The Moons of Mirrodin Magic The Gathering Mirrodin Cycle

The Moons of Mirrodin Magic The Gathering Mirrodin Cycle #1 ❰PDF❯ ❤ The Moons of Mirrodin Magic The Gathering Mirrodin Cycle #1 Author Will McDermott – A World Beyond ImaginationWhere forests of metal claw the skyWhere razor sharp metallic grasses stretch across the plainsWhere vast oceans of uicksilver conceal predators awaiting the unwaryAcross thi A of Mirrodin Magic The MOBI :↠ World Beyond ImaginationWhere forests of of Mirrodin PDF/EPUB å metal claw the skyWhere razor sharp metallic grasses stretch across the plainsWhere vast oceans of uicksilver conceal predators awaiting the unwaryAcross this harsh landscape an orphaned elf must The Moons ePUB ½ make her way seeking the secrets of her past daring the perils of her present And she must tear aside the veil that hides the face of a hidden enemy whose power extends across all Moons of Mirrodin PDF/EPUB ë Mirrodin.

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  1. Kaitlynn Kaitlynn says:

    The Moons of Mirrodin is the worst non Twilight book I’ve ever read It is a literary war crime In two thousand years messiahs will read The Moons of Mirrodin to absolve us of our sins Its difficult to logically list the flaws of the novel due to the emotional trauma so I will try to go in chronological order You must suffer as I suffered to truly understandThe book opens with Karn and Jeska a newborn planeswalker leaving Karn’s artificial plane of Argentum as he shows her the tools of the trade To monitor and safeguard the world Karn leaves behind a sentient golem named the Warden The Warden Memnarch immediately starts to talk to himself about things he already knows while he is alone in a room This is the graceful and subtle exposition to expect from Moons of Mirrodin Within moments Memnarch names Karn’s world after himself Mirrodin Apparently the “M” was sufficient resemblance He also is somehow exposed to Phyrexian glistening oil which he does not recognize despite being a creation of a weapon designed to fight Phyrexia and being left to safeguard the plane from invaders such as Phyrexians He is corrupted by it by page 4 Yes there will be spoilers in this review No I didn’t warn you I want to spoil this for you We are also treated to the following “The stars were not randomly distributed according to some formula They were random as were their movements” Apparently one of the side effects of Phyrexian influence is the sudden ability to spit out paradoxical astrology koans We then jump to the actual main character of the story Glissa a female elf warrior living in the metal jungle called the Tangle She is a reverse amnesiac; she remembers things from the life of an elf not native to Mirrodin These flashes are not limited to Glissa but are a phenomenon common to elves and called Flares This is where the novel makes a weak and bumbling attempt to make a fantasy swear word “Flare this” “What in the Flare” Its clunky Its unnatural It lacks the charm and believability of successful faux swear words like BSG’s “frak”The other thing to know about Glissa is that she is the blandest boringest character in the history of the written language She has no personality Now neither does her sister Lyese or her ‘love interest’ Kane but they aren’t being treated like they are awesome inspirational relatable heroes Glissa is dumb as a stillborn deer and this is on a world where trolls and goblins are the smartest races Her romance is as sterile as the interior of an autoclave and rife with the teenage bullshit of “I like this dude but I could never tell him or show him I love him” I believe this is because it is how that McDermott tells stories in general without the ability to describe or show properly Its how we roll in the Tangle We meet a troll that says he hates metal and avoids it whenever possible by having bone furniture He lives in a metal tree Actually when 50% or of the world is made of metal including your own body would you even recognize it as a ‘foreign’ material? Do the trolls suffer from some type of body dysmorphic disorder?After some Flare discussion and making some vague threats at the trolls Glissa shows that she understands about planeswalkers something her people have never encountered but doesn't know basic traditional rituals for her own people We are spared from awkward dialogue and clunky exposition when a glut of levelers giant behemoth machines made of blades come to ravage the Tangle and kill all within We get a Drizzt like display of warrior prowess on the part of Glissa which ultimately ends up doing nothing as all her friends and family die She then falls unconscious with her leg stuck in a leveler's mouth and is dragged away as they leave the scene of the crime Somehow being dragged by a machine made of blades over shards of broken metal trees doesn’t harm her and the leveler doesn’t notice an elf stuck in its mouth like an errant piece of popcorn kernel trapped in its gums Glissa wakes up in a semi mountainous region with a strange autistic goblin named Slobad Slobad has this verbal tic huh? Where every sentence ends with huh huh? And there is a uestion mark at the end so you kind of imagine him talking with that upraised inflection like a stereotypical blonde bimbo huh? It’s a lazy and annoying verbal tic that McDermott uses instead of giving the goblin his own voice and is only marginally better than ‘Flare’ Because Slobad has nothing better to do in his life he