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Batman Begins The Junior Novel [Download] ➾ Batman Begins The Junior Novel ➹ Peter Lerangis – Go back to the beginning When the mysterious origins of Batman's background are explained Scholastic will be there with books based on the new movie Batman BeginsThe origin of Batman is revealed for t Go back to The Junior PDF/EPUB ä the beginning When the mysterious origins of Batman's background are explained will be there with books based on the new movie Batman BeginsThe Batman Begins ePUB ½ origin of Batman is revealed for the first time—and this novelization of the movie Batman Begins will catch every moment of excitement about Gotham City's most mysterious crimefighter.

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  1. Doughboy Doughboy says:

    Batman begins The book I just finished was called batman begins If you did not know batman is a comic book character and the book is based on the movie The book starts off with the main character Bruce Bruce is a young boy growing up with his family who are rich trying to change their town from bad to good Bruce ends up getting a fear of bats from falling into an old cave One day Bruce’s parents take him to a opera with bats Bruce soon gets scared and ask to leave When they are outside someone robs and kills his parents From this he gets older in the next few years and decide he wants revenge over his parents death after it doesn’t work out he leaves and moves to a foreign country There after being an outcaste he received training in the art of stealth He soon realizes that he needs to go back home to help the city of gothom and rid it of its evilness Bruce turns into batman and tries to save his city but he has to pick a choice on whether to revenge his parents’ death or protect the city that he loves This book as everyone knows was based off the most resent batman movie Batman was a old TV show and a comic book hero The author wrote the book for the people who couldn’t see the movie The tone of the book is hate action and some suspense which makes a great book The book is good for people who like action Batman is a classic hero comic book and movie

  2. Simon Torres Simon Torres says:

    the book Batman Begins was about a child Bruce Wayne falls into a well where he is attacked by a swarm of bats; he subseuently develops a fear of bats While watching an opera with his parents Bruce is frightened by performers masuerading as bats and asks to leave Outside the family is targeted by a mugger Joe Chill who murders Bruce's parents leaving him to be raised by the family butler Alfred PennyworthFourteen years later Chill is freed in exchange for testifying against Gotham City mafia boss Carmine Falcone Bruce intends to murder Chill in revenge but one of Falcone's assassins does so first Bruce's childhood friend assistant district attorney Rachel Dawes berates him for attempting to undermine the legal system telling Bruce that his father would be ashamed Bruce confronts Falcone in a nightclub where Falcone demonstrates that real power comes from being feared Bruce decides to travel the world learning new skills and abilities to confront injustice In Bhutan he meets Henri Ducard who offers to train him as a member of the League of Shadows led by Ra's al Ghul After completing his training and purging his fears Bruce learns the League intends to destroy Gotham believing it to be corrupt and beyond saving having done so with other cities for centuries Bruce rejects their crusade and causes a fire that burns down the League's temple

  3. Jess Farrar Jess Farrar says:

    I found myself caught up in the comic book style action scenes Other than that I personally didn't enjoy the book However a fifth grader who loves Batman would probably enjoy the fast paced style The book is full of cliches yet it does provide many action verbs and colorful adjectives It also provides a good study into writing style A good activity for kids would be to write their own spin off in similar style For these reasons I think it has literary merit

  4. Jerome Jerome says:

    An intriguing well written and suspenseful novelization of Batman Begins even if it has too many cliches The writing has a flowing mature feel to it but it can get a little melodramatic at timesEasy enjoyable and readable even if the movie is better duh

  5. Jebin Jebin says:

    A friend gifted this book to me in 2006 I loved it

  6. AKHIL TP4 AKHIL TP4 says:

    If you've watched the movie Batman beginsand u wanna watch it again well I recommend this book cuz you can save your time ps movie is better

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