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After You [Epub] ➞ After You By Julie Buxbaum – When tragedy strikes across the ocean Ellie Lerner drops everything—her marriage her job her life in the Boston suburbs—to travel to London and pick up the pieces of her best friend Lucy’s life When tragedy strikes across the ocean Ellie Lerner drops everything—her marriage her job her life in the Boston suburbs—to travel to London and pick up the pieces of her best friend Lucy’s life While Lucy’s husband Greg retreats into himself his and Lucy’s eight year old daughter Sophie has simply stopped speaking Desperate to help Sophie Ellie turns to a book that gave her comfort as a child The Secret Garden As its story of hurt magic and healing blooms around them so too do Lucy’s secrets—some big some small Peeling back the layers of her friend’s life Ellie is forced to confront her own as well the marriage she left behind the loss she’d hoped to escape And suddenly Ellie’s carefully constructed existence is spinning out of control in a chain of events that will transform her life—and the lives of those around her—forever.

  • Paperback
  • 368 pages
  • After You
  • Julie Buxbaum
  • English
  • 26 July 2016
  • 9780385341257

About the Author: Julie Buxbaum

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10 thoughts on “After You

  1. Tea Jovanović Tea Jovanović says:

    Good c'est la vie story About love loss death birth life grief friendship family parenthood childhood marriage doubts weddings divorces All in one book and one story Well written and one that catches you from the start and don't leave you till the last page I fell in love with this author with her debut novel The Opposite of Love I was Serbian editor of the book and my faith in her writing is still strong and I'm looking forward to enjoy her third

  2. Rhonda Rhonda says:

    One thing my girlfriend and I have always been amazed at is that ONE PHONE CALL in ONE MOMENT can change your life forever Just like that things will never be the same againan accident a disease a death whatever the news one moment things can be just fine and the next moment your life is turned upside down That's what happens in this book Ellie learns that her best friend who is currently living in Europe was killed in a street robberyin front of her 8 year old daughter Ellie's god daughter Ellie rushes off to England to care for little Sophie who has stopped speaking and her father who cannot cope What she learns about Lucy and her OWN marriage while there make the book so gooduoteYou know how your entire life can change in an instant for hte worse? Like when Oliver suddenly stopped kicking or that call about Lucy? Everything changes But do you think it can work the other way too? One second you think your entire life has gone to st and the next you realize that maybe things can be okay? Do you think that can happen? I ask Phillip now hoping that the answer is yes yes yes That we can just decide to be the happy couple we had always intended to be We hit restart Do over

  3. Shelagh Rice Shelagh Rice says:

    This is a very enjoyable read that deals with everything death loss complicated relationships love marriages but most of all friendship between two women It's about a promise between two friends that neither thought would ever have to be tested Fulfilling this promise causes so many ripples throughout the lives of so many people Julie Buxbaum writes beautifully and handles the difficult subjects with sincerity and intelligence

  4. Jessica Jessica says:

    I read this in an evening when I wasn't feeling well and DH took over boy duty It was fine for that but not a great novel Ellie's best friend Lucy is murdered and Ellie moves to London to help care for her 8 year old Sophie The author dodges a few cliches but manages to incorporate uite a few obvious plot points The characters never seemed uite real to me She excels in a few passages that describe the emotional punch of losing a loved one but overall the book felt thin to meMy star rating won't save but I gave it 2 I was surprised to see so many 3 5 star reviews; others seemed to like this book than I did

  5. Julie Ekkers Julie Ekkers says:

    I liked this author's first book The Opposite of Love uite a bit for a uick light but not totally mindless read I thought After You's subject didn't sound all that promising woman's best friend dies woman ditches husband in States to go to England to take care of dead friend's child and live in dead friend husband's house but I got it on the strength of the first novel I should have gone with my gut In case the parenthetical has you wondering I'll save you the 300 pages nothing happens between woman and friend's husband woman eventually goes back to States and reconciles with husband after she becomes pregnant during one night stand when husband is in London to ask for divorce See? I mean really

