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Women Who Live in Coffee Shops and Other Stories [BOOKS] ✯ Women Who Live in Coffee Shops and Other Stories Author Stella Pope Duarte – Thomashillier.co.uk Everybody says that the owner of Sal's Diner is a former Mafioso but nine year old Joanna whose mom has worked for him as long as she can remember has a hard time believing he's a Mafia retiree But on Live in PDF Æ Everybody says that the owner of Sal's Diner is a former Mafioso but nine year old Joanna whose mom has worked for him as long as she can remember has a hard time believing he's Who Live in Coffee Shops MOBI :↠ a Mafia retiree But one day when two fat toothless men who look like the Godfather's brothers show up at the diner she wonders if maybe the rumor is true And when Sal is arrested a few days later Joanna's mother not only runs the diner Women Who Kindle - while he's in jail she also leads the charge to save him Can the women who freuent his diner the League of Women Who Live in Coffee Shops save Sal from doing hard time in prison Set against an urban backdrop of seedy motels and dilapidated houses next to industrial buildings and railroad tracks Stella Pope Duarte's award winning stories follow characters who make up the city's underbelly Some strut through the lethal streets flamboyant and hard to miss flashy divas transvestites Who Live in PDF É and prostitutes like Valentine one of the girls who decorated Van Buren Street like ornaments dangling precariously on a Christmas tree Others remain hidden invisible to those who don't seek them out bag ladies illegals and addicts Many of the stories feature young people who know too much too soon An eight year old girl with the help of a hooker finally meets the addict father she has never known A boy falls to his death and though his older brother is Who Live in Coffee Shops MOBI :↠ blamed young Sarita isn t sure her fourth grade classmate was responsible And two children unbeknownst to their parents befriend a suspected child molester Winner of the University of California's Chicano Latino Literary Prize this collection of short stories set in Phoenix Arizona reveals the hard scrabble lives of people living on the razor edge of city life.

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  1. Catherine Mustread Catherine Mustread says:

    Gritty and depressing yet sometimes hopeful short stories set in the seedier part of Phoenix the city's underbelly as stated on the back cover An area of town with which I am familiar though I don't live there Though no time period is stated I would guess they are set in the 1970s or 80s Here's a bit about each storyThe first story Benny about Maria an 8 year old who meets her father for the first time she can remember learning that he iswas a piano player She and her Mom live near Van Buren 7thPowerful second story Devil in the tree combines death of a child at Harmon Park the aftermath and coming of ageVicki's Thirteen Moms daughters and yelling In this story Vicki seems to be perceptive and have a mature though naive view of life than does her motherIn the title story Andrea a waitress at Sal's Diner on Van Buren is the founder of The League of Women Who Live in Coffee Shops according to her daughter The women don't actually live there but use it as a hang out refuge and support system When Sal gets into trouble the women help him In Homage Brenda helps an attorney's clients when she is asked to be a translator Brenda also appeared in the previous story Women Who Live in Coffee ShopsThe Plight of Patrick Polanski Friendship overcomes barriers of race gender age but not the suspicions of family Was Patrick a pervert?Mismatched Julian Julian's physical deformities are matched with good hearted attributesOne of These Days I'm Gonna Go Home Peggy is inspired by her minister to adopt a child from Mexico Peggy had her orphan Emma had her family and Buzzard had his war front Peggy could have never figured this for the abundant lifeBread and Water Impressionable Gabriela 17 is smitten with Raul a young man working with her father The weather changed almost as fast as the human heartSpirit Women Can the spirits help heal Tonia from the pain of having helped deliver the baby of her boyfriend's wife?Ol Lady Renteria Perspective is different from another's point of view and from a different time in lifeConfession Naive 8th grader Big Boy spends 6 months in juvie and at his mother's insistence becomes an altar boy afterwards so the Priest who seems less than a perfect specimen can be his mentor Last story Enemy Lines good final story subject wise as about a woman dying and hallucinating about the son she had to give up Surprise twist at the end

  2. Arte Público Press Arte Público Press says:

    Author Stella Pope Duarte's award winning story collection Women Who Live in Coffee Shops and Other Stories offers a glimpse into the lives of characters living on the meanest streets in Phoenix Praise for the work of Stella Pope DuarteDuarte's writing is laced with anguish and desperation and brings to life the grime and sleaze of Juárez — Publishers Weekly on If I Die in JuárezDuarte's first novel is an inspirational road book full of energetic Latinos exorcising their cultural political and personal demons — Library Journal on Let Their Spirits Dance

  3. Terryann Terryann says:

    stella is an intense writer and is at times overwhelming i did not finish her 'if i die in juarez' due to its intensity women is a book of short stories centered around a ghetto barrio in south phoenix the stories are all told from perspectives about different members of the community including a mother several female children a homeless woman and a young single woman the different stories in this book are really interesting well written and have great characters i felt that the stories got a little weaker towards the end of the book which is what is keeping me from a 5th star

  4. Amber Amber says:

    This was a collection of short stories about what most people would say are the working poor of Phoenix Duarte's writing brings Phoenix to life and reminds us all how it feels to live in Phoenix

  5. Christine Howard Christine Howard says:

    Interesting look at Hispanic woman The author came here she was very dynamic and I appreciated the book after I heard her speak If one has a chance to hear her do it

  6. Mahasin Mahasin says:

    Like all collections of short stories Women Who Live in Coffee Shops had it's ups and it's downs but overall was a very good read

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