Mag ik eens in je luier kijken? PDF/EPUB ¹ ik eens in

Mag ik eens in je luier kijken? ☃ [PDF / Epub] ☂ Mag ik eens in je luier kijken? By Guido Van Genechten ✑ – Mouse is so curious that he wants to look into everything—even into his friends’ diapers After he investigates Hare’s seven hare pellets Goat’s clump of little black droppings and the conten Mouse is so curious that he wants to look eens in PDF/EPUB Ã into everything—even into his friends’ diapers After he investigates Hare’s seven hare pellets Goat’s clump of little black droppings and the contents of Mag ik ePUB ½ many of his other friends’ diapers they are in for a big surprise in Mouse’s diaper there is nothing for he knows how easy it is to use the potty Perfect ik eens in Kindle Ô for little ones this delightful picture book will make kids aware of the contents of their own diapers and encourage them to keep them empty just like Mouse does.

10 thoughts on “Mag ik eens in je luier kijken?

  1. Rcltigger Rcltigger says:

    Little Mouse is very curious—he peeks into every hole that sees under every rock—you get the picture So what does Little Mouse do in this story? He asks his friends Rabbit Goat Doggy Horse Cow and Piggy if he can look in their diapers The diapers are actually flapped so you can peek in the diapers too complete with the correct animal poop the horror Near the end Mouse’s friends want to peek in his diaper too—and it’s empty because he went on the potty Maybe it’s just me but all I could think about when I read this book was how I was going to get a report from my two year old’s daycare that my son was trying to look in all of his friends’ diapers In addition I didn’t want my son to get the message that everyone should be peering in his diaper too Needless to say I didn’t even end up sharing this one with my son Not recommended

  2. Dirk Grobbelaar Dirk Grobbelaar says:

    I doubt this could be funny in any language other than Afrikaans Or perhaps the original Flemish In all likelihood it really sucks in English Perhaps it helps that I don't actually have kids either

  3. Cecily Cecily says:

    Translated into Afrikaans this makes for absolutely hilarious reading Potty training rocks in Afrikaans

  4. Julie Kendrick Julie Kendrick says:

    I really wanted to like this cute book but I have to say it made me uncomfortable In these days of health and safety gone mad and child protection against everything it makes me wonder how this bookthat encourages children to look in each others nappies got publishedI wouldn't recommend this I'm afraidSorry DellaI know you love it

  5. Kelsey Kelsey says:

    Mouse is very curious about what is in everyone else's diapers He asks all the animals if he can look inside When the reader opens the flap he sees the many kind of animal waste All of the animals are surprised to find mouse's diaper is empty He explains that he poops in a potty Children will enjoy the interactive flaps and will be likely to find the plot and vocabulary humorous The book could be appropriate for introducing children to potty training

  6. Paula Paula says:

    there is a lift the flap feature that opens up everyone's diaper Mouse likes to look into everything even his friends' diapers He investigates Rabbit Goat Doggy Cow Horse and Piggy and then they want to know what is in his diaper

  7. Library Quine Library Quine says:

    Yes a lift the flap book which allows the reader to look at the contents of other animal's nappiesdiapers I adore risué picture books but looking at the poo of various animal babies is not for me

  8. Beth Beth says:

    This is absolutely horrible and offensive Why would you encourage a child to ask to look in other children's diapers?

  9. C. C. says:

    This is a cute book but it is kind of disgusting You and your child will have fun lifting the flaps but beware you may get than you asked for

  10. Laura Laura says:

    This book is horrible and gross And not in a good way Not recommended for anyone

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