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Sky Telescope's Pocket Sky Atlas ❰Ebook❯ ➤ Sky Telescope's Pocket Sky Atlas Author Roger W. Sinnott – This 80 chart atlas contains than 30000 stars to magnitude 76 and approximately 1500 deep sky objects including 675 galaxies to magnitude 115 Included are extra close up charts of the Orion Nebula Ple This chart atlas contains than Pocket Sky eBook ☆ stars to magnitude and approximately deep sky objects including galaxies to magnitude Included are extra close up charts of the Orion Nebula Pleiades Virgo Galaxy Cluster Sky Telescope's eBook ↠ and Large Magellanic Cloud.

10 thoughts on “Sky Telescope's Pocket Sky Atlas

  1. Jose Moa Jose Moa says:

    For me the best sky atlas for backyard astronomersit has 80 detailed charts with the most interesting targets to observclassified by right ascension and dates and hours to better observationhas charts of both sky hemispheres and is also excelent for star hopping with the added value that is a relatively small pocket book At the end of the book have close up charts of the PleiadesOrions SwordVirgo Galaxy Cluster and Large Magellanic CloudA imprescindible tool book

  2. David David says:

    For casual star gazing this is great When you look through binoculars or a scope you can see so many stars that you will be overwhelmed Most astronomers own a few different Sky Atlas books as their needs change A advanced one can help find dimmer objectsI will put my atlas on a coffee table outside Using my telescope I look up at a star field and see how much of it fits in my field of view I then take a paper clip and bend it into a circle whose size matches the enclosed same stars in my star atlas Now when I 'hop' around the sky looking through my scope I can put this paper clip circle on my atlas and determine exactly what stars I am seeingThere is both a spiral bound and plain book version of this Get the spiral bound so it lies flat easily when you open it

  3. Patty Cheek Patty Cheek says:

    Great book Love it for helping me sky hop

  4. C. Marcos C. Marcos says:

    If you are planning to become a casual night sky watcher this book is a must But if you are a regular stargazer you must have this little book too A piece of artwork by itself there is no much reading in it but there is a lot to look at Incredibly useful star charts Easy to use at night or during the day to prepare the observations It does not matter if you live in the southern or the northern hemisphere this book will serve you well Unless you have a relatively large telescope anything you can observe naked eye or scope d will be in the charts The overall organization of the book is also commendable In summary the very best book for observing

  5. Phil Moyer Phil Moyer says:

    A perfect observatory bag companion to the excellent Sky Atlas 20000 2nd Field Laminated Version which is my go to source for sky data Sometimes however the Sky Atlas 20000 is too big to cart about it's much better on the chart table than standing at the Dobsonian trying to starhop That's where this little pocket atlas comes in handy

  6. Dan Cowden Dan Cowden says:

    This is a small reference for astronomy lovers in a handy size able to fit into a large pocket It covers all stars down to 76 magnitude which means it's great for small telescopes and binoculars but readers will find it much useful after learning the constellations The book is divided into many sections each of which is considerably smaller than the night sky

  7. John John says:


  8. Arsalan ale Arsalan ale says:

    it's not optimized for telescopes and i didn't find if comfortable for binoculars eithermy experience

  9. Steve Steve says:

    Every amateur astronomer's best friend or it should be

  10. Tom Tom says:

    As a beginner I think its a great sky atlas Don't see reason to use any other detailed one

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