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Beautiful Yetta [PDF / Epub] ✩ Beautiful Yetta ☉ Daniel Pinkwater – Thomashillier.co.uk Yetta beautiful Yetta manages to escape from the butcher’s shop But now she is lost in Brooklyn—a strange place filled with rude rats and dangerous busesgeVAHLTOh dearBut then brave Yetta saves a Yetta Beautiful Yetta manages to escape from the butcher’s shop But now she is lost in Brooklyn—a strange place filled with rude rats and dangerous busesgeVAHLTOh dearBut then brave Yetta saves a small green bird from a sneaky cat and his friends the wild parrots of Brooklyn are very grateful Muchas gracias gallina hermosa mooCHAS grahSEEas gahYEEna ehrMOsaThank you very much beautiful chickenHas Beautiful Yetta found her new home Inspired by real events this multilingual story is a witty warm and wonderful read aloud for any age.

  • Hardcover
  • 32 pages
  • Beautiful Yetta
  • Daniel Pinkwater
  • 21 September 2014
  • 9780312558246

About the Author: Daniel Pinkwater

Daniel Manus Pinkwater is an author of mostly children's books and is an occasional commentator on National Public Radio He attended Bard College Well known books include Lizard Music The Snarkout Boys and the Avocado of Death Fat Men from Space Borgel and the picture book The Big Orange Splot Pinkwater has also illustrated many of his books in the past although for recent works that.

10 thoughts on “Beautiful Yetta

  1. Noelle Jensen, Age 6 Noelle Jensen, Age 6 says:

    Ha ha ha Chickens don't live in trees This book is silly

  2. Megan (ReadingRover) Megan (ReadingRover) says:

    This book was on the table at a clients house so I read it It’s a pretty cute story and it can also help kids learn Hebrew

  3. Maureen Maureen says:

    Bloom's uestions1 Where did the story take place?2 What was the main idea of the story?3 What uestions would you ask the chicken when it escaped the cage?4 How would you compare Beautiful Yetta to the other chickens in captivity?5 Do you agree with Beautiful Yetta's escape? Why or why not?6 Create a new ending where Beautiful Yetta did not save the wild parrot What adventure would she go on instead?Text to self connection In teaching this past year I was working with a family that was not impressed with teachersschools in the past I showed the student's mom through my actions of kindness and respect toward her and her son that not all teachers are like what she had experienced in the past Just like in the story Beautiful Yetta protected a parrot and the other parrots took her into their groupBook ReviewAugust 2010 Horn Book Guidehttpwwwbooksinprintcomleolibu#

  4. Kelly Kelly says:

    I do like the integration of Yiddish in the book That's a neat addition The story is nice very Daniel Pinkwater and the illustrations are nice also very Jill Pinkwater

  5. Cassandra Elise Cassandra Elise says:

    Cute book with a multicultural element to it to teach children some words in a new language

  6. Molly Cluff (Library!) Molly Cluff (Library!) says:

    It was fun reading the Spanish sections I don't speak hebrewyiddish very well though haha

  7. Amy Meltzer Amy Meltzer says:

    This book would be great to read next to the chicken coop

  8. Vzenari Vzenari says:

    Super silly chicken parrot Brooklyn story trilingual

  9. Rose H Rose H says:

    Why have I read this

  10. Sarah Sammis Sarah Sammis says:

    Daniel Pinkwater is another author my local library has introduced me to Two of his books were sitting on their recommended children's books recently The Neddiad review coming and Beautiful Yetta The Yiddish Chicken Now since one is a middle grade book and the other is a picture book I didn't notice that they were by the same author until I sat down to write my reviewsBeautiful Yetta is about a Yiddish speaking chicken who breaks free from her cage and escapes the truck brining her into the city While she's trying to figure out a safe place to be she saves a wild parrot from a hungry looking cat The book is written in English Yiddish with transliteration and SpanishThe book is set in Brooklyn and at the end of the book Daniel Pinkwater includes a little background on the story There are in fact wild parrots just as there are in South Pasadena and San Francisco and kosher butchers He says he doesn't know if chickens speak Yiddish but thought it would be fun to suppose they couldI read Beautiful Yetta before I read The Neddiad and I was skeptical at first It's not that I don't believe in chickens or parrots in urban areas; I've seen both It just seemed like an incredibly odd choice of story Now having completely enjoyed Melvin the Shaman from The Neddiad I've come to realize that odd ball characters and plot lines are what he specializes in I can certainly say that Yetta has stuck with me both as a story and as a character

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