world to w Turning the World Upside Down is World Upside PDF º a search to understand what is happening and what Turning the PDF/EPUB or it means for us all It is based on Nigel Crisp's own journey from running the the World Upside Epub Ú largest health system in the world to working in some of the poorest countries and draws upon his own experiences to explore new ideas and innovations around the worldThe book has three uniue featuresDescribes what rich countries can learn from poorer ones as well as the other way round Deals with health in rich and poor countries in the same way not treating them as totally different and suggests that instead of talking about international development we should talk about co development Sets out a new vision for global health and our rights and accountabilities as citizens of the worldThere is an unfair import export business in people and ideas that flourishes between rich and poor countries Rich countries import trained health workers and export their ideas and ideology about health in poorer ones whether or not they are appropriate or useful What Nigel Crisp asks if we were to turn the world upside down so the import export business was reversed and poorer countries exported their ideas and experience whilst richer ones exported their health workersHealth leaders in poorer countries without the resources or the baggage of rich countries have learned to innovate to build on the strengths of the population and their communities and develop new approaches that are relevant for the rich and poor alike At the same time richer countries and their health workers could help poorer countries to train in their own country the workers they need for the future They would help pay a debt for all the workers who have migrated and learn themselves the new ways of working which they will need in the st CenturyWe could stop talking about international development as something the rich world does to the poor and start talking about co development our shared learning and shared future There is already a movement of people and ideas travelling in this direction Young people get this intuitively Many thousands of young professionals want a different professional education for themselves in global health Together with the leaders from poorer countries and the innovators around the world they are creating a new global vision for health.

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  1. Stephanie Allen Stephanie Allen says:

    I owned this book for a few years before I actually read it I started it in 2012 and was a bit confused Overall at the time I simply didn't feel that I was ready to read it Read it fully in 2015 after I not only knew exponentially about global health but also had lived in England for a year so understood much about Crisp's context This was a really fascinating and refreshing book in the realm of global health Crisp really stresses the need for a paradigm shift in how we think about aid development and health not only in low income countries but in high income countries such as the UK and USA as well The world is changing and healthcare must change with the times if we are to continue to meet the needs of populations Further it isn't just the rich countries that have resources and game changing ideas Healthcare improvement needs to go both ways with ideas coming from low income countries and resources coming from high income countries Crisp true to the title of the book presents some excellent ideas on how to invert our views of healthcare I would recommend this book to anyone interested in healthcare uality and euity and of course those interested in global health

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