  6. Michelle Michelle says:

    This is a great look at how one handles loss and death and complicated family relationships I am meeting the author in March and really enjoyed this book by her

  7. Leah Leah says:

    When Ellie learns of the murder of her best friend Lucy she does what any friend would do and drops everything and heads to London to look after Lucy’s daughter Sophie and to pick up the pieces Sophie as expected is struggling with her mum’s death and has stopped talking Desperate to get the little girl to open up again Ellie decides that the best course of action is to read a book with her Ellie chooses The Secret Garden a book that helped her get through childhood and hopes it will do the same for Sophie As Sophie and Greg get used to Ellie being around and begin to piece their lives back together Ellie is in danger of losing her life in America and her husband Making her decision harder still is the things she finds out about Lucy things she would never have expected of her best friend and make Ellie look at her in a whole new light As secrets come out will Ellie ever be able to let go of Sophie and will she end up ruining her marriage in the process?After finally – finally – picking up Julie Buxbaum’s debut novel The Opposite of Love I was stunned by how much I enjoyed it It was well written it was different to most chick lit I read and it made me cry I know that’s probably not the most auspicious of reasons to love a book but only the good ones are able to reduce me to tears So I was so pleased to read Julie had a new book due to be released called After You and I was even happier when I received a copy I had a uick look over the book and eagerly started it thinking it would take me a couple of days to finish but I actually managed it in about 56 hours as it was literally unputdownableWhereas Julie’s first novel The Opposite of Love begins with a rather shocking opener where the main protagonist Emily dreams she cut her boyfriend up into hundreds of little pieces before eating him the opener for After You is far tamer but is still thought provoking; “Let’s pretend things are different That in the last couple of days I haven’t become the kind of person who resorts to wishing on eyelashes first stars of the night and 1111 am and pm in earnest and with my eyes closed” It’s poignant and sets the scene for us to dive right into the book And we are we’re plunged right into the situation Ellie is facing a dead best friend murdered no less a mute god daughter a distraught husband and Ellie thousands of miles away from home There’s no pre empt we don’t know anything that happened beforehand just what happens in the aftermath of Lucy’s deathWhile Ellie uses the outward excuse that the only reason she’s staying in London is because of Sophie there’s also something bubbling under the surface that tells us that while that may be true Sophie does need Ellie Ellie also appears to need that break away from her husband Phillip and away from the US It’s not easily apparent why we learn that a bit later on but it is apparent that something has made Ellie want to get away from it all and Sophie and Greg are the perfect excuse despite the circumstances within which it happens It’s definitely a multi layered plot and it had a lot of depth to it With everything Ellie has to deal with the death of her best friend her best friend’s distraught family and being away from home Ellie also learns a lot about Lucy things she never would have expected to learn and certainly not things she expected her best friend to keep from her plunging their friendship into doubt What really makes the book though is the relationship Ellie and Sophie forge together Their bond becomes stronger and stronger and was a huge reason why I loved the book so muchWhile in The Opposite of Love it took me a while to warm to Emily I found it the complete opposite in After You when it came to Ellie In fact I loved Ellie right from the off Not many people would sacrifice their own lives to head to London to help her dead best friend’s family Yes there was ulterior motives there but still it’s uite something for her to do Ellie has her faults don’t get me wrong but on the whole she’s an easily likeable character and I could understand her reasonings for doing what she does I also must admit as this juncture that I also felt complete sympathy for Phillip Ellie’s husband because it was clear to see his side of the story as well missing his wife having her thousands of miles away and I could also understand everything he did My absolute favourite character though was Sophie Lucy’s daughter and Ellie’s god daughter She is without a doubt my favourite child character in any novel She was so switched on for a 8 year old and her observations were spot on most of the time But despite all that she still had her moments where it was clear to see that losing her mum hurt like hell and Buxbaum portrayed Sophie beautifully with the right mix of sadness but resilience We also learn a lot about Lucy as I’ve mentioned but I find it hard to truly judge her because the fact of the matter is she couldn’t defend herself because she was dead so I hold my judgement of her I also couldn’t really get a handle on Greg Lucy’s husband he just didn’t click with meLike The Opposite of Love After You was written incredibly well It was told entirely from Ellie’s point of view which worked brilliantly and Julie’s writing just blows me away There is absolutely no way her books can be classed as Chick Lit certainly not the light and airy Chick Lit you can get this is grittier and it deals with some pretty serious issues There’s no real happiness in the book – how can it be a happy book when an important person in the lives of our characters has died? But it doesn’t get bogged down with sadness not at all and although the book didn’t make me cry I absolutely loved it With both of Julie’s books I’ve never been sure of how they would end There’s no optimism that it will all turn out OK just real proper grown up relationships and I truly wasn’t sure what would happen to Sophie and Greg or Ellie and Phillip After You blew me away it really did and I lapped up every single word of it Julie Buxbaum is hugely talented and I eagerly await a third book

