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White Apples ➫ White Apples Read ➳ Author Jonathan Carroll – Vincent Ettrich lekkoduch i kobieciarz ku swemu zdumieniu niespodziewanie wraca po śmierci między żywych Nękany przez tajemnicze zjawy dowiaduje się że powrócił do życia za sprawą swojej jed Vincent Ettrich lekkoduch i kobieciarz ku swemu zdumieniu niespodziewanie wraca po śmierci między żywych Nękany przez tajemnicze zjawy dowiaduje się że powrócił do życia za sprawą swojej jedynej miłości Isabelle Ma ona wkrótce urodzić jego dziecko które uratuje naruszony porządek świata pod warunkiem że ojciec przekaże mu wszystko to czego się nauczył i co widział po tamtej stronie Kłopot w tym że Vincent niczego nie pamiętaBiałe jabłka to zaskakująca opowieść o życiu magicznej miłości i śmierci; metafizyka przeplata się tutaj z codziennością a istoty z krwi i kości stykają się z aniołami i z diabłami w ludzkiej skórze.

About the Author: Jonathan Carroll

Jonathan Carroll b is an award winning American author of modern fantasy and slipstream novels His debut book The Land of Laughs tells the story of a children’s author whose imagination has left the printed page and begun to influence reality The book introduced several hallmarks of Carroll’s writing including talking animals and worlds that straddle the thin line between reali.

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  1. Jerri Brissette Jerri Brissette says:

    This review might not even be appropriate for goodreads as there are perhaps my opinion brighter less conservative readers here but I'm basically a lazy person and as I wrote this review for in response to all the bad reviews of Jonathan Carroll there I'm just transferring it to hereI think most people either love Jonathan Carroll or hate him not much in between I loved White Apples Unless you're used to Jonathan Carroll's style you might indeed find this book terrible as some have said If you are a fan this is great It actually is less confusing less disjointed than other books of Carroll's which I also love You just need to learn to go with the flow Don't resist or protest because things are too weird and confusing Just let it happen and in the end you'll be given understanding When I read one of Jonathan Carroll's books that might be considered normal I keep waiting for things to get weird I'm almost disappointed when they don't If you want normal try Kissing The Beehive It is an excellent read and you won't believe it's the same author It reveals the incredible flexibility of a genius mind

  2. J.K. Grice J.K. Grice says:

    A Carroll book that did not work for me at all I stopped caring in a big way and couldn't even finish WHITE APPLES

  3. ☘Misericordia☘ ⚡ϟ⚡⛈⚡☁ ❇️❤❣ ☘Misericordia☘ ⚡ϟ⚡⛈⚡☁ ❇️❤❣ says:

    Loving every minute of this JC never disappoints and is always over the top creative White apples Numen flowsSome seriously strange cultural mishappeningsThere's an amazing restaurant called Peasant's Food where you sit at hand carved wooden tables and drink hot peppery borscht c How do you drink borscht Peppery borscht is rare And you can't drink it it's a very clunky soup with pieces of cabbage and meat and beetroot and potatoes and sweet peppers occasionally Drinking it would be so very challengingPatience never wants Wonder to enter the house because Wonder is a wretched guest It uses all of you but is not careful with what is most fragile or irreplaceable If it breaks you it shrugs and moves on Without asking Wonder often brings along dubious friends doubt jealousy greed Together they take over; rearrange the furniture in every one of your rooms for their own comfort They speak odd languages but make no attempt to translate for you They cook strange meals in your heart that leave odd tastes and smells When they finally go are you happy or miserable Patience is always left holding the broom cShe just wanted that unexpected wave from a stranger and then return to her life cIf you are a success in life there are places you must go and pay to be humiliated It is an unwritten law that human beings must be tormented throughout their lives in one way or another If you are fortunate enough to have risen to a social level where no one does it to you for free then you must pay for the service Trendy restaurants exclusive boutiues any Mercedes Benz dealer or your very own personal trainer saying how fat and out of shape you are being a few examples cAnd with no thought Vincent Ettrich knew that it was the other man's life entering him This liuid flowing up his arm and out of the other was numen the divine substance the sacred spirit that lives in a certain place in the body and sustains us all A moment before he did not know the word or what it meant As soon as he felt it enter his arm he knew everything The man was dying and his numen was entering another who had already died cHe could read people brilliantly which was one of the reasons for his success in both business and romance c

