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Philosophy in Crisis: The Need for Reconstruction (Prometheus Lecture Series) ❮Read❯ ➭ Philosophy in Crisis: The Need for Reconstruction (Prometheus Lecture Series) Author Mario Bunge – Is philosophy dead Some philosophers have declared it to be so and judging by some of the mental acrobatics now fashionable in postmodernist circles a reasonable person might have to agree Though reco Is philosophy dead Some philosophers have declared it Crisis: The PDF ✓ to be so and judging by some of the mental acrobatics now fashionable in postmodernist circles a reasonable Philosophy in PDF/EPUB ² person might have to agree Though recognizing the moribund state of current academic philosophy Mario Bunge feels that this is a crisis from which the discipline can in Crisis: The PDF ↠ and will recover To overcome the impasse Bunge argues that it is necessary to reconstruct philosophy by building a philosophical system that addresses real world problems of in Crisis: The Need for PDF/EPUB ² everyday people in a clear comprehensible fashion The new system must be exact and compatible with contemporary science and technology Above all it should shun purely academic problemsThis book offers glimpses of such a system while avoiding technical jargon unfamiliar to the lay reader It is thus accessible to the average educated reader interested in such perennial philosophical concerns as What is matter What is mind What is the nature of society Are there limits to our knowledge What are the criteria for distinguishing genuine science from pseudoscience and How should human rights be balanced with moral obligations These uestions will always be of interest to thinking human beings says Bunge and philosophy rather than becoming a fruitless self referential academic game should be the main intellectual tool for exploring and clarifying such all important issues.

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  1. Noé Ajo caamaño Noé Ajo caamaño says:

    Es obvio para cualuiera ue conozca el asunto ue la filosofía sufre una crisis una crisis grave La hiperprofesionalización la ideología la obscuridad poetizante los pseudoproblemas intelectuales son solo algunos de los problemas en ue se enredan una y otra vez la mayoría de profesionales de la filosofía Mario Bunge se suma junto con otros pocos pero brillantes y autoexigentes filósofos al esfuerzo de devolver la filosofía al camino del conocimiento y rescatarla en particular del lodazal de los idealismos Un texto serio y esperanzador ue me ha emocionado intensamente Además M Bunge no está solo son bastantes los filósofos ue empiezan a tomarse en serio su vocación y embarcarse poco a poco en problemas relevantes de ontología etica gnoseología y ciencia ue asumen el materialismo científico como unica posibilidad de conocer desde un saludable escepticismo metodológico PD uizás me sume a este esfuerzo

  2. Tom Tom says:

    2 12 stars It pains me to give this such a low rating mostly because I largely agree with the outlook and style of philosophy it presents I also or less agree with the scientific materialism and cosmology of systemism it describes developed in the first few chapters Moreover it attacks the fashionable and postmodern philosophies which is always welcome However the title of the book is very misleading Only the last chapter actually deals with suggestions for reconstructing philosophy All the rest just appears to be a general overview of Bunge's philosophyThe biggest criticism I have is that since it's pretty much a general overview of a philosophy every chapter is necessarily shallow to some degree some so than others The chapter on ethics and values for instance is not only shallow but misinformed misleading and uninformative Ditto for the chapter on skepticism The book as a whole is oddly short too for a work that attempts to tackle such a wide array of subjects Also anytime Bunge talks about psychology or cognitive science he makes some blunder or other andor misrepresents something There are also certain stray assertions that are very causally made that seem almost laughable coming from someone who calls themselves a philosopher pg 109 Every sale of a rock music record contributes to the degradation of culture Um seriously?All in all I would not recommend this book I'm definitely going to check out some of Bunge's other works because there is some illuminating thought here but the book as a whole was a total letdown

  3. Carlos Puig Carlos Puig says:

    No leo muchos libros de filosofía Es un campo del ue no sé mucho y me asomo con respeto y cierto temor o reverencia No sé si en rigor este libro es de filosofía o sobre filosofía Pero da lo mismo Es un libro ue busca analizar críticamente el estado actual de la filosofía y hacernos ver la importancia del pensamiento filosófico Es un libro ue valora el conocimiento el aporte de las ciencias y el buen uso de la razón Mario Bunge expone con claridad y precisión Es una especie de hombre universal contemporáneo Demuestra en sus reflexiones un gran rigor intelectual afán didáctico espíritu crítico y pasión por el conocimiento y el progreso de la humanidad Este tipo de libro me gusta leerlo con calma con paciencia subrayando y meditando sus diversos planteamientos y apreciaciones Seguramente le seguiré dando vueltas a muchas de las ideas críticas y reflexiones ue Mario Bunge desarrolla con tanta maestría y convicción en este notable libro ue nos recuerda la importancia de la antigua reina de todos los saberes

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