Scandinavian Folk Fairy Tales Tales From Norway Sweden

  • Hardcover
  • 666 pages
  • Scandinavian Folk Fairy Tales Tales From Norway Sweden Denmark Finland Iceland
  • Anonymous
  • English
  • 06 September 2014
  • 9780517436202

10 thoughts on “Scandinavian Folk Fairy Tales Tales From Norway Sweden Denmark Finland Iceland

  1. christina christina says:

    I hate to say that these were really disappointing There was literally only ONE story about vikings in this whole bookAlso worth noting is that these tales are heavily influenced by early christian views of the Scandinavian countries rather than the pantheon of norse gods and goddesses Recorded between the 1400 1900s a lot of the tales reward the male characters for scheming tricking and murdering their way to riches or crowns While their female counterparts were punished for not being submissive or acting in their own best interests which was obviously not entertaining to me as a readerHere were some of my favorites from each sectionnote there are not manySection 1 Tales from Norway The Lad and the North WindEast of the Sun and West of the MoonMaster TobaccoSection 2 Tales from Sweden The WerwolfSection 3 Tales from Denmark The Troll's HammerToller's NeighborsThe Girl Clad in MouseskinSection 4 Tales from Finland The Mouse BrideAntti and the Wizard's ProphecyJurma and the Sea GodLiisa and the PrinceSection 5 Tales from Iceland The Grateful ElfwomanHildur the ueen of the Elves

  2. Claire Claire says:

    Finland wins for best fairy tales

  3. Sara Sara says:

    This book collects many folk and fairy tales from Norway Sweden Denmark Finland and Iceland The stories are pulled from the oral tradition and thus vary greatly in length and level of complexity Some are just a uick paragraph with a moral while others are of a short story length and feature fantastic descriptions legendary characters and so on The stories retain an authentic feeling voice I can just picture an 18th century goatherd telling these tales to a visiting folklorist I was particularly interested in learning about Icelandic folklore which often seem to feature troublesome elf human interactions at Christmastime I read some of the tales from other countries too There's a wide variety telling of trolls elves witches wish granting beings princesses and Some elements will be familiar to readers of fairy tales from other places while others hint at particularly Scandinavian beasts landscapes and characters

  4. no_more_color no_more_color says:

    Oh thousands of times have we played on the shoreAnd caught little fishes dost mind it no ?We raced with the surf as it rolled at our feetAnd the lurking old Merman we always did cheatYes much shalt thou think of at my lullabyWhilst the billows do rock and the breezes do sighWho sits now and weeps o'er thy cheeks? It is sheWho gave thee her soul and whose soul lived in theeBut once as an eider duck homeward I cameThou didst lie 'neath a rock with thy rifle didst aim;In my breast thou didst strike me; the blood thou dost seeIs the mark that I bear oh beloved one of theeThis excerpt from the Finnish tale Finn Blood captures the spirit of the entire collection but these stories are important for another reason; my favorite video games derive many of their plot lines from them

  5. Kira Brighton Kira Brighton says:

    I enjoyed reading all these different folk and fairytales and comparing them was uite interesting For example in all these Scandinavian tales it's not love that transforms a creature back into a prince it's murder Specifically cutting his head off How weird is that? Also they have a thing about swan selkiesIn the tales from Norway my favorites were East of the Sun and West of the Moon The Honest Penny and Boots and the Beasts From Sweden What Shall Baby's Name Be? was definitely calling me out while I enjoyed The Ten Fairy Servants and The Werwolf best Denmark had a whole section of stories from my boy Hans Christian Andersen whom I love with favorites like The Wild Swans The Elf of the Rose The Little Mermaid The Nightingale and The Marsh King's Daughter From Finland I best liked Vaino and the Swan Princess The Mouse Bride and Jurma and the Sea God Finally Iceland's tales struck me as the most simplistic but I uite liked Hildur the ueen of the Elves

  6. Lock Lock says:

    Great stories and while the introduction describes Christianity as the early and prime faith of Scandinavia some do retain elements of the pre Christian folk spirituality Its a pretty extensive collection The organization is by country which allows interesting characterization of the various cultures of the region

  7. lisa lisa says:

    This was ok very dense and an excellent reference book that I can't bear to let the library get rid of even though our only copy is falling to pieces but I think I wanted to read about the mythology of Scandinavia so this book fell short

  8. Robert Costic Robert Costic says:

    This makes a good reference book but I don't see it as something to read cover to cover There are a huge number of tales and with the exception of a few by Andersen they are told in the vernacular which can grow tiring after a while

  9. AA AA says:

    Great collection of fairy tales

  10. Bridgett Bridgett says:

    Vast collection of tales from all over Scandinavia

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