Jihad Incorporated: A Guide to Militant Islam in the Us

Jihad Incorporated: A Guide to Militant Islam in the Us [Read] ➱ Jihad Incorporated: A Guide to Militant Islam in the Us By Steven Emerson – Thomashillier.co.uk What is the structure of al aeda and radical Islamic activity in the United States today How has it evolved since 911 To what extent does domestic radical Islamism pose a threat to US national securit What is the structure of al aeda and A Guide Epub â radical Islamic activity in the United States today How has it evolved since To what extent does domestic radical Islamism pose a threat to US national security at home and abroad The Investigative Project on Terrorism founded in by Steven Emerson maintains the largest nongovernmental data and intelligence library in the world on militant Islam The Project assists the White House the FBI the Justice Department Department of Homeland Security and other government departments with counterterrorism activities Together with a Jihad Incorporated: Epub / staff of experts Executive Director Steven Emerson has compiled this thorough factual overview of the Islamist terrorist threat to the United States Unlike The Commission Report which was focused mainly on the retrospective analysis of al aeda activities leading up to the attack of September Jihad Incorporated provides an in depth examination of radical terrorist organizations and their financial support networks operating in the United States and abroad Divided into three sections the work first sets the stage for the current situation by reviewing the lessons learned from Incorporated: A Guide PDF Í previous terrorist plots and attacks both within our borders and against American interests abroad Emerson and colleagues profile key players in the terrorist network and describe their various criminal activities before and since The second section analyzes organizations in the Middle East besides al aeda that have established ties in the United States Hamas Hizballah the Palestinian Islamic Jihad and radical groups in Pakistan The third section analyzes the subtle wide ranging support system for terrorist activities that exists within our own borders charities and foundations that secretly solicit for Incorporated: A Guide to Militant Kindle - terror; the complex corporate web of companies charities and nonprofit corporations known as the SAAR Network; mosues that provide cover for terrorists; the use of the Internet for terrorist communication; and lobbying efforts by Muslim American organizations to influence the top echelons of the federal government In a dangerous age this is an important book for all Americans to read.

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  1. Oliver Hoover Oliver Hoover says:

    Steven Emerson’s Jihad Incorporated is a recording of all major Jihadist terrorist operations across the world circa 2006 and serves to illustrate the complexity and expansiveness of the Jihadist terrorist network Its secondary aim is to give a detailed summary of Radical Islam’s terrorist operations starting from Al aeda’s inception up to the Ira Insurgency after Operation Irai Freedom Its primary aim is an in depth coverage of various Islamic terrorist groups across the world and the various logistics through which recruitment and funding are obtained Groups such as Hezbollah Hamas Al aeda Jemaah Islamiyah see Bali Bombing in Indonesia and so on are examined in depth logistically speaking Various methods of funding are listed such as the blackmarket bootlegging existing retail products using false charities and using liberal and progressive minded organisations to push an agenda that suits them What should also be mentioned is that many of these operations have been stopped which is why we know about them in the first place The book itself serves as a guide to understanding the complexity of running global terrorist networks and how much of a threat they pose to the US and its allies This is not to confuse the book as a terrorist handbook it isn’t but the content of the book is so detailed and the uality of information is so in depth that in all likelihood there must be at least one lunatic or terrorist to be who has read this book and gotten some ideas from it Academically speaking it’s a very good book with volumes of historical and current at the time data to support Emerson’s argument of the still serious threat of global Jihad The organization of the book follows three sections a prelude a data analysis and a solution To clarify the book focuses on the history the prelude of major Jihadist terrorist attacks and operations and then moves on to the logistical networks of Al aeda and so forth Finally the book ends with a general conclusion and message of warning directed at the American public The first part of the book very much focuses on the history of Jihadist terror going from Al aeda’s creation through events such as the 1993 World Trade Center Bombing 1998 East Africa Bombings 1999 USS Cole Bombing September 11th Attacks 2002 Bali Bombings 2003 Invasion of Ira 2004 Madrid Bombings 2005 London Bombings and the Irai insurgency which was a current problem at the time of the book’s publishment The lesson to learn from this section is stated by Emerson himself He writes “the terrorist attacks of September 11 2001 were literally the products of lessons learned by al aeda over a previous decade of attacks” Emerson 25 This part serves as a really long introduction to the operational capabilities of al aeda specifically and many other lesser known terrorist organizations The second part of the book is a detailed litany of various terrorist organizations and the methods used to recruit new operatives and fund their operations Fake charities social justice groups the internet mosues and so on are such methods used In particular Emerson lists a number of ways that terrorist groups couldund their operations namely “sponsoring or speaking at conferences staffing booths at conferences collecting donations at mosues sponsoring radical Islamic speakers and terrorist leaders partnering with business and Islamic organizations publishing newsletters advertising in Islamic publications and distributing promotional videos and audiotapes sic maintaining Web sites sic with donation pages” Emerson 318 Numerous chapters are dedicated to university staff imams charities and so on being used to fund and recruit for terrorist groups This constitutes the majority of the book The third and smallest part of the book is a conclusion It is a very short section with two pages but its main purpose is to show that this book’s purpose is to provide the American public with information Emerson writes “it becomes vital for the American public to gain the greatest possible awareness of the face of the enemy” Emerson 485 If this is the case this book accomplishes a lot of that The writing style of the book is of dry urgency Considering this book was written during the War On Terror this is understandable Each chapter serves to emphasise the danger that America is in from terrorist organizations though Emerson isn’t a fearmonger trying to rile up public panic Rather the book is a cautionary warning from Emerson to the American public or anyone who actually reads this book of the numerous methods through which America’s enemies or any underground group can harm and subvert society The book is following in this line written straight and to the point though occasionally Emerson adds a sentence of than usual detail The technical details are sometimes harder to read than the historical details but that most likely has to do with how much information there is rather than how the book is written The bias of this book definitely exists Considering the type of book and the target audience Emerson’s bias is most certainly towards the United States compared to for instance towards Hezbollah I find it debatable whether this can be called a bias because a bias connotes an unfair predilectionprejudice Further considering that every group Emerson talks about is a terrorist group meaning a group that has committed terrorism and not whatever the State Department declares a terrorist group I find it hard to call it bias That being said there is definitely an attitude of favor towards the US in the book but it is negligible Jihad Incorporated should not be read for recreation simply because it isn’t the kind of book one would read for recreation It is an average person’s guide to modern day Islamic terrorism and depending on one’s interests or leanings it will either be a boon or a curse Probably the only people I would never recommend this book to are people who don’t care about world events and people who support Islamic terrorism though it is unlikely I will ever come across the latter any time soon This book unless you like going over the depressing history of terrorism is not for entertainment and is only meant for one to educate him or herself on the dangers of Islamic terrorism Probably the only people I would recommend it to are people in the military