  8. PinkAmy loves books, cats and naps PinkAmy loves books, cats and naps says:

    45 STARSAfter Lucy’s murder her best friend Ellie flies across the pond to London to help care for her daughter Sophie While helping her goddaughter adapt Ellie pulls further from her husband as she reconciles not just Lucy’s death but that of Oliver Ellie’s unborn sonAFTER YOU is an ode to motherhood friendship and family Julie Buxbaum’s nearly poetic prose made me fall in love with Ellie and young Sophie In Ellie’s narration her pain palpable her uiet strength laudable I could understand the ups and downs of her friendship with Lucy In some stories centered on friendship I the relationships don’t make sense Ellie and Lucy’s didI’ve enjoyed Buxbaum’s young adult novels AFTER YOU is my first foray into her books geared toward adults Buxbaum does a great job creating complex characters with uniue attributes not just the main players but also minor characters I’d love to see a seuelBuxbaum fans and those who enjoy women’s fiction will love AFTER YOU

  9. Charlene Charlene says:

    I won this book from the Good reads site The story follows Ellie who is trying to recover from a still born and the slow destruction of her marriage Ellie's childhood friend Lucy is murdered in an upscale part of London while walking her 8 year old daughter Sophie to school Ellie flies to London to attend to the arrangements and deal with Sophie who now refuses to speak Dealing with the loss of her stillborn child marriage and now lifelong best friend Ellie attempts to deal with the grief of Sophie and Greg Lucy's husband Ellie and Sophie begin to read The Secret Garden which turns out to be therapeutic for Sophie During the weeks and months that follow Ellie begins to discover that things were not all what Lucy had led Ellie to believe Some might think the ending of this book to be predictable; however the author leads you right up to the ending not sure if or how things are going to work out for Ellie I had a little trouble getting started in this book only becuase of time constraints Once I had a good hour to sit and read I was easily hooked and finished the book within a few days I was disappointed in the number of typos and the appearance of London Bridge actually being in London in this story when in fact London Bridge has been in Arizona for several decades now Although the story is fiction the author should be aware of this Overeall a good story I will be passing along This would make a great book club read

  10. Winna Winna says:

    After reading the Opposite of Love I expected After You to be just as amazing And it's not bad or anything it's just that maybe I've expected too muchWe get sucked into Ellie's world immediately the chaos and loss of a best friend a husband a life But then I'm not sucked into Ellie as a person At first I don't understand her I don't really know why she's making the choices she's making It's only after half the book that I begin to relate to her and like her as a characterThe book is rather slow paced which I'm not so fond of I find myself skipping a few paragraphs just to get to a scene faster However one thing I do find characteristic about the author is that Julie Buxbaum weaves her personal insights and her characters' thoughts so beautifully Complicated yet very insightful I love how she creates a journey for her characters to find themselves and the ending shows that in her books each and every time We feel her characters' heartbreaks their confusion and their self discovery

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