decides to drop everything to escort a crazy violent reverse amnesiac elf around They decide the best course of action is to pester the metal lion warrior people who live in fields made of razor grass Because this is a Magic the Gathering novel and they need to give each color screen time and if they don’t walk it out for readers we won’t ‘get it’Glissa breaks a door down and kills the Raksha’s girlfriend The Raksha is the leader of all the leonin and is nigh legendary among them but killing his mate has absolutely no repercussions Glissa’s leg is patched up from the leveler attack and they fly her to the next color area for her Good thing the Raksha’s relationship was as empty and void of emotion as Glissa’s or there may have been some actual conflict In the swamp called the Dross they find an ancient golem in the muck which Slobad fixes It is a regular type amnesiac They encounter a nim which is a zombie and Glissa kills it Its human master literally sobs over it like the rancor handler and they promise to tell his master it isn’t his fault Don’t you hate it when an uppity overly violent elf kills your pet and puts you in mortal danger? They diligently see Geth and promptly threaten him with death then leave Because there is no way that Geth won’t punish his underling for causing all this trouble the second they turn their back But hey violence solves all problems girlsThey go back to the Tangle after getting information from the leonin and looking at some volcanoes They arrive just in time to watch Kane and the trolls get finished off Which is awesome because I could not handle the constant non existent sexual tension and connection they were developing between Glissa and Kane Too intense man Just as with her family Glissa doesn’t spend any time reacting or mourning to this They track down a Vedalken mage a four armed dude with blue skin who wears robes and had shady dealings with Geth Rather than capture him Glissa kills him and cuts off his fingers to use as keys to enter the mystical Seat of the Synod She wears the fingers like a necklace a la Daryl from Walking Dead Remember she is the good guy and you will like herThey take a detour on their journey to return to the mountains Glissa having not killed a sufficient uota of Slobad’s race yet They leave and decide to seek out the Seat of the Synod by traveling in a submarine in a literal ocean of uicksilver Yes An ocean Of fucking mercury Why not a boat? A ship? A Flaring hot air balloon? Of all the possible vehicles the one that is the least fantasy genre appropriate is a stupid submarine Because Glissa is dumb and violent and incompetent disaster shortly ensues and Glissa drowns in mercury She drowns in mercury but don’t worry guys she’s totally fine Walk it off soldier They pick up a wind mage out of pity and continue on They notice they are being followed by ornithopters totally not ornithopters original characters DO NOT STEAL called aerophins That is when they are not called aerophius Even McDermott doesn’t know what these things are and he invented them It’s a nice change of pace from the other gratuitous spelling and punctuation errors though They break into the Synod Glissa kills and somehow miraculously out wits the wizards despite the wizards having decades of magical study giant brains and a huge supply of a substance called Serum This is my favorite part of the book Serum is collected from animals native to Mirrodin and nowhere else It is used by the elite ruling caste of Mirrodin who live in the only ocean environment of the plane Serum is highly addictive and drinking it imbues the user with visions knowledge and power but slowly and irreversibly mutates them If you are thinking “But Kaitlynn this is a total and complete rip off of Dune how can it be your favorite part?” you are right And that is why it is my favorite part it distracted me for a moment by reminding me of a better book Ugh Flare me sideways there’s still of this dreck to slog through Glissa melts some Vedalkan named Janus and another Vedalkan takes her hostage He lets them escape though pretty chill dude They descend into the world which happens to be hollow They catch a glimpse of Memnarch sip some Serum and Glissa in a culmination of elvish grace and fortitude vomits on her goblin Some nonsense cliffhanger occurs with the golem regaining his memory from the Serum but that is really the last scene Glissa puking It was apropos however I felt like puking too It was the first time I connected with the character TL;DR This book is terrible The plot meanders aimlessly Character’s personalities are bland empty and interchangeable to the point where I could read a line of description or dialogue and you wouldn’t be able to tell me who said it Except for Slobad huh? Glissa in particular is a mentally deficient Drizzt wannabe with a echolalic goblin instead of a cat The book is populated with errors and typos densely than New York is with rats and food trucks; I tried to highlight them all before I sent the book back to the publisher and 3 markers died in the attempt Every problem is solved with violence Every One I’m stunned that Glissa didn’t try to woo Kane via defenestration and maiming She is monstrous and I found myself rooting for the bad guys to take out the psychotic elf beastFinal verdict If you find yourself around this book do not panic Do not read it for it is the shatterer of minds Just lay the book on the floor curl up into a ball and wait to die