  2. Burt Harris Burt Harris says:

    The author presents a calculated view of the Militant Islamic factions that are continuing to grow and operate throughout the entire free world

  3. Terry Terry says:

    To be forewarned is to be forearmed Extensive fact based research that is well supported by authoritative citations The need for broader awareness of this constant and looming threat is brought home clearly in this book One cannot forget that back in the 30's many Nazi's; also actually thought they belonged to a religion with the divine right to rule over allIf that religious sic group were around today we would have further attempts by radical fanatics to constrain our freedom of speech and criticisms with horrific terms like Naziphobia Imagine On the other hand it is paradoxical to our very freedoms that we allow others to express views that we are not inherently comfortable with should we desire to preserve our cherished liberties So drawing the line between words of hatred threats of violence and abuse and so forth against open critical discourse will remain as a constant challenge of interpretation for democracies that will likely ebb and flow with the culture of the times Still the conseuences of word games are critical to sustaining free democratic societies Orwell understood that those who would seek utter control of our minds would do so by controlling the dictionary of our language and they would act to create new words Religousphobic and to eliminate others free thinkers to control our thoughts and thereby destroy our liberties and democracy In other words if I control the words and their meanings that you think with I can control you to the point of curtailing independent thought with further restrictions imposed for breaches by at least penalties of political correctness Sound familiarWe must thus be on guard for any effort to control the dictionary and also not be fooled by any religions' organizations groups fanatics costumed words and camouflaged semantics used to disguise their underlying self serving evil nature with perverse agendas that together profoundly contradict all forms of logic science reason and broadly accepted humanistic values And be aware that their clever tools also step beyond words and entail other devices and institutions such as charities places of worship foundations and so on operating under various false premises

  4. Owen Owen says:

    This is a really scary book and Steve Emerson is not some hard core conservative he's a journalist who got stranded in a strange city over Christmas and happened to wander into a Hamas fund raising meeting in Tulsa What he talks about is stuff we don't like to think about Read it anyway

  5. Hwrd Spss Hwrd Spss says:

    Some of the facts are loose Fear mongering in text form

  6. Ehi Ehi says:

    Jihad incop

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