The Hard Way Epub ´ The Hard Kindle - Hardcover

  • Hardcover
  • 292 pages
  • The Hard Way
  • Carol Lea Benjamin
  • English
  • 06 November 2016
  • 9780060539030

10 thoughts on “The Hard Way

  1. George George says:

    Set in contemporary New York City mystery involves a woman Rachel Alexander and her pet bull Dashiel who is hired by a woman to discover who murdered her father Story involves Rachel's efforts to track down who did it spending part of her time as a homeless person Story bogged down for me in those homeless parts but moved along nicely during the Rachael sections

  2. Genine Franklin-Clark Genine Franklin-Clark says:

    This series is so much than dog ownerP I stories The writing is superb each story is uniue the thought for and understanding of others by the protagonist unusually rich I love this series The author's knowledge of her subject and her humanity shine through

  3. Carol Carol says:

    I found the subject matter interesting but the development of the plot too lengthy I kept saying to myselfokayokay I get it now let's move it along

  4. ReadaBook ReadaBook says:

    This book gave me a new and compassionate perspective about the homeless I finished the book with tears streaming down my cheeks Ms Benjamin is an extremely talented writer

  5. Gilek Gilek says:

    firstly it wasn't bad just wasn't my thing so I can't give it three stars as that would be saying i liked it this reminds me that I shouldn't decide to not read a book simply due to a low online star rating it was like an episode of Cold Case or Without A Trace the tv shows I didn't feel any satisfaction from it or that I was benefiting from it re wisdomalso the message seemed to be that we should all throw aside our own selfish dreams and not pursue them until everyone else has a warm place to sleep and something to eat I just can't agree with that but I kept reading so as to give the author a chance to change my mind in case I might learn something I finally decided that reading it was seeming too much like a chore that I was only continuing so that I would know I had finished it so at page 227 with forty pages left I stopped reading it and took a few minutes to uick readscan through the last pages do not endeavor to read this again or the author waste of my time and I was rather bored by it every time I sat down to read it

  6. Kathleen O& Kathleen O& says:

    #9 in the Rachel AlexanderDash series this seems to be the last one I'm sorry to say Published in 2006 it doesn't seem likely that Benjamin will resume the series This was an interesting one gritty than some Rachel goes undercover with 2 different roles a homeless woman and an employee of a super high end leather goods shop The author's empathy for the homeless was evident As usual a good tale

  7. Paula Paula says:

    A Mystery not so compelling but a uick read that gives brief perspectives on the fashion industry It also introduces the reader to the life of the less fortunate and how they are spurned for their misfortune the wealthy vs the wealthless yes the wealthless walk a mile in their shoes The mystery is solved by careful analysis of the crime scene spectators

  8. Anna Anna says:

    I would have given this book 4 stars because I like this author but it was too politically correct for me The homeless are only on the streets because of evil greedy corporations and even the murder is committed because of a greedy business owner

  9. Karen-Leigh Karen-Leigh says:

    Sorry to see this series end I wish Ms Benjamin would write about Rachel and Dash but The Hard Way was published in 2006 and she is unlikely to continuethough I still keep an eye out for a new one

  10. Arlene Downey Arlene Downey says:

    Very interstingThe start was a surprise The murder mystery was a real mystery I had no clue until the end Lots of twists and turns; no real red herrings Very interesting characters

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The Hard Way✰ The Hard Way Epub ✶ Author Carol Lea Benjamin – A lifelong New Yorker Private Investigator Rachel Alexander has lived through some rough times—from 911 to a difficult divorce to cases that have taken her to the depths of the city's dark unde A lifelong New Yorker Private Investigator Rachel Alexander has lived through some rough times—from to a difficult divorce to cases that have taken her to the depths of the city's dark underbelly But when wealthy business owner Eleanor Redstone approaches Rachel to ask if she can investigate her father's murder—a brutal slaying that occurred when he was pushed onto the subway tracks—Rachel takes the case plunging herself into parts of the city only its poorest residents have ever known Because to solve Gardner Redstone's murder Rachel must disguise herself as a homeless woman and live on the The Hard Kindle - streets searching for the dispossessed man witnesses say made the fatal push In one of the coldest winters New York City has seen in years Rachel is helped by a homeless Ira War veteran a man whose sad circumstances leave Rachel pondering her own fortunate life From critically acclaimed author Carol Lea Benjamin a writer the Cleveland Plain Dealer calls first rate this is another illuminating look into the heart of New York a mystery with heartbreaking characters and a story you'll never forget.

About the Author: Carol Lea Benjamin

A noted dog trainer and former detective Carol Lea Benjamin is the author of books on canine behavior and training as well as the Rachel Alexander and Dash mystery series She has been honored by the International Association of Canine Professionals with her election to their Hall of Fame Ms Benjamin lives in Greenwich Village with her husband and their dogs.