  2. Scott Johnson Scott Johnson says:

    On the up side I was entertained than the continued slog through Dominaria It was different if nothing elseBut this was absolutely awful writing1 Characters Or lack thereof Maybe the most depth was given to the damn golem Bosh They were all just vessels to carry the plot in No one made any decisions that could be classified as characterization of any kind no one changed or grew These husks just ambled from the location of one plot point to the next2 Plot There was none For some reason we abruptly jump from Karn and Jeska on an idyllic Mirrodin to Memnarch has been in charge for decades and everything has gone to shit and yet no one remembers this happening for some reason that is never explained We start in one location Glissa is attacked by insert generic henchman thing here she almost loses she comes back from near defeat and wins then we move to the next location rinse repeatNOTHING HAPPENSAll she gets at each location is go to the next uest marker SHE LITERALLY GETS A FETCH UEST FROM THE CAT MAN It felt like the author novelized someone grinding for XP on WoW3 World building This was the strongest piece though that doesn't say much It's a great starting concept a fully artificial metallic plane Karn made COOL And thenwe have an ocean of Mercury that humans pull actual fish out of and eat them? Elves are like half metal? Only Vedalken know anything about Magic? Something something Memnarch?Great starting premise godawful execution4 Actual writing This was just obnoxious huh?Fuck Slobad Burn in Goblin hell

  3. Branden Wood Branden Wood says:

    This is the first of a series of threeIf you aren't aware Wizards of the Coast is the company behind the juggernaut CCG Magic The Gathering Every October a new block of cards is released with expansion sets specific to that block being released the following February and July And then in October it's a new set Well for the past few years Wizards of the Coast has been releasing novels based on the world the set takes place in These books are about as good as a book written in a four month time span can beThey're formulaic extremely dense self referential with no real fitting descriptions and riddled with spelling errors The Mirrodin books are interesting because the writers attempt to weave postmodern theory into the narrative Freud Foucault even Lacanian theory finds its way into the story But other than creating fanboy elitists whether it's because someone with a postmodern background can pull out hidden meaning or someone can recite the official story to MTG players who could care less there's no real reason to read the Magic The Gathering books

  4. Lauren Houck Lauren Houck says:

    I have owned this book for over a decade now and just finally got the gusto up to fully read it I would say that this is not my favorite style of writing I found it hard to get into and a bit choppyrepetitive I did enjoy the characters and the story line was sort of interesting too I am halfway tempted to read the next in the series only because of the Characters however it won't be right away

