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Abhorsen ❴PDF❵ ✍ Abhorsen Author Garth Nix – Terceiro volume de uma trilogia iniciada com A Missão de Sabriel e Lirael a Rapariga do Glaciar pressupõe a leitura prévia dos dois volumes anteriores Uma luta apocalíptica entre Bem e Mal Trevas Terceiro volume de uma trilogia iniciada com A Missão de Sabriel e Lirael a Rapariga do Glaciar pressupõe a leitura prévia dos dois volumes anteriores Uma luta apocalíptica entre Bem e Mal Trevas e Luz Vida e Morte é o ue pode encontrar no desfecho desta trilogia uem já é um admirador desta série poderá de novo perder se na envolvência do Reino Antigo Reencontramos Lirael a jovem ue vivia com as Visionárias do Futuro as Clayr o mistério da sua origem revelara a como pertencendo afinal à linhagem dos Abhorsens os guardiães ue impedem ue os Mortos voltem à vida Lirael não sabe o ue fazer com as armas ue dispõe e apenas conta com o jovem príncipe Sameth seu sobrinho Mas uem são realmente todos estes seres mágicos meio humanos meio elementais mortos vivos ou espectros Tudo mas mesmo tudo será revelado a seu tempo no decorrer das dramáticas peripécias desta luta sem tréguas.

10 thoughts on “Abhorsen

  1. Charlotte May Charlotte May says:

    45 starsThis series just keeps getting betterWe find Lirael and Sam immediately after book 2 on the hunt for Sam’s friend Nick and the evil he has accidentally gotten himself trapped in Along with the Disreputable Dog and Mogget the cat we are taken on a fantastic ride through a world where the dead don’t stay dead “Confused Dead Hands staggered out of her way gobbling their distress from their decayed throats” Nix has created such an incredible magic system; with both Charter Magic the fixed and governed magic but also Free Magic the powerful and uncontrolled magic often used for evil We even get to visit death with its nine gates and mysterious allureA power known as The Destroyer is rising to destroy the Charter and create a world of fire where the dead rule “There would be plenty of bodies for all” It takes everything in Lirael’s power to use the bells of the Abhorsen and save both Ancelstierre and The Old Kingdom “With sighs and groans and gurgles and the clicking of frozen joints and broken bones the Dead Hands marched forward sending the fog swirling all around them” I was gripped from start to finish there are constant shocks throughout and I had to see what would happen even shed a few tears at times I need the next book now “For everyone and everything there is a time to die Some do not know it or would delay it but it’s truth cannot be denied”

  2. Jessica Jessica says:

    Can I just say how shocked I am by how good this book was? I mean I guess everything that happened in Lirael was necessary in setting the stage for Abhorsen but man did Lirael put a damper on the Old Kingdom high I got from Sabriel In book 2 Lirael was mopey annoying and the Mary Sue from Hell Sam was pretty angsty too and the book felt entirely like exposition with no real pay off at the end with a long ways to go Needless to say I approached Abhorsen with distrust and apprehension prepping myself for a letdownAND WHAT IS THIS? LIRAEL UP IN HERE WITH A DECENT PERSONALITY AND ACTUAL CHARACTER GROWTH? SAM COMING OF AGE AND SHAPING UP LIKE A BOSS? MOGGET AND DOG REMAINING THEIR FLY SELVES AS THEY FACE THE CRAZIEST PLOT EVER? Alright my capslockHarry moment has passed And I might have exaggerated a smidge but seriously This book was pretty epic Dare I say epic than Sabriel? Come on The last third of the book I kept saying “Whatever are they going to make it out of this” or “As if someone ain’t gonna die right now” and “There’s no way NO WAY”—and the first two thirds of the book I had already been on the edge of my seat Now I’d like to address something that I haven’t really mentioned in my previous reviews of the series Most noticeably in books 1 and 3 there are really great and subtle messages sent about the gender stereotypes we’ve picked up in our lifetimes Plenty of my favorite action heroines be it movies or books have to inevitably come up against some douche who refuses to answer to a girl of all things or remember that awesome scene in RotK when Eowyn’s like “I am no man You look upon a woman” and the audience goes crazy and everyone’s fist pumping? But like the story can be set 200 years in the future in space and some jerk acts like it’s the craziest thing in the world to see a woman save the day That sucks no doubt but almost worse is when the story is set in an alternate freaking reality usually fantasy with magic and dragons and crap and people are still shamelessly sexist Like really screenwriterauthor? It made sense to you to make this completely fictional world hate women too? But wizards live forever and stuff right?In the Abhorsen trilogy the roles of men and women are pretty evenly distributed between the sexes There are both male and female royal guards and it ain’t no big thang some tribes have matriarchs and others patriarchs and the people of the Old Kingdom answer to the female Abhorsen and the King with eual loyalty and reverence I mean that just makes sense to me If magic has existed in a world since the beginning of time than freaking eual rights should have as wellAnywho all in all a fantastic book It somehow successfully made me love Lirael after raging against her so much before it totally does justice to anything left wanting regarding the mythos of the world in Sabriel you get to see all of the nine gates of Death so awesome and it kind of outdoes the final battle scene of Sabriel as wella great conclusion Although I wouldn’t say no to another book in the series

