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Thriving Beyond Sustainability [Read] ➵ Thriving Beyond Sustainability ➱ Andres R. Edwards – Every fifteen seconds on our Earth a child dies from waterborne disease Three times an hour another species becomes extinct Each day we consume eighty five million barrels of oil and pump twenty three Every fifteen seconds on our Earth a child dies from waterborne disease Three times an hour another species becomes extinct Each day we consume eighty five million barrels of oil and pump twenty three million tons of carbon dioxide into an already warming atmosphere But against this bleak backdrop beacons of hope shine from thousands of large and small initiatives taking place everywhere from isolated villages to major urban centers Thriving Beyond Sustainability draws a collective map of individuals organizations and communities from Thriving Beyond MOBI :↠ around the world that are committed to building an alternative future—one that strives to restore ecological health; reinvent outmoded institutions; and rejuvenate our environmental social and economic systems The projects and initiatives profiled are meeting the challenges of the day with optimism hope and results leading the way inRelocalization Green commerce Ecological design Environmental conservation Social transformation Overflowing with inspiration the stories and ideas in these pages will cause the most chronic pessimist to see the glass as half full—to move beyond a perception of surviving with scarcity to one of flourishing with abundance The comprehensive resource section provides the tools for everyone to become a catalyst for changeAndres R Edwards is the author of The Sustainability Revolution which has sold over twenty thousand copies He is an educator media designer LEED accredited green building and sustainability consultant and the founder of EduTracks a firm specializing in developing education programs and providing consulting services on sustainable practicesGold Medal Winner Living Now Book Awards Social Activism.

  • Paperback
  • 224 pages
  • Thriving Beyond Sustainability
  • Andres R. Edwards
  • English
  • 25 May 2016
  • 9780865716414

8 thoughts on “Thriving Beyond Sustainability

  1. Carmen Tracey Carmen Tracey says:

    I really liked this book's proactive outlook and pragmatic focus Wasn't sure if I agreed with all of the author's opinions and some of it was slightly outdated but the book contains a wealth of information regardless

  2. says:

    Good stuff a lot of things i already knew but introduced some good examples of specific projects and definitely good for some inspiring uotes and outlooks It tried to cover a great deal which reduced it to being somewhat of an overview

  3. Leen Leen says:

    A lot of great information that everyone globally needs to take action upon

  4. Kristin Kristin says:

    Look I get it we're all looking for good news and there are truly inspiring stories out there that we need to share celebrate and learn from Where I draw the line is where I start to feel like you're actively misleading readers Edwards mentions the Waxman Markey cap and trade bill that passed in the House of Representatives as though it's a real policy failing to mention that it died in the Senate And if that hadn't happened yet as of this writing it was his duty to mention that it still had to pass that testbarrier He also mentioned the Chicago Climate Exchange as somesort of great success despite the fact that it's no longer effectively in existence and that even when it was in operation was symbolic at best I love the stories of neighbors coming together or people taking the lead and having real impacts but he overdoes it so much to the point that if I read this not knowing as much as I do about the topic I work in the sustainability field I would come away thinking that we were on the right trajectory that I don't need to worry about this climate stuff and that somebody else already has all the answers and is already doing all that needs be done

  5. Leo Walsh Leo Walsh says:

    I really thought I would like this book than I did since I tend to think Green However I found this book a rather dry tedius compilation They do this in Norway And XYZ company does that and returns 25% on invested capital What we have here a lot of short gee whiz entries strung together with little critical thinking For instance would XYZ return 25% if consumers did not pay a premium for products marketed as Green? And is that margin the real deal or management PR hype? These shorts may be good for magazine articles but the book lacks an over arching pupose and level or research and insight I expect of book length expositions And while there are some good ideas here there is scanty information on HOW the people got them implementedClear and easy to read Just not what I expected I suppose I am giving it 2 stars because Good Reads says 2 stars means it was okay And since I was luke warm it seemed appropriate

  6. Steve H Steve H says:

    As a printed book I'd probably give this 4 stars but it doesn't work as well on audio Too much list like information and bits of information that might reuire referring to an earlier part of the book which isn't feasible in audio format Having said that the theme and content are useful and inspiring It's a work that focuses on positive changes that can be done to slow or reduce climate change while also dealing with its effects It begins a little new agey by looking at what can be learned from indigenous populations and then abruptly switches to what's happening now Another plug for print vs audio I'd like to take the print version in hand and go through some of the author's shining examples of success as they were in 2010 and see how or if they've been able to sustain themselves or thrive in the ensuing 6 years

  7. Paul Paul says:

    It's all about celebrating the togetherness and energising the positive vibrations of planetary oneness Apparently sustainability doesn't involve any engineering it's all running on Kumbaya songs You can probably tell I was disappointed with the direction the book chose to show the issue from

  8. Chelsea Clark Chelsea Clark says:

    Nothing life changing A bit of a let down; has great case study type presentation but not much exposition Organization was strange

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