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  • Paperback
  • 205 pages
  • Sherlock Holmes vs Dracula
  • Loren D. Estleman
  • English
  • 23 November 2014
  • 9781596872691

10 thoughts on “Sherlock Holmes vs Dracula

  1. Bobby Underwood Bobby Underwood says:

    This is a tremendously fun book to read for those who enjoy the old fashioned Rathbone and Bruce films of the 1940s or those who enjoyed Sherlock Holmes in the days when radio ruled the airwaves Light and fun with plenty of atmosphere Estleman has written a book which has great appeal to the aforementioned group and young adults Dracula fans may also enjoy it Some Conan Doyle fans — but by no means all of them — might find this sort of crossover story a bit of a stretchHolmes and Watson become involved in the Sanguinary Count's attempt to leave Transylvania and make England his home in this fun adventure This is Doctor Watson's account of Sherlock Holmes's heretofore untold part in the Dracula saga written to rectify this important omission in Stoker's account at the specific reuest of Professor Van Helsing A sense of fun and adventure saturate the pages of Estleman's fun but not to be taken too seriously storyFrom the moment a ship is discovered off the English coast with no crew aboard except a dead captain with unusual puncture marks on his neck and a cargo full of Transylvanian earth Holmes and Watson know this is going to be no ordinary case Reluctant at first to believe in the possibility of vampires Holmes and an even skeptical Watson may finally be forced to accept the existence of the undeadWhen the London duo track down the Bloofer Lady through the strange abduction of children who are later found alive but disoriented from blood loss the lady in uestion turns out to be none other than Lucy Westerna More shocking however is our favorite duo witnessing her impalement by Van Helsing Harker and the gang from Bram Stoker's Dracula Van Helsing is disturbed to discover that the great detective knows much about him and his companions than he initially thought Forced to fill in Holmes on the Dracula legend Van Helsing dismisses his offer of help nonetheless Holmes and Watson then continue their pursuit alone in this marvelously fun account of the chaseMore than one dangerous encounter with the evil Count ensues as they close in and someone Watson loves dearly becomes a pawn in a very deadly game indeed Watson's bravery and the help of the Baker Street Irregulars play no small part in this fast and fun read A boat chase near the conclusion is a particular highlight and offers fun for those who just go with the narrative I would definitely recommend this for young adults and old time radio fans but purists of the original Conan Doyle might not be as enadWhile I normally loathe a continuation of a series character by a writer other than the original especially if it comes too uickly on the heels of their death enough time has passed that this one does not feel like a continuation but rather an affectionate nod to Conan Doyle and his creation That being said the game is afoot and time is of the essence for some afternoon fun with this one

  2. Jaya Jaya says:

    Listened to the BBC audio of Sherlock Holmes vs Dracula where John Moffatt is playing Holmes who incidentally also did the voiceover for Poirot So there'l be times when I would not know whether its the voice of Poirot or Holmes talking Add to the confounded confusion Van Helsing Dracula and the lot I was pretty much Pretty lame uaint as far as the plot goes Nothing to write home about15 blah stars

  3. HBalikov HBalikov says:

    Holmes “You are still skeptical?”Watson “I am always skeptical but I admit that I am not as sure of my ground as I was It would be pushing the law of averages too far to suggest that everyone we have spoken to in connection with this case is suffering from the same delusions”“It would be a most amazing coincidence” agreed my friend“At the same time all my scientific training rebels against the notion of Supernatural beings that rise from their graves at night to feed upon the blood of the living and command fog and storms to cover their tracks”So “the game’s afoot” But I am the one who enters it being skeptical Is this merely an attempt to shake some coins from a gullible audience in the manner of Superman vs Batman or Alien vs Predator?Well my friends I am reporting that this book is a fine addition to the Holmes casebook I don’t want to disclose anything of the plot that you cannot already surmise from the title It is taught; compelling; and almost pitch perfect “I shuddered ‘And what eyes More a beast than those of a man’‘I uite agree A most savage and cunning beast is Count Dracula whose fangs and claws are all the dangerous because of the mighty brain which directs them It is with hesitancy that I contemplate his destruction’I frowned disapprovingly ‘I have never know you to be hesitant in the face of danger Holmes’‘Not for myself Watson It is for your wonderful wife that I fear I do not wish to make her a widow before her time’”I don’t know anything about the rest of this series but this book bodes well for it

  4. C.O. Bonham C.O. Bonham says:

    I thought this novel was great A warning to anyone who hasn't read it yet I do recomend reading Bram Stoker's Dracula first If you have never read it before read it now it will provide a lot of context that you otherwise would be missing out on Also if you have picked up this book please be familiar with the Sherlock Holmes stories as written by Conan Doyle Estleman does an excelent job of copying the good Doctor's Dr Doyle that is writing style and you need to be able to appreciate that factAnd on that note I congradulate Mr Estleman for staying so close to Stoker's novel Instead of just writing a parody of the two classic Characters his novel provides added depth and really stays true to images that the reader fell in love with A lot of the action in this novel is concerned mostly with the uestion of What was Dracula doing during all of that time Londen? The answer is trying to stay one step ahead of the world's greatest detectiveNow I can't wait find Dr Jekyll and Mr Holmes I have high hopes that it will be eualy as good

