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Mimi's Tutu ✹ [BOOKS] ✭ Mimi's Tutu By Tynia Thomassie ❃ – From the author of FELICIANA FEYDRA LEROUX and the Coretta Scott King Award winning illustrator of NATHANIEL TALKING comes this warm story about a young African American dancerMimi loves going to her From the author of FELICIANA FEYDRA LEROUX and the Coretta Scott King Award winning illustrator of NATHANIEL TALKING comes this warm story about a young African American dancerMimi loves going to her mama's dance class Especially when Mama lets her dance with the adults Mimi is so proud of herself her leotard her rhythmic movement she's just like Mama Until one day another little girl comes to dance class in a beautiful fluffy pink tutu Mimi no longer thinks her own leotard and dancing are so special Luckily Mimi's mama aunts and grandmothers have the perfect solution An exuisite handmade lapa skirt will make Mimi shine and connect her to her African heritage and family traditions.

  • Paperback
  • 32 pages
  • Mimi's Tutu
  • Tynia Thomassie
  • English
  • 14 September 2014
  • 9780590440219

4 thoughts on “Mimi's Tutu

  1. Mariah Aivazis Mariah Aivazis says:

    I love this book Mimi's Tutu Throughout the story we learn that Mimi loves dance and music; therefore she gets to attend dance class with her mother She is so excited One day a new girl Sophie shows up to dance class wearing a beautiful tutu Mimi looked at it the whole time and wished she had one of her own By the end of the story Mimi was given a special tutu to dance in which celebrated her ancestry In this book we learn about family traditions through African dance and music It also reminds us that we are all uniue in our own way

  2. Hannah Groeschen Hannah Groeschen says:

    I liked reading this book because I liked how the girl's cultural heritage was passed down to her through the story I liked how in the middle of the story MIMI wants a tutu like the new girl but in the end is overjoyed with the lapa or skirt that she is given The illustrations are beautiful and full of detail

  3. Eva Leger Eva Leger says:

    Eh not really worth going out of your way for The cover is cute as a button which grabbed my attention in the library and why I checked it out Julia seemed to have some sixth sense about the book and kept skirting around reading it until I put my foot down that we at least give it a try I should have listened to my kid First Mimi is born and Mimi or rather MIMI is short for M'bewe Iecine Magalee Isabella Now is it just me or is it a tad bit hard to know how to pronounce those first two? I can work with the second one But maybe a little help would have gone a ways with the first name? I probably butchered it when reading and since it came up about 8 times throughout the book one can probably guess how annoying this was There are other words with no definitions or pronounciation given Shekere and claves are two musical instruments That's all we get Well what kind? What kind of music do they make? What ways can they be played? Where are they if they are at all portrayed in the illustrations? We do find out that 'lapas' are wraps of cloth skirts in other words So MIMI goes to her Mom's dance class with her and the kids usually sit out for the most part One day Natasha joins and Natasha is wearing all the funky unmatching clothing we never find out why this is after it's mentioned one time and she's taking the class WITH her Mother I don't get this part MIMI says she looked pretty when the other girls get a little snotty but then makes a remark about her dancing being not great Nothing is here with this Just the remarks Nothing as a filler so the reader can know the why It falls flat Natasha has a tutu that MIMI annoying isn't it? wants Her family hooks her up with a lapa because that's what suits her I take issue with this Is this the only type of skirt that suits her? Can a tutu not suit her? Why? Because she's African? Instead of coming across as celebrating heritage it comes across as stereotypical Here MIMI wear this because THIS suits YOU Not my thing at all It could have been done in a way that parents and caregivers could use to teach children than a few things but instead it leaves you wanting to slam the book shut Maybe it's because of my sensitivity to race issues but this strikes me as nothing but trash I actually skipped sentences and paraphrased in places because I didn't want Julia to hear about how this one type of skirt suited this girl because she was black Way to help move the human race forward Thomassie And yes I know about dancing I know about little girls I know about black people and I even know a thing or two about skirts So leave me alone

  4. Aria Mcdonald Aria Mcdonald says:

    I don't understand why people gave this book such a low rating It's not a classic like The Snowy Day or Harry's Freedom Box but it's still a cute harmless story with good morals The previous reviewer said she didn't like the Afro centric elements of the book deeming it as being stereotypical because the little girl is black I think the previous reviewer was just uncomfortable with how much the story is steeped in blackness what's wrong with that? To clarify Mimi is the main character is a little African American girl coming from an African American family Mimi is special because she is the first born girl of her parents I believe that Mimi's grandmother hails from Africa due to her name M'bewe and the mention of having roots in Guinea The entire family is Afro centric and has great love and appreciation for music and dance often performing to music created by traditional African instrumentsview spoiler Mimi joins her Mother one day at an African dance class There Mimi notices another little girl named Sophie who dances wonderfully alongside her mother What strikes Mimi the most about this girl is the pretty green tutu she wears Mimi becomes jealous and begins to uestion her own dancing ability M'bewe notices Mimi's discontent and makes Mimi traditional African skirt or lapa along with a cowerie shell and bead belt Mimi wears it and dances alongside Sophie the next day they both admire one another and compliment each others skirt hide spoiler

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