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  1. Todd N Todd N says:

    Good overview of the Hadoop core I particularly liked the coverage of Hadoop Streaming which is handy if like me you are approaching Hadoop without a lot of Java experienceI prefer the O'Reilly book on Hadoop by Tom White to this book because the O'Reilly book goes into depth and has better coverage of the related projects However Hadoop In Action is excellent as an extended tutorial on Hadoop with clear examplesI also liked the way that you can register the book and get multiple electronic formats for the book

  2. Frank Palardy Frank Palardy says:

    Didn't understand this at the time Does a good job explaining

  3. Yilmaz Aksoy Yilmaz Aksoy says:

    Eski bir sürüm için ve çabucak fikir sahibi olmak için okunabilir Benim de hedefim buydu Yer yer kitaptaki şeyleri deneyemedim çünkü sistemi apache'nin planladığı şekilde kurmayı beceremedim Şimdi bir de kurulum üzerine bir kitap okumayı deneyeyim Bu sistem üzerine ilginç ve kullanabileceğim teknikler var gerçekten de

  4. Paul Childs Paul Childs says:

    Read this book to find out what Hadoop is since we are going to start using it at work I found the chapters the introductory chapters pretty useful in getting an idea of that Hadoop can do and the chapter on how to manage a Hadoop cluster was helpful tooMuch of the book has to do with using MapReduce programming to work with the data that Hadoop will store Since this was not my main interest I only skimmed some of that since I wouldn't be using it anyway The book was very well written thoughWhen actually following through the processes he describes though to set up a hadoop cluster nothing seems to actually work the way that it is described in the book It has been a frustrating experience setting this up and the book hasn't made the actual process any easier

  5. M Sheik Uduman Ali M Sheik Uduman Ali says:

    Lam explained the theory behind Hadoop very well The environment settings and running examples are actually scattered on Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 This would not be the best way for the beginners When you crossed Chapter 5 you would definitely very handful in Hadoop This is one good point about this book The US Patent example make me but uncomfortable

  6. Vadim Vadim says:

    uite interesting to read even if you do not intend to use Hadoop on a daily basis It describes the map reduce way of thinking and some real world usage examples Hadoop extensions described Pig Latin and Hive are also particularly interesting

  7. Brijesh Bolar Brijesh Bolar says:

    The best book to get up and running with Hadoop As a beginner I found Hadoop the Definitive Guide very intimidating so this book gave me a head start Reading Definitive Guide after reading Hadoop in Action and digging in some Map Reduce code on CDH4 was easier

  8. Harit Himanshu Harit Himanshu says:

    nice book gives to head start

  9. Cristofer Cristofer says:

    By now it is pretty outdated because of the new API but you can still learn about mapreduce and HDFS reading this book

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Hadoop in Action ⚣ [PDF] ✅ Hadoop in Action By Chuck Lam ✰ – Thomashillier.co.uk Hadoop in Action teaches readers how to use Hadoop and write MapReduce programs The intended readers are programmers architects and project managers who have to process large amounts of data offline H Hadoop in Action teaches readers how to use Hadoop and write MapReduce programs The intended readers are programmers architects and project managers who have to process large amounts of data offline Hadoop in Action will lead the reader from obtaining a copy of Hadoop to setting it Hadoop in Epub / up in a cluster and writing data analytic programsThe book begins by making the basic idea of Hadoop and MapReduce easier to grasp by applying the default Hadoop installation to a few easy to follow tasks such as analyzing changes in word freuency across a body of documents The book continues through the basic concepts of MapReduce applications developed using Hadoop including a close look at framework components use of Hadoop for a variety of data analysis tasks and numerous examples of Hadoop in Action Hadoop in Action will explain how to use Hadoop and present design patterns and practices of programming MapReduce MapReduce is a complex idea both conceptually and in its implementation and Hadoop users are challenged to learn all the knobs and levers for running Hadoop This book takes you beyond the mechanics of running Hadoop teaching you to write meaningful programs in a MapReduce frameworkThis book assumes the reader will have a basic familiarity with Java as most code examples will be written in Java Familiarity with basic statistical concepts eg histogram correlation will help the reader appreciate the advanced data processing examples Purchase of the print book comes with an offer of a free PDF ePub and Kindle eBook from Manning Also available is all code from the book.

  • Paperback
  • 325 pages
  • Hadoop in Action
  • Chuck Lam
  • English
  • 27 November 2014
  • 9781935182191