  3. TS Chan TS Chan says:

    Abhorsen is a great conclusion to a narrative arc which started with Lirael the second book in the series The two main characters introduced in the previous book Lirael and Prince Sameth have now accepted their respective legacies and fate in what is to become a fight for the survival of the very world itself Finally we have a lot action a lot less moping and some solid character growth with two young protagonists both who have vast potential stemming from their uniue bloodlines There is also a third point of view which surfaced regularly in this volume Nicholas a friend of the Prince from beyond the Wall to the south who has fallen into the hands of the enemy and was manipulated in bringing forth ancient powers Braving the overwhelming odds stacked against them Lirael and Sam together with the Disreputable Dog and Mogget have to attempt to stop the enemy from manifesting Else all will be lost As I have mentioned before the key strength of this series lies in its worldbuilding a world between Life and Death and its magic of the wild and free and the constructs which aimed to give such magic structure and direction with which it can also bind and break The narrative around these fantastical elements progressed through the series with revelations on the lore surrounding the history of Charter magic and deeper exploration through Death and its Nine Gates Given that this third volume serves as the final and climactic act to the story which began in the second I will not deign to include further commentary on the plot Even though I struggled a bit with the characters of Lirael and Sam initially the development of their roles eventually made sense within the context of what they are becoming In the face of the imminent and overwhelming threat to the world both not only managed to overcome their angst but each drew upon their respective strengths as nothing but their best will suffice The tone of the book is engaging throughout and the narrative grabbed me right from the start Even though I have not read much of the YA genre I can safely say that this is probably one of the better ones out there There is enough depth in the storytelling and characterization which without the corresponding ages of the main protagonists one can easily mistake it for just another classic fantasy novel And I'll say this again the world and its magic are positively fascinating I do recommend this series to those who want to read a classic fantasy with a difference This review can also be found at Booknest

  4. Dannii Elle Dannii Elle says:

    This is the third instalment in the Abhorsen seriesDecades divided the events between the first and second books but this one followed directly on from the former instalment Lirael is the abhorsen in waiting Sam is descended from Wall Makers and their animal companions who are less easy to classify make up the rest of the fearsome foursome intent on saving the kingdom from the dark designs of the dead Action dominated but tears marked the end and I was not okay

  5. Stephen Stephen says:

    45 to 50 stars Having just finished this the final book in the Abhorsen Trilogy I have to say that it RANKS AMONG THE BEST YA FANTASY SERIES I have ever read The world created by Garth Nix composed of the Northern Old Kingdon where magic exists sitting side by side with the South looking much like an early 20th century city in Europe is so realistically portrayed that the whole story comes to life The interplay between these two realms is very well done Add to that one of the most interesting and original magic systems I have yet come across featuring among other things free magic wild and unbound and charter magic bound magic expressed through runes or marks Abhorsens vs necromancers lesser and greater dead gore crows the Great Charters and some amazingly uniue free magic creatures and entities All of these elements are woven together and used so well in the story that narrative always stays compelling and keeps the reader engrossed in the story This will certainly me on the short list of YA fantasy series that I recommend to friends HIGHEST POSSIBLE RECOMMENDATION

  6. Katie.dorny Katie.dorny says:

    I honestly just found this anti climatic Especially when compared to the first twoThe conclusion just continues on for the spin off books; which I do understandSam’s growth in this was wonderful; I hated him in the second book but in this one I really rooted for himI am interested in reading Goldenhand to find out what happens to Lirael and NicolasI just felt that this book and the previous one could have been shortened down to one big book instead of being dragged out over two when some of the plot and description was unnecessary

  7. Lindsey Rey Lindsey Rey says:

    35 StarsI liked the ending but I've decided I'm not the biggest fan of Garth Nix's writing style

  8. Caz (littlebookowl) Caz (littlebookowl) says:

    Probably my favourite of the series so far I adore these characters especially the Disreputable Dog

  9. Faith M ✨ Faith M ✨ says:

    Wherever you walk I will be theresobsThis third installment the end of the main trilogy was pretty darn good There's something about Garth Nix's writing that just really does it for me The subtle humor and wit the syntax and sentence structure It's all just so great I love everything about itThe world is the best fantasy world ever in my not so humble opinion It isn't overbearing but it's intricate and uniue and dark without being grimdark Death is probably the coolest setting in any book ever and you can fight me on thatI loved the character arcs in this especially Nick's He didn't have much of a character in the previous book but he really shone in this one and his ending was justcries a little just perfect I love how relatable all the characters are I wish Sam had had a bit to do in this but as it is I'm happy with how it all turned outSo I'll do that and I'll do my best and if my best isn't good enough at least I will have done everything I could everything that is in me I don't have to try to be someone else someone I could never be

  10. Montzalee Wittmann Montzalee Wittmann says:

    RtcWouldn't be better if I had read previous books

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