  4. Trin Trin says:

    Another book that Neil Gaiman my favorite author loved and that I hated I really thought this one was going to work for me too as it has two of my favorite Dumb Plot Devices Amnesia Coming Back From the Dead Carroll treats both of these premises in unusual ways but nevertheless I found the narrative scattershot and incredibly unengaging I think this may have been because Carroll changes the rules constantly simply throwing in new fantasy elements when he needs them; I felt discombobulated the entire time I was reading not to mention all too aware that I was schlumping through a fictional universe rather than a world that felt real but wondrous What gives Neil

  5. Michael Michael says:

    possible spoilersI'm a Jonathan Carroll fan I am But the I read him the his writing style annoys me I'm not sure if annoy is the right word since I still read and enjoy his books But he likes to tell the reader things Show don't tell yes the old writing adage that everyone or every writer anyway knows and while I think you can certainly be a good writer when you tell your story rather than show Garcia Maruez Borges most Latin American writers when you think about it Carroll especially in this book tells us everything about Victor but we really don't see anything about him On several occasions we're told Victor is a great lover or a great father or well just a great person all around But here's the thing He isn't I mean he isn't evil or anything but he's certainly not a good father if his actions in the book are any indication We barely see him be a father and when we do I felt that he really didn't give a crap about his kid or was it kids And when we're told this near the end of the book that he was a and I uote a great father I stopped reading not the book just that sentence and I thought What Since when Of course the narrator may be telling things that flat out aren't true and leaving the reader to sort it out ie unreliable narrator but I didn't get that feeling I felt that what the narrator was trying to get across was that yes Victor really is all these things I'm telling you he is See how great he is He really does deserve a happy ending because he's so greatOh and the Love Conuers All ending It was a LCA ending right That's the feeling I got I didn't mind it really it's nice to read a happy ending once in awhile but I don't know it just didn't feel right to me It's weird I enjoyed reading it but the I think about it the less I like it I don't know if I'll read the seuel

  6. Debbie Zapata Debbie Zapata says:

    My eyes are too old for the teeny tiny print in my edition of this book I just can't keep struggling with it and I won't rate it since I managed only a few pages Just enough to know that it is an interesting story and I would love to see what happens

  7. Susan Susan says:

    I was just talking to a friend about how I don't often post negative reviews but this one I just have to vent This was first posted here in one of the first scenes before the main character Vincent knows anything weird is going on he runs into a friend Bruno at a restaurant While he’s talking to his friend he gets a phone call from his ex wife He excuses himself to take it and his ex wife tells him that Bruno’s wife just called her to share the news that Bruno had a heart attack and died a few days ago Vincent absolutely freaks out He has a full on panic attack The book doesn't call it that but I recognized the symptoms If my ex wife called me and told me that a friend who I was talking to right then was dead I would hang up and say to my friend “OH MY GOODNESS the funniest thing just happened” or whatever ya know I would assume misunderstanding or miscommunication first and foremost and save the panic attack until later ya knowYes so minor thing but then Vincent realizes he has died and come back to life He has another minor episode which is totes understandable but then he comes to accept it Then his girlfriend appears on the scene tells him she’s pregnant and then tells him that she’s having conversations with the baby He decides that girlfriend has gone crazy He spends a few moments thinking how repulsive his girlfriend is to him now because he knows she’s crazy Like you accept that you and Bruno have both died and come back but you can’t accept that your girlfriend is talking to your baby WhateverYes I know that I am first upset at him for too readily accepting the supernatural and then for too readily dismissing the supernatural HushTHEN there are all these weird new plot points thrown in that bug the poop out of me Animals are put on this earth to protect humans Every time an animal mauls a human it’s because the human taunted the animal not because we’re delicious looking lion food Zoos are sacred spaces because all these animals are pushed into one small space This one particular zoo is especially sacred because it’s especially cramped so the animals are in an even smaller space It’s also one of those books you know the kind that loves to make reference to bodily functions just for the sake of being “real” or “with it” or whatever I mean I don’t mind a well placed reference to bodily functions It happens But maybe it’s a function of listening to an audiobook that I notice when the same words are used again and again And if I hear the words puke or bowels again I’m going to puke Right on the author’s bowelsALSO The main character is a total philandering poophead He loves women and he loves seducing them and this is presented in this totally positive light And whatever slut it up guy but the fact that he left his wife of 16 years and his 2 children because he couldn't stop sleeping around is not a positive thing If you can’t stop sleeping with other women then don’t enter into a monogamous marriage Tell your wife or girlfriend that you need an open relationship And his girlfriend the great love of his life who is the only girl who can keep him from straying barf is a total manic pixie dream girlAND THE WRITING STYLE It’s all tell over and over absolutely no show And the characters all have these ridiculous uirks and then we’re told exactly what to think of this uirk Vincent always carries a red spoon in his pocket It’s his talisman because he ate some really delicious ice cream with Isabelle one time and he needs it to remind him that there is still joy to be had in this world or what the fuck ever Isabelle has a hyperdeveloped fight or flight response and she always chooses flight She’s elusive and hard to pin down but that’s just because she’s so perfectBasically I am at the point in reading this book where if anyone ever said to me “Have you ever read White Apples I love it” I would probably puke on their bowels and then judge them foreverNB4R if you love White Apples I will still be your friend but I might just judge you for it