  5. Spyros Spyros says:

    Decent fantasy read but I've read so much fantasy in my life decent doesn't cut itMismatched fellowship mediocre world buildingI was expecting from a world in the MTG multiverse so different from the rest Also you cannot live or even submerge in a uicksilver sea Nothing here for non MTG fans Read it only if you played MTG during the Mirrodin era

  6. Cloak88 Cloak88 says:

    A rather disappointing MtG book 15 starsGlissa an elven warrior on the metallic plane of Mirrodin has a destiny she does not know about Orphaned by a malevolent force she must seek out the ancient secrets of the creation of her world Honestly the best part of this whole book is the setting made by MtG To bad this aspect receives even less attention than even the wooden characters or the go there do this plot Truth be told this book was a slog to get through Not because of convoluted writing but because of sheer disinterest in it's characters and the nonexistent plot Imagine if you would a fantasy world where everything and everyone is artificially created People plants and even the earth itself is made of part metallic and part organic material A world filled with a variety of people and places all with their own ecology beliefs customs and ways of life Literally a world so alien you're almost forced to be intruded and then populate it with cardboard characters and a plot best summarized by a sentence 'and then and then'structure In summary this was both boring and disappointing It saddens me to write such a negative review but as my first entry into the world of MtG book this is not what I was hoping for

  7. John John says:

    Not knowing much about Mirrodin i was interested in reading these older series of books I find it interesting the three books each have a different author That aside they do all seem to tell the same story continuously wellThe story is a little forced at time some dialog got a bit repetitious Sometimes i had no idea what i was supposed to imagine so i just let my imagination go crazy with it Some people might have problems with those facts so this book might not be for everyone That said you get to see how different races live on an artificial plane and the book hints at a mystery an ultimate destiny and A LOT OF ACTION So there's defiantly stuff to enjoy here

  8. Iain Iain says:

    A fun outing in the MtG universe A large part of the appeal for me was my affinity pun intended for Magic's Mirrodin block It's not Tolkien but it's solid pulp fantasy fiction that I'd recommend for MtG players who haven't read it yet I'll probably read on in the trilogy despite subseuent books being by different authors having poor reviews

  9. Patrick Patrick says:

    The Moons of Mirrodin is my second Magic The Gathering book that I've read Overall it was a decent story about an elf named Glissa a goblin named Slobad and a golem named Bosh all of which have made it into respective cards The story revolves around Glissa trying to find out who attacked her after her family and friends are killed by levelers This takes her on a journey across the metal planes of MirrodinThe characters were fairly uninteresting Glissa is the usual tough chick Slobad talks in broken English and is frankly uite annoying and Bosh doesn't really have much of a personality to speak of The villains are fairly lame particularly Geth whom I imagined to be a much tougher character rather than the wimp he seems to be portrayed as here There are actions cenes in nearly every chapter but they too are rather unexciting It becomes a bit difficult to imagine some of the characters without reference to the cards namely the Vedalken Most of the chapters involve Glissa and friends traveling to some new place fighting off an enemy and moving somewhere else There is a decent amount of mystery but not uite enough to keep the reader excited or in suspense

  10. Nore Nore says:

    I wasn't expecting to enjoy this book as much as I did when I picked it up I haven't had a good experience with a lot of books based off of game series like these pretty often the culture they're borne out of shines through just a little too much for me to be comfortable with meaning the women are all sexy cardboard cutouts who only exist to provide a convenient vagina for a male characterI didn't get that with this book In fact I ended up really enjoying the female lead in this book especially since I came into the book with an eye out for the typical sparse cast of walking sex toys Admittedly it's been a while since I read this book so I may have conveniently forgotten a few details but Glissa didn't come across as the typical Strong Female Character or as a walking two dimensional male fantasy She had actual emotions Emotions which occasionally overcame her which she needed the support of her friends to overcome and which didn't mean she was whiny or dramatic She was just a woman with emotions who was also an incredibly skilled warrior and those things were not contradictory in any wayOverall definitely something I'd recommend

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