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Post Colonial Studies The Key Concepts [PDF / Epub] ☁ Post Colonial Studies The Key Concepts By Bill Ashcroft – First published in 2000 Routledge is an imprint of Taylor Francis an informa company First published Studies The PDF ↠ in Routledge is an imprint of Taylor Francis an informa company.

  • Paperback
  • 288 pages
  • Post Colonial Studies The Key Concepts
  • Bill Ashcroft
  • English
  • 01 August 2015
  • 9780415243605

10 thoughts on “Post Colonial Studies The Key Concepts

  1. Mohamed Shams Mohamed Shams says:

    متحف لا معجمالكتاب يحتوي على سرد لمجموعة من المصطلحات من بيان كيف استخدم هذا المصطلح خلال الفترة المعني بها الكتاب وهي الحقبة الكولونيالية الاستعمارية وهو ما ذكرني بالمتاحف التي تعرض مجموعة من الاشياء ليست مجردة وانما مرتبطة بحقبة تاريخية معينةالكتاب مفيد جدا كمقدمة لفهم الواقع الذي تعيشه المنطقة والذي يعد نتيجة مباشرة لما بعد الكولونياليةويساعد بشدة كل من يبحث في هذه الفترة كما انه يحتوي على مجموعة واسعة جدا من المراجع والكتب المرشحة للقراءةيفترض ان لا اتكلم عن الترجمة لأن احد المترجمين هو عاطف عثمان الذي اتشرف بصداقدته ولكن المجهود المبذول في الترجمة يحتاج التحية فنادرا ما تجد من المترجمين من يهتم بصك واعتمات مصطلحات لا توضح فقط المعنى المشار اليه وانما اهتم فريق العمل ان يكون المصطلح عربيا تماما يمكن تصريفه واستخدامه بدون كسر قواعد اللغة العربيةتحية لكل فريق الترجمة

  2. Sadia Mansoor Sadia Mansoor says:

    Book on Postcolonial studies

  3. hami hami says:

    Amazing guide for anyone who is interested in the nitty gritty of colonial and post colonial tradition The second edition is complete than the first edition however it can also be made comprehensive The book is one of those you should have on your bookshelf if you have to deal with post colonial and cultural studies vocabulary and concepts

  4. scott noble scott noble says:

    this book is the way to get started in understanding what post colonial studies actually consists of i use it to introduce concepts to those who are unfamiliar with my field of work it also has an excellent bibliography to get you started in research

  5. Marwa Marwa says:

    الكتاب جميل جدا بيتكلم عن فترة الاستعمار اللى لازالنا بنعاني من اثاره حتى اليوم ورغم انه مرتبط بتاثير الادب والثقافة الانجليزية على شعوب ماكان يعرف باملاك بريطانيا العظمى وتاثيره على ثقافاتها لكن كان فيه مصطلحات كانت صعبة بالنسبة ليا فهمها

  6. شريف مراد شريف مراد says:

    كتاب مدرسى و مفاهيمى مهم و مدخل ممتاز لدراسات ما بعد الكولونيالية

  7. Hannah Hannah says:

    While this book has its flaws and is not comprehensive I am using it as the main textbook in my Postcolonial Literature Class this fall This text has the advantage in that it breaks down concepts into manageable chunks and terminology for new readers who have never come into contact with the terms before I'm headed into an environment where the students have minor theory backgrounds and have never heard the word postcolonialism before All of the other postcolonial introductory books made were still too complex for where my students were starting That's where this book excels I will still have to supplement it in a few parts which is why I'm not giving it five stars but I do recommend this book to anyone just starting out in postcolonial studies

  8. Kristen Kristen says:

    A very good and thorough read on the basic ideas behind postcolonialism I especially enjoyed and appreciated the historiography and history behind the theories and the academics who wrote them My only criticism would be that at times a bit basic depending on your level of knowledge prior to reading the book and certain passages or definitions are uite repetitive

  9. Morris Yen Morris Yen says:

    A really good book that organizes all the major concepts in postcolonial literature and helped me a lot on the essay for the corresponding module

  10. Lucía Lucía says:

    Just finished going through this to prepare notes for my Can Lit students Fantastic primer and very useful for classroom settings

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