  8. Julia Julia says:

    WHITE APPLES is one of my favorite Carroll novels; the seuel is GLASS SOUP and both contain my favorite characters Vincent and Isabelle From his websiteVincent Ettrich is in a tight spot He has died and been brought back to life to help save his unborn son from evil and chaotic forces who want to prevent this son from becoming the savior of the universe Sound bizarre Welcome to the surreal and metaphysically massive novel WHITE APPLES by Jonathan CarrollIn Carroll's world humans are key threads in a giant tapestry that is being woven as life is lived But there are dark forces at work who don't want the weaving to continue as is and Ettrich his beloved Isabelle and their sentient fetus find themselves standing in the way Their struggles to merely understand what is happening to them and to stand tall in the very face of darkness makes for a humorous touching and thrilling tale with as is expected a big bang of an ending But the most marvelous aspect of the novel is not its far reaching mind blowing metaphysics It's the wonderfully tragic love story of Vincent and Isabelle that keeps this flight of fancy grounded and beautifully humanCarl Bromley wrote 'In February the month when suicide always looks good to me I taught a class in Poe' This and other strange sentences lace the baroue and iridescent world of novelist Jonathan Carroll Too fevered and hallucinatory for lovers of popular literary fiction Carroll's strange hybrids exist in a twilight zone that has both befuddled mainstream publishers and eluded a mass readership Yet they've won him a string of admirers including Jonathan Lethem Pat Conroy Katherine Dunn Stephen King and Neil Gaiman me

  9. Cliff Thompson Cliff Thompson says:

    Jonathan Carroll has done another turn at Magic Realism here and turned it pretty well Here is a story of someone sent back from death to the living to accomplish a mission they do not understand on behalf of someone who has not even been born yetIt's the sort of thing Neil Gaiman would write indeed the book is dedicated to Neil Gaiman and Carroll does almost as good a job as Gaiman would but not uiteThe fact that the protagonist does not have a full understanding of what he is supposed to be doing is used effectively to heighten the mystery without being a cheap trick Carroll is an outstanding writer after all and works the show don't tell method effectively In a couple of places though I'll say zoo as an example and leave it at that to avoid spoilers he slips a bit towards melodrama this would not be a fault for many authors but the rest of the book is written with such an economy of power that these instances really stand out Still an excellent read

  10. Fox Fox says:

    Vincent Ettrich has just discovered that he's been resurrected The worst part He has no idea how he died And now his mistress is telling him that she's carrying his child Thus White Apples begins Throw in the fate of Order versus Chaos and you have this Jonathan Carroll novelThis follows up on The Wooden Sea though not in a directly obvious way The themes that it carries are similar chaos versus order the way that the past changes who we are without us being able to change the past The book as most of Carroll's tend to comes together beautifully in a startling climax at the endI'm looking forward to getting my hands on Glass Soup and seeing what happens next

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