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  1. Ian Ian says:

    This book is one I have read and re read many times since buying it on its release i'm currently on my 3rd copy having lent it out many times It never fails to make me angry at how America has interfered in world politics and caused the death of so many people through its fear of true democratic government The use of swimming pools of blood to show the death toll is truly imaginative and at the same time very scary anyone who thinks that America is the 'land of the free' needs to read this and open their eyes

  2. Steve Steve says:


  3. Paul Paul says:

    I laughed when reading the reviews on this book saying it would never be available to the US or Canada fact of the matter is you can easily find a cheap copy on ebay or an expensive one on let that be our little secret though and don't let the conspiracy theorists in on it ; Brought to Light Thirty Years of Drug Smuggling Arms Deals and Covert Action is an anthology of two political graphic novels published originally by Eclipse Comics in 1988 Both are based on material from lawsuits filed by the Christic Institute against the US Government The two stories are Shadowplay The Secret Team by Alan Moore and Bill Sienkiewicz and Flashpoint The LA Penca Bombing documented by Martha Honey and Tony Avirgan and adapted by Joyce Brabner and Tom Yeates Brought to Light was edited overall by Joyce Brabner Catherine Yronwode acted as executive editor and Eclipse publisher Dean Mullaney was the publication designerShadowplay The Secret Team written by Alan Moore and drawn by Bill Sienkiewicz with an introduction by Daniel Sheehan general counsel of TCI It covers the history of the Central Intelligence Agency and its controversial involvement in the Vietnam War the Iran Contra affair and its relationship with figures like Augusto Pinochet and Manuel Noriega The narrator of Shadowplay is an aging anthropomorphic American Eagle a bellicose retired CIA agent It was Moore's first major work which was not superhero oriented it was highly praised for its storytelling and Sienkiewicz's sometimes brutal art Moore received praise especially for blending the sometimes overwhelming mass of details into a coherent and effective story Over the years there have been rumours that Moore was unable to travel to America due to the CIA being annoyed at his story in Brought to Light However this was proved to be no than a rumour and the real reason was due to Moore not renewing his passport The story of Shadowplay is of an unseen character presumably representing the oblivious American public in first person view of the reader in a bar where he is approached by a man sized walking talking eagle The eagle from the emblem of the CIA proceeds to drink alcohol and in a drunken stupor divulge all the bloody details of The Agency's sordid past Early on a reference is made to the number of gallons an olympic swimming pool can hold and the fact that an adult human body has one gallon of blood; from then on the victims of CIA activities directly or indirectly are uantified in swimming pools filled with blood each pool representing 20000 dead Sienkiewicz's dark erratic and blurry images keep the mood of Moore's narration through the boozing eagle unnerving and hazily nightmarishFlashpoint The LA Penca Bombing is written by Joyce Brabner as told to her by Christic Institute clients Martha Honey and Tony Avirgan It deals with the La Penca bombing which happened during the civil war in Nicaragua in 1984 Credits for “Flashpoint” list Jonathan Marshall on the introduction Joyce Brabner writing and Thomas Yeates illustrating with letters by Bill Pearson and painting by Sam Parsons Martha Honey and Tony Avirgan are credited with having told the story to Joyce BrabnerIn the center is a two page feature by Paul Mavrides World Map of 30 Years of Covert Action detailing election tampering drug trafficking assassination and other known crimes committed by the CIA

  4. Davidgiglio Davidgiglio says:

    I have to laugh when people call this typical conspiracy nut view of CIA actions Of course all of the history is well documented the drug dealing uncovered by the late San Jose Mercury News reporter Gary Webb The bloody history of the CIA run Phoenix Program in Vietnam The secret war against Cuba exposed by the US Senate's Church Committee on Intelligence The only thing fake in this account is the talking eagle People can choose to ignore the history of their own country I guess Then be shocked shocked the next time we find out we're being spied on or get involved in a gruesome war that kills our family members and drains our national treasury

  5. Adam Adam says:

    As much as I love many of Alan Moore's complex narrative works this paranoid Cliffs Notes secret annals of the CIA is typical conspiracy nut junk history It's the sort of cynical fantasy work we've come to expect the far Left to crank out in its Intrigue Factories Fingers are pointed at the usual targets Nixon George Bush Sr etc while JFK in truth aggressively anti communist but also a liberal icon is given a free pass

  6. Alicedewonder Alicedewonder says:

    This book was not or ever will be for sale in the US Canada It is censored indirectly by the CIA and is the reason that The Christic Institution was suashed like a bug in the woven carpet of espionage lies crimes and drug dealings The ISBN is 1 85286 154 1 It cannot be purchased on the internet either so now ask yourself What other things are being restricted via the so called omniscient internet?

  7. Andrew Pixton Andrew Pixton says:

    A politically infuriating read if ever there was one The dark secrets of my country and these are only what we know about

  8. Mahatma Mahatma says:

    Why bother making a comic when form doesn’t fit the content This was literally words with pictures I’d rather read a novel instead

  9. SBW SBW says:

    spooky meticulously researched be good to see it back in print

  10. David Allison David Allison says:

    Two different delivery modes for the same information one built for effect one for clarity You may be free to ignore such details As is generally the case this privilege is not universal

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Brought to Light [Read] ➪ Brought to Light ➲ Alan Moore – Available for the first time on CD Alan Moore's stunning performance of the complete narrative of his 1988 graphic novel blended with Gary Lloyd's stark electro military composition Brought To Light i Available for the first time on CD Alan Moore's stunning performance of the complete narrative of his graphic novel blended with Gary Lloyd's stark electro military composition Brought to Light is based on the work of the Washington voluntary legal body The Christic Institute who claim that US Military and Brought to eBook ´ CIA officials have waged secret wars toppled governments trafficked in drugs assassinated political enemies and stolen from the US Government' Moore is the acclaimed author of comic books such as The Watchmen and V For Vendetta Lloyd is a highly respected composer.