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  • Hardcover
  • 272 pages
  • Hitman (Stanley Hastings Mystery, Book 16)
  • Parnell Hall
  • English
  • 24 October 2015
  • 9781933648538

10 thoughts on “Hitman (Stanley Hastings Mystery, Book 16)

  1. Eric_W Eric_W says:

    Parnell Hall writes a couple of series one featuring Stanley Hastings the PI who works for an ambulance chasing lawyer and the Puzzle Lady series with Cora Felton who pretends to write crossword puzzles and winds up solving crimes Both can be uite humorous especially because of the repartee between the characters with short loaded sentences that rarely fail to evoke a grin on the reader's face As one reviewer noted the dialogue is reminiscent of Abbott and Cistello and Burns and Allen I agreeIn Hitman the plot is as usual rather zany Stanley is asked by a local school teacher he thinks who happens to be a hitman or shooter or shitter if you need to combine the terms to watch his back as he wants to get out of the business Stanley soon realizes that by following the man he is preventing the man from following through on the hit but it puts him in an awkward position that he and his friend Seargeant Macauliff have to wiggle their way out of The hitman gets killed and turns out not to be the teacher who turns out to be friends with another teacher with perky breasts who turns out to be Well you'll find out

  2. Dave Nichols Dave Nichols says:

    Although there were several truly funny lines it was a little too light for me

  3. Jessica Jessica says:

    Not as exciting as the puzzle lady books

  4. Melissa Melissa says:

    At first the witty banter of the protagonist Stanley Hastings made me like this book But uickly I discovered that witty banter does not make a story complete The plot has to make sense and be compelling tooStanley Hastings is rather surprised when a hitman just shows up at his office wanting help getting out of the business But he's also not sure he wants to work for him But a man's life is at stake and Stanley knows he has to take the case He just doesn't realize how much trouble it's going to cause him And getting involved is getting him into tons of trouble both personally and also with the police Going from a private investigator to a prime suspect was not in his plans Of course neither was getting shot at But both things seem to happen uite a bit in this bookI liked Stanley He was a funny guy Loves his wife seems like a decent person etc He's a bit oblivious for a Private Investigator and I'm not sure if the bumbling act was intentional or not His wife Alice is an even better character She seems to be the brains behind the operation and I enjoyed that Although I wish she had a job of her own so she didn't have to rely on Stanley's exploits The cops and lawyers in the book weren't as awesome as they could have been In fact they all kind of seemed liked jerks Of course we were seeing them through Stanley's eyesThe plot is what disappointed me the most For one there was no way you could have seen the ending coming and that just isn't uite fair when you are writing a crime mystery Or at least a book that acts like a crime mystery Everything skips around so much that its hard to keep track of where you are at in the book too It seems like Stanley is always rushing around to this place or the other and sometimes with no rhyme or reason I wish it would have slowed down a bit so I could have contemplated what was going on better A lot of the story was implausible too as I don't see real life people acting the way the characters did But hey at least the writing was funny although a little course at sometimes If you don't like cussing and references to sex and female anatomy you probably won't want to pick this book up Because it has all of thatI don't think I'd seek out another one of Hall's books even in the same series While I enjoyed his humorous writing style it just wasn't enough to make up for the sub par storylineHitmanCopyright 2007263 pagesReview by M Reynard 2012 More of my reviews can be found at wwwifithaswordsblogspotcom

  5. Jim Jim says:

    Stanley Hastings is a rather inept New York private eye but even to Stanley it seems odd when a contract killer asks for his help He asks for Stanley to keep him from killing his next target It comes as even of a surprise to him when the hitman is himself killed This twist makes Stanley anxious to try to figure out what is going on because he thinks that whoever the original target is they are still in danger Of course being who he is he takes a very indirect route toward the correct solution and that is part of the charm of this novelMr Hall has written a humorous take on the detective novel His sleuth seems to survive due to serendipity than stealth and there are wrong turns than smooth moves This might be a good book for someone looking for a change of pace from the typical plot driven mystery thriller Humor seems to be important than mystery in HITMAN though the mystery element is the thread that holds it all together

  6. Kat Kat says:

    this was a good onea walk in client told stanly he was a hitman but didnt want to kill the person he was hired to kill as it was a family manhe wanted stanly to follow him and stop him from killingas usually stanly messed it up he got his friend mcgruff to run the names of both the intended victim and the hit man only after the hitman was murdered did he find out that wasnt him he gave stanly wrong names the innocent man was a english high school teacher or so stanly thoughtwhat really happened was stanly was the intended victim all the bad guys got killed by the copsstanly had signed up a slip and fall uadriplegic and taken photos of the stairs of the bldg that he fell on it was going to trial and teh mob owners of the bldg wanted to prevent stanly from testifying

  7. steven steven says:

    What makes this book stand out is the dialog and the author knows it It's well over 90% dialog with snappy comebacks uick asides witty repartee and all the stuff that has made noir detective novels and their protagonists the icons they are todayThe mystery itself isn't bad either though there is some information withheld from the reader so that they don't solve it before the detective does That's cheating a bit but there are uite a few inferences as to the ultimate connections behind it all so it's not cheating a lot The dialog is so nicely done that I'm willing to excuse cheap parlor tricks just so that I can watch the deliveryI recommend this book to anyone who enjoys good dialog and I'll definitely be looking for of this author's work

  8. Steve Steve says:

    Nice to see a return of private eye Stanley Hastings; I was not so fond of the Crossword Lady books by Hall Hastings doesn't carry a gun and he is continually bested by his wife in any discussion and he enjoys a tumultuous relationship with the attorney who provides most of his caseload and with the police But he is funny and the reader can identify with his attempts to catch up with the fast paced plot which involves multiple hitmen and cases of mistaken identity This is a return to a form of detective novel we used to read freuently; I hope there are where this came from

  9. Squeaky Squeaky says:

    I've read a lot of Parnell Hall 14 books I've read this one before 2008 but picked it up again at the library in error and having nothing else to read I read it again I found the repartee confusing

  10. Alan Alan says:

    OK light mystery At least it's not standard hard boiled

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Hitman (Stanley Hastings Mystery, Book 16)[Download] ➺ Hitman (Stanley Hastings Mystery, Book 16) Author Parnell Hall – Thomashillier.co.uk Private eye Stanley Hastings doesn't want for idiosyncrasies as fans of this long running unconventional and very funny says the New York Times mystery series know For instance he doesn't carry a gun Private eye Stanley Hastings doesn't want for idiosyncrasies as fans of this long running unconventional and very funny says the New York Times mystery series know For instance he doesn't carry a gun So he seems a particularly improbable choice among all of New York City's private investigators for the cold eyed Martin KesslerNot that Kessler reuires firepower He's got a gun of his own—an automatic with a long ugly silencer—although he'd like to retire it A contract killer who wants out of the game Kessler hires Stanley mostly to watch his back in the event that someone of similar professional skills is shadowing him Someone is in fact only Stanley fails to spot him and dead bodies are soon piling messily up The hapless Stanley thus begins an odyssey around Manhattan in his attempt to uncover just what did go down and why during his client's last decidedly dirty job.