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  1. RedemptionDenied RedemptionDenied says:

    Brilliant I enjoyed this as much as the first book I really hope Tim Curran decides to write Hive 3 as I'd really like know how it all endsthough judging by the first two books probably not good

  2. ᴥ Irena ᴥ ᴥ Irena ᴥ says:

    45 Hive 2 The Spawning is way better than its predecessor It is overwhelming though A lot happens here A lot This time the plot isn't only centred around one place or one group of people There is one primary station the Clime Station where most of the book takes place and a likeable protagonist Nicky Coyle who is not a scientist at all but a cook With him you have a group of people you really want to live through whatever is out there The book also takes you to various other places scattered around Antarctica with their own particular lovecraftian problems As I said a lot happens in this book Hive 2 The Spawning is an improved modern version of At the Mountains of Madness partly combined with The Dreams in the Witch House The author seamlessly incorporated witch stories with the horror of the Old Ones However this wouldn't be a Tim Curran story without gory details Some of it is pretty disgusting Something for everyone I even felt sorry for a view spoilerShoggoth hide spoiler

  3. Kaisersoze Kaisersoze says:

    A mixed bag of a second novel in the Hive series that nevertheless manages to be superior to its predecessor Hive The Spawning packs numerous nightmarish scenes of visceral horror in with far too many under developed characters that serve only to dilute the focus of what could have been a truly intense tale Instead the book suffers from a sputtering pace through the first two thirds of its bulk Feeling every bit of its 385 pages as a result and with a pay off that seems to act largely as a spring board to an as yet unpublished third novel The Spawning is nevertheless brimming with imagination as it breathes new life into H P Lovecraft's At the Mountains of Madness and will likely appeal to fans of cosmic horror J W Campbell's Who Goes There? and if I'm permitted to mix mediums John Carpenter's The Thing3 Parasitic Passengers for The Spawning

  4. Leigh Leigh says:

    Excellent follow up to Hive; actually better in many ways which rarely happens with seuels The writing is above par aside from the usual Kindle problems and it's lovely to have a novelist using 'big' words that make you reach for the dictionary rather than dumbing it down to the lowest common denominator Story aside both novels are full of interesting detail on Antarctic exploration and have made me appreciate the bravery strength and sheer doggedness of the early explorers in a way in which I never have before

  5. Johann Johann says:

    Great Seuel This takes place about 5 years after the first bookThe Great Old Ones are back and they continue their plan to reap what they have sowedCoyle is just a cook but he knows when things dont add up Especially with rumors of the station 5 years ago and how that was all swept under the rugBut now things seem less subtle and seem to be coming to a close Behold the end is nearCan be read as a standalone but do not recommend it Get Hive and then read this one Their both great

  6. Jeannie Sloan Jeannie Sloan says:

    What a wonderful bookIt seems that the author's writing reminds me very much like Lovecrafts' only betterIt's hard to explain what I mean by that but the prose is so full and ripeIt's just bursting through over the pagesIt's very good and interestingI wish I was a writer so I could tell you how much I loved this bookIt also was very scaryAlso I can see a third book in the Hive journey coming

  7. Dave Pope Dave Pope says:

    As with Book 1 Hive a difficult one to review I enjoyed both books but was glad when I was done with them This one is better than the first Book in the series in that there is a lot action and less description Perhaps I should have taken a break after Book 1 because taken as a whole the story kind of goes around and around and at times it was like I was reading a science text book about Alien architecture and Alien paleontologyNevertheless it was a good story similar in many ways to the movie The Thing which for me is an absolute horror classic

  8. Luvreading Luvreading says:

    The SpawningBook twothe seuel to The Hive is better than the first I'm happy to reportCurran toned down his descriptiveness cut some of the repetitiveness outand moved along smoothly in this seuelGrabs you right off the bat with a chilling beginningIf you love the arctic or antarctic and science fiction and horroryou will love this seuel

  9. Kevin Kevin says:

    For fans of 'At The Mountains Of Madness' Read 'Hive' first


    EnjoyableEnjoyablegood seuel to first volume can't decide if there will be a follow up but there should be Will watch for it

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The Spawning [Reading] ➿ The Spawning By Tim Curran – THE ICY DARKNESS SPAWNS A CRUEL HORRORAt an isolated research station in Antarctica a cosmologist experiences a singular horrifying encounter In the grip of an unforgiving snowstorm the members statio THE ICY DARKNESS SPAWNS A CRUEL HORRORAt an isolated research station in Antarctica a cosmologist experiences a singular horrifying encounter In the grip of an unforgiving snowstorm the members stationed at Mount Hobb confront a terror that will change the world Amidst threats of national security conspiracies and cover ups a new group of scientists at Polar Clime Base attempt to unravel an eldritch mystery that has remained locked away for billions of yearsHidden away in the shadows of glacial caves a malevolent intelligence that not only threatens the lives of those who discover it but also the future of the human race lies waiting Despite the dire warnings from the researchers at Polar Clime the National Science Foundation refuses to intervene leaving the inhabitants alone in preventing a final war for the very existence of humanityIn this riveting science fiction thriller the unforgiving landscape of the Antarctic is explored revealing the darkest place on Earth and the unknown menace that dwells beneath its iceDescription from back cover of trade paperback edition.

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