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Darker Fire [Read] ➱ Darker Fire By Morgan Patterson – She would have done anything to get this jobCaroline hadn't meant to deceive Barrett Rossiter into thinking she was married and had a child but if that was the price she had to pay for the job she so She would have done anything to get this jobCaroline hadn't meant to deceive Barrett Rossiter into thinking she was married and had a child but if that was the price she had to pay for the job she so desperately needed she'd pretend to be anythingShe had to support Stacy and protect her at all costsAnd she had to continue lying to Barrett if only to prevent him from finding out the shameful truth about her private life.

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  1. StMargarets StMargarets says:

    You know I'm guessing this would have been a five star read for me if I hadn't been interrupted a million times while I was trying to read it I won't know for sure because the full impact of reading it the first time won't be possible What I'm trying to say in short is that this story packs an emotional punch regardless of interruptions Trigger warnings abuse of a childdomestic abuseThe story opens with the heroine desperate for a job so she can have full custody of her seven year old sister Her emotionally abused depressed mother died six month before leaving the seven year old in the dubious of care of her abusive drunk stepfather The job is personal assistantsecretary to the hero director of a big company in Denver Heroine has put herself through college and is ualified but the HR director thinks she's too beautiful to be around the hero a known womanizer Hero shows up as heroine is leaving interview and he flirts with heroine Heroine loses her temper because he won't get out of her way and she trips over him Both are physically attracted we get the hero's thoughts but heroine don't have time for that and she resents any soft feelings that would make her vulnerable The next scene is heroine visiting her sister and we see the monster that is the stepfather Heroine is despairing because she thinks hero kept her from getting job However a letter shows up and she's in She goes early on the first day and explores the office Hero catches her in his chair twirling around She thinks he some junior executive and tries to send him packing They share a kiss Pregnant secretary whom heroine is replacing shows up and calls heroine Mrs Heroine wears her mother's wedding ring to her father Hero is enraged that heroine is married She doesn't deny it because she doesn't want an affair with the hero no matter how attracted Hero then treats her badly for the next two weeksview spoilerNow that heroine has a good job she asks stepfather if she can have her sister live with her Stepfather beats her up as an answer and threatens to beat the little sister It's a very violent scene for an HR Heroine shows up at work with bruises Hero is incensed tries to find out why she's staying with abusive husband offers help She won't talk Another time she is late to work and hero makes snide remarks about her having sex with her abusive husband before work Hero seems like a complete ass here but the author manages to show that he's lashing out because he cares about heroine and he can't get through to her More kisses and she runs outHero feels guilty and stops by her apartment only to find a man stepfather beating up the heroine Hero beats the man to a pulp and throws him the elevator Finds out the truth about stepfather and little sister Proposes marriage Heroine agrees even though she thinks he just wants her for sex Her love will be enough for both Hero thinks she's only doing this for her sister His love will be enough for bothSo they're both in love with each other but they are at cross purposes for the rest of the book Every indication of love is misinterpreted by the other but they jog on On their honeymoon hero thinks the tears of heroine are because he hurt her and he wills himself not to have sex with her again Heroine thinks he's tired of her already When the stepfather is killed in a drunk driving accident the hero thinks the heroine is going to leave him When the heroine is ill and the doctor calls the hero he thinks heroine is going to die he cries Luckily she's fainting because she's pregnant They resume sexual relations while she's pregnant but they still aren't communicating They have a little girl The hero's feelings are finally revealed to the heroine when she overhears him talking to the baby They finally talk HEA hide spoiler

  2. Tatiana Stefan Tatiana Stefan says:

    375 stars for the first 70% of the story maybe 325 stars for the rest The uick summary is that the h lies – or should I say allows the H to believe that h is married because h needed to get a job which had that reuirement As always attraction and wild feelings ensues however h has so much turmoil in her personal life that this creates a lot of misunderstandings and problems I loved the first 70% of the book I found their first Hh meeting hilarious H was totally attracted and seemingly head over heels which is how I like em We have the appropriate angst between the two and even so on the H’s part H really loves the h yay It was EXTREMELY sweet that he still checked on her despite their aborted lurvescene However my rating is lowered for the last 30% of the book – I felt it dragged just a tiny bit after they got married and it became a little too much for me to take – on the H’s side Maybe I was drowning in the super sappiness of the H I felt the “reveal” of the H’s feelingsthoughts and how it was done – it felt too much felt too much I mean H was talking to his baby for a long arse time about the “truth” and I’m like no way how convenient that the h’s there to hear alllll of it I’m not mad at the H at all just felt it was just toooo sickeningly sweet and unbelievable to me LOL The ending also seemed a little too abrupt and rushed hence my double ratings 375 for the first half and possibly 325 for the rest of it

  3. Fre06 Begum Fre06 Begum says:

    Really enjoyed this

  4. Melanie♥ Melanie♥ says:

    45 stars

  5. Aysha P Aysha P says:

    I loved this book but it will NOT be a re read for me EVER I wish I wish I wish in vain but this HEA happens to women in the h's situation seldom ever and it makes me sad knowing this with certainty It gives hope where there isn't much

  6. Su Su says:

    This author doesn’t know anything about human psychology and feelings If she did she wouldn’t create a man who was a self confident extremely intelligent hardworking self made millionaire with a drive became pathetically stupid and self doubting man who couldn’t believe his wives’ passion and love for him

  7. Noemail Noemail says:

    might have 2 copies

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