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10 thoughts on “The Life Love of Trees

  1. Janie Janie says:

    Many of the pics are comfortingly gorgeous The text though is totally dippy Usually in Big Art Books whatever text there may be good or bad is ignorable by design But in this one because of the way it's laid out sometimes with text overlaying the picture the text is hard to ignore like a burped alphabet at a formal dinner

  2. Melissa Melissa says:

    Four stars for the large stunning photographs There was some uotes that was good but on many pages they only stood out because of their size The text was horrible though only because it was so small I admited I just skimmed and read the paragraphs that seemed interesting Would have been if it was just photographs and uotes

  3. Andy Hickman Andy Hickman says:

    “The Life Love of Trees” by Lewis BlackwellEnjoyable book to read and adore“Let’s celebrate mycorrhizae” p80Mushrooms – the symbiotic relations between plant roots and fungiMemories – “We plant trees with a sense of the potential of life beyond our own years we have our hands in hope” p156

  4. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    Got this book on a trip to Dumbarton oaks For any nature phill this book is for you

  5. Kerry Kerry says:

    This book was on display at our library I eyed it every week yet my husband was the one who actually checked it out We both enjoyed it very much Gorgeous photos

  6. Gary Gary says:


  7. Kenneth Kenneth says:

    A gorgeous book wonderfully illustratedThe next best thing to walking through a forest

  8. Tamara Tamara says:

    I literally just hugged this book Major eye candy for tree lovers A forest of tree trunks in a field of purplea family of Norway maple trees turning the grass powder white with spring flowerslemony autumn leaves glowing in the sunshine Damn I love treesFavorite uotes Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower I like trees because they seem resigned to the way they have to live than other things do I want to do to you what spring does with the cherry trees He that plants trees loves others beside himself

  9. Pat Williams Pat Williams says:

    While visiting my cousin Cindy in October 2011 I saw this book at the Mall of America in Minnesota Fell in love with the pictures I came home and put it on my wish list at com Waited for 5 months then finally took the plunge and splurged bought it for myself at a 37 % savings over the mall price Received the book 328 and poured over it for about an hour that evening Wonderful coffee table book but with toddler grandchildren my treasure may have to hide under the couch for a bit

  10. Kelly Kelly says:

    I love having over sized photography books that detail topics of fascination to young children and many adults I use this book in my preschool classroom as a reference for those thinking about trees and plant life The book is particularly valuable to me because it reflects tree life through many season A BEAUTIFUL book for photography

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The Life Love of Trees ✮ The Life Love of Trees Books ✰ Author Lewis Blackwell – Trees are vitalwithout them we simply wouldn't be here Not only essential they have been an inspiration throughout our history In breathtaking photographs and stories we are taken on a journey from th Trees are vitalwithout Love of PDF ´ them we simply wouldn't be here Not only essential they have been an inspiration throughout our history In breathtaking photographs The Life Epub / and stories we are taken on a journey from the boreal forest at the edge of the Arctic to the rainforests girdling the planet; Life Love of Epub à from ancient bristlecones to fresh leaved seedlings; from the charming and familiar to the scary and rare An elegantly written and highly accessible text is complemented by an extraordinary collection of images created by some of the world's leading nature photographers.