  5. Alex Bledsoe Alex Bledsoe says:

    This Sherlockian pastiche pits the great detective against Count Dracula in a sort of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead approach that sees Holmes and Watson operating parallel to the plot of the Stoker novel interacting with it only indirectly and infreuently While this prevents the ultimate Victorian buddy cop relationship of Holmes and Van Helsing it does allow this novel to read like a Holmes story and less like a patch job of disparate styles Partly it's due to vintage Holmes was still under copyright when this was written and the estate had to approve his use Partly it's due to skill author Loren Estleman knows what he's doing and recreates Conan Doyle's voice pretty much spot on And partly it's due to the simple power of the idea I found this much satisfying that the sprawling REVENGE OF THE HOUND I read recently because the focus remained tight and the stakes clear Plus as a huge fan of Stoker's novel I was delighted to find that nothing contradicted or negated it All in all you could do much worse and there are plenty of Holmes meets Dracula stories out there to prove it

  6. Juli Juli says:

    I am not usually a fan of classic movie remakes or books based on the original'' In my experience most are a disappointment But I am also a fair person for the most part That makes me willing to give new slants on classics a chance before slamming a book shut or shutting a movie offSherlock Holmes is one of my favorite characters from classic literature Over the years I have enjoyed his original exploits with Dr Watson many times loving Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's antiuated turn of phrase and Sherlock's slightly snobby banter with Watson And I've seen the characters portrayed in many movies and television shows Sometimes I have loved these film versions Sherlock and others I have not enjoyed Elementary I always hesitate to read stories featuring Sherlock that are not penned by Conan Doyle himself I automatically doubt that a revisit could match the feel and style of the originalWellI am also able to admit when I'm wrongFinding The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes Holmes Vs Dracula as an offering on my local library's digital site I must admit chuckling that I would need a bottle of wine to go with the cheese But my determination to not act like a book snob overpowered my inclination to click right past this book I did wonder how many eyerolls I could manage during a fight between Holmes and a bloodthirsty Transylvanian vampire The minute I started reading however I must admit discovering my preconceived notions had been unfair Loren D Estleman actually is uite masterful at writing in the style and manner of the original I couldn't stop reading The story is a mirror of events in Bram Stoker's Dracula starting with the wreck of the Demeter with the addition of Sherlock Holmes investigating the matter BeautifulI am sorry that I assumed it would be a cheese fest Estleman's writing is not a litany to dairy products but rather a really good homage to Sherlock and Dracula Andeven betterthere are several books in this Further Adventures of'' series two of them written by Estleman I'm going to read Estleman's second Sherlock adventure first before delving into the other writers in this series but I'm willing to have an open mind and try new Holmes adventures Estleman has also written a book of short stories featuring Sherlock Holmes The Perils of Sherlock Holmes Most of his books are westerns or crime novels I will definitely be reading of his workThe Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes Holmes Vs Dracula is a uick read at 224 pages It was originally published by Penguin in 1978 It was republished by Titan Books in 2012 as part of the Further Aventures'' series The pacing is great The writing style is very authentic I'm impressed Estleman also wrote Dr Jekyll and Mr Holmes in 1980 This book has also been re released as part of the Futher Adventures series of books It's definitely on my wish listThere are 25 books in the Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes series published by Titan Books The paperbacks are high uality and the cover art is awesome Their homepage also lists several other series featuring Sherlock Mycroft and even Moriarty I must investigate further To find out about The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes the authors writing the series and the other Sherlock related offerings from Titan check out their website wwwtitanbookscom The game is afoot Much reading ahead

  7. David David says:

    Yet another mashup in which Holmes is essentially a bystander observing the events of the other novel He’s a bit involved in this than he was in War of the Worlds or Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde but still Overall rating blech

  8. Jaime Jaime says:

    I have become a fan of the author Loren D Estleman because he can craft renewed and fresh stories by combining existing tales and fleshing out his characters He has a fluid narrative style and engaging multi dimensional characters In this novel he gives us an edgier Dr Watson a slightly arrogant Sherlock Holmes an obsessed Dr Van Helsing and a conniving Count Dracula Holmes is pulled into the world of literary Dracula novel when a reporter asks for his assistance and soon has a formidable mystery and murders confronting him The final ? confrontation with Count Dracula is perfectly constructed The introduction of Holmes' favorite bloodhound Toby adds a nice touch to the personality of Holmes The author does take several liberties with the Dracula characters from the original Bram Stoker novel The novel builds to a crescendo and the ending is uite good even though the author leaves the possibility of a future encounter Overall the novel was satisfying mysteryhorror novel

  9. Soňa Soňa says:

    Dramatization of the book by BBC Radio It was a pleasant hear though at some moments the sound was not stable I know you should be able to distinguish the distance and so on however there were moments where I had to turn the volume to the top and suddenly drop it to be able to hear everything What I liked was great pace and drama in it as well as additional sounds adding to the story

  10. Laura Laura says:

    From BBC Radio 4 ExtraThe Baker Street sleuth takes on the sanguinary Count Loren D Estleman's thriller stars John Moffatt and Timothy West

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Sherlock Holmes vs Dracula❮Reading❯ ➽ Sherlock Holmes vs Dracula Author Loren D. Estleman – After a mysterious schooner runs aground in an English harbor with no human passengers only the dead captain drained of blood a series of bizarre nocturnal crimes takes place in London It can only be After a mysterious schooner runs aground in an English harbor with no human passengers only the dead captain drained of blood a series of bizarre nocturnal crimes takes place in London It can only be the work of Count Dracula and only one man can save the city the great Sherlock Holmes.