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Necessary Evil [BOOKS] ⚣ Necessary Evil Author David Dun – In this stunning psychological thriller David Dun demonstrates that he is that rare breed of author who brings to his very first book not just enormous talent but the skill and polish that will remind In this stunning psychological thriller David Dun demonstrates that he is that rare breed of author who brings to his very first book not just enormous talent but the skill and polish that will remind readers of some of today's most seasoned writers Like the earlier books of New York Times bestseller Jeffery Deaver Necessary Evil hurtles along at breakneck speed packing an intense action filled story into a period of time so short it leaves us breathlessDuring a savage snowstorm a private jet slams into the rugged California high country In its wake lies a litter of twisted fuselage mangled corpsesand enough infectious toxins to wipe out most of humanity Two people an expert mountaineer and a female FBI agent find the wreckage and its hazardous contents Now they're the target of a dangerous enemy that will kill to keep a conspiracy concealed.

  • Paperback
  • 384 pages
  • Necessary Evil
  • David Dun
  • English
  • 26 March 2014
  • 9780786013982

About the Author: David Dun

David Dun was born and grew up in western Washington but moved to northern California to begin his legal career He still resides in California with his wife in a secluded home perched on the side of a mountain He drives old cars wears jeans whenever possible loves reading and writing hates exercise but does it religiously diets with disgusting precision and wants to be a writer even after h.

6 thoughts on “Necessary Evil

  1. Keri Keri says:

    I picked up this book not really in the mood to read suspense with alot of action but I kept at it until finally I stopped struggling and just read the darn thing Once I did that I enjoyed the book tremendously There was even a really great romance between Kier and Jessie The love scene was satisfying and felt real The book did have alot of good suspense and uite a bit of Tilok Indian folklore and history Keir a Tilok vet and Jessie an FBI agent are pitted against a madman and time itself in order to rescue the Tilok people from being decimated by a deliberately planted disease

  2. Alice Alice says:

    This book is a page turner This is the first book I read by this author Very good

  3. Dlora Dlora says:

    I borrowed this book from Melissa but it wasn't what I expected at all I thought there would be details about animals and veterinary skills since the main character is a vet but he is also an Indian and there was a lot about hunting and tracking I found that fascinating and it moved the action along uickly However as Melissa said there was a bit too much sexual innuendos even though Melissa kindly ripped out two pages of what must have been a lurid sex scene for me You can't loan your mother a book with something like that in it right? Also the motivations for plot and character relationships weren't fully developed enough but I was fascinated with the chase There was one paragraph that got me thinking I'm not sure that I completely agree with it See what you think Disease was often associated with dysfunctional lifestyles Poverty and the idle hand from which it stemmed created a host of maladies Gluttony was tributary to a different set of diseases Careless sexual habits spawned numerous others It seemed that the flaws of mankind nurtured disease The scourge of disease was nature's discipline Society needed a advanced approach to disease than merely curing it for to cure all disease was to take away nature's ability to chastise page 88 89

  4. Nancy Nancy says:

    Shades of early Clive Cussler but less 'fantastic' and credible It is a thriller that gallops along from the first paragraph and Dun is extremely good at describing his beloved northern Calif mountains The story is the triumph of good over evil with the usually accompanying violence and the characters are superbly drawn especially the psychopathic 'bad guy' There is great sexual tension from the very beginning making the eventual love scene and the ending credible The plot twists nicely and a bit of Indian mysticism add dimension to the story I will read of Dun's works

  5. Melissa Melissa says:

    It's okay This story is an adventuresuspense novel Jessie comes to visit her sister who lives near an indian tribe in New York She meets the local veteranarian and while out looking at a horse they come across a downed plane and a mystery The entire book is them running away from the bad buys and Kier using his indian tracking skills to keep them out of troubleIt's interesting but I kept finding it way to easy to put down and not compelling enough to make me want to drop everything to pick it back up There is also a pretty descrptive love scene but you can skip to the next chapter at that point and not miss anything important Isn't that the way it always is?

  6. Mariola Turnbough Mariola Turnbough says:

    This was an ok book There was too much spy intrigue for me

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