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Dirty Korean ❰Epub❯ ❧ Dirty Korean Author Haewon Geebi Baek – GET DRTYNext time you're traveling or just chattin' in Korean with your friends drop the textbook formality and bust out with expressions they never teach you in school including•Cool slang •Funny GET DRTYNext time you're traveling or just chattin' in Korean with your friends drop the textbook formality and bust out with expressions they never teach you in school including•Cool slang •Funny insults •Explicit sex terms •Raw swear words Dirty Korean teaches the casual expressions heard every day on the streets of Korea•What's up Wasseo•Holy shit I'm trashed Ssibal na manchiwi•I gotta piss Na swi ssayahae•Who farted Bangu nuga ggyeosseo•Wanna try doggy style Dwichigi haeboja•That bitch is crazy Heo nyeon michin nyeoniya•I could really go for some Korean BB Na cheolpangui meokgospieo.

  • Paperback
  • 128 pages
  • Dirty Korean
  • Haewon Geebi Baek
  • English
  • 06 October 2016
  • 9781569757796

5 thoughts on “Dirty Korean

  1. Equal Opportunity Reader Equal Opportunity Reader says:

    I can't lie and say that the street slang in this book wasn't interesting and entertaining but the English cultural commentary that accompanied it was embarrassing and sophomoric at best

  2. Alain Burrese Alain Burrese says:

    Dirty Korean by Haewon Geebi Baek is a new language book in the Dirty series Other languages in this series include Chinese French German Italian Japanese Russian and Spanish All of them claim to teach everyday slang from What's Up to language that would receive an R rating if a movie or only be allowed on HBO and other pay channels without bleeps to block out the wordAs a language book you won't be learning the Korean language with this single volume As a supplementary guide to have in your Korean language resources it is not a bad phrase book The book does include the hangul Korean native alphabet under the Romanization of the Korean words which is a big plus I do like that they included the hangulThe book starts out by saying you deserve to know how to say the dirty words in the language if you want to and then provides a uick blurb on pronouncing Korean Again you are not going to learn the language from this text but you will pick up some words not found in most Korean language guidesBefore you think the book is only full of vulgarities it is not It has much slang that is not offensive at all You'll learn the shorter slang version of good morning as well as the shorter slang for evenin' and sorry There are also a lot of short paragraphs on Korean culture and etiuette These are not only educational but also entertaining at times The book is a pretty fun read if you are interested in Korea and the spoken language of that countryThe book is divided into chapters titled Howdy Friendly Party Body Horny Angry Poppy Sporty and Hungry Many words are pretty common but there is enough slang insults explicit terms and swear words to make the person looking for those get their money's worth from this inexpensive little book I actually learned a lot of the swear words when living in Korea the first time with the military and they came in handy when living and teaching English there as a civilian I knew what the kids were saying and when they found out I understood the use of that language stopped in the classroom when I was there So there is a legitimate reason to learn the slang Besides it can also be fun so add this book to your Korean language references if you want a fun easy to read slang oriented language book You'll be speaking Dirty Korean in no time

  3. Tracy T Tracy T says:

    This book provided interesting bits of cultural information and some raunchy slang I used it along with Google Translate to practice pronunciation

  4. John John says:

    I read this from the perspective of learning and understanding the culture rather than the language and for this purpose it is very in depth AND most excellent Getting to the About the Author section at the end of the book I was a bit surprised that the author is female Some of the language is uitestreet level to greatly understate it

  5. James Park James Park says:

    HAHAHAHA ROTFL this is one of the funniest books ever age appropriate? no hilarious af? yes its balls to the walls funny like the phrases they translate into korean are just things like come here and start beef with me dawg LOL

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