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Little Children [Reading] ➿ Little Children Author Tom Perrotta – Tom Perrotta's thirtyish parents of young children are a varied and surprising bunch There's Todd the handsome stay at home dad dubbed The Prom King by the moms at the playground and his wife Kathy a Tom Perrotta's thirtyish parents of young children are a varied and surprising bunch There's Todd the handsome stay at home dad dubbed The Prom King by the moms at the playground and his wife Kathy a documentary filmmaker envious of the connection Todd has forged with their toddler son And there's Sarah a lapsed feminist surprised to find she's become a typical wife in a traditional marriage and her husband Richard who is becoming and involved with an internet fantasy life than with his own wife and child And then there's Mary Ann who has life all figured out down to a scheduled roll in the hay with her husband every Tuesday at nine PMThey all raise their kids in the kind of uiet suburb where nothing ever seems to happen until one eventful summer when a convicted child molester moves back to town and two parents begin an affair that goes further than either of them could ever have imagined.

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  1. Deanna Deanna says:

    The movie adaptation of this book was on TV recently which reminded me that I had read this book uite some time ago Little Children focuses on couples in their thirties living in a uiet Boston suburb where nothing really happens One summer all of that changes when a convicted pedophile moves into the neighborhoodSarah and RichardSarah was once a radical feminist She never thought she would be where she is or who she is today a common housewife Her husband Richard secludes himself in his study ignoring his wife and child as he becomes and involved with internet pornKathy and ToddKathy is a successful documentary filmmaker Her husband Todd stays at home taking care of their toddler son Kathy feels like she is missing out and is envious of the connection Todd has with their son She continuously pressures Todd to take the bar exam he doesn't tell her he doesn't want to be a lawyer He tells his wife he is out studying for the exam but instead tries to relive his youth watching a bunch of kids skateboarding Mary Ann and LouisMary Ann thinks the key to life is to have everything scheduled down to the minute This includes scheduling sex with her husband Louis every Tuesday evening at nine pmWhen Ronald McGorvey convicted sex offender moves into the neighborhood the residents are angry Especially retired cop Larry Three years ago something happened while on duty that ended up forcing him into early retirement His wife and kids have left him He decides to take it upon himself to rid the neighborhood of Ronald or Ronnie To get out of the house Sarah starts hanging around the playground with her daughter Lucy Todd has also been bringing his son to the same playground All of the other mothers think Todd is gorgeous and refer to him as Prom King One day the mothers dare Sarah to walk up to Todd and ask for his phone number Things go even farther and soon the two of them are scheduling play dates for both their children and themselves I read this book over ten years ago I clearly remember reading the synopsis of the book and laughing because there were a few similarities to my life At the time I was still married and both my husband and I were in our thirties My husband's name was also Todd and he was staying at home to take care of our daughter I wasn't a famous filmmaker but I was working full time and I remember feeling like I was missing out on raising my child And bizarrely sometimes when I picked up my daughter from school some women would ask where my husband Hot Toddy was Anyhow back to the book I really enjoyed seeing how the lives of the characters intertwined throughout the novel I thought they were uite well developed Some of the characters were just perfect in their unlike ability The bitchy playground mothers were so well written as were many of the other characters The writer shows how flawed any of us can be How we can all make a bad choice or give into temptation We don't all behave perfectly all the time I'm not saying that everyone is going to give into their temptation but we'd be surprised probably to find out what really happens in some of our neighbors lives A lot of references to Madame Bovary in the book At the beginning the women are reading it for their book club Mary Ann Oh that's nice So now cheating on your husband makes you a feminist?Sarah Pierce No no no It's not the cheating It's the hunger the hunger for an alternative and the refusal to accept a life of unhappiness I really enjoyed the dark humor and thought it was a good uick and interesting read Lots of food for thought with this one Perfect for book clubs

  2. Steven Godin Steven Godin says:

    This was like if Richard Yates or Raymond Carver had written a suburban psychological drama bordering on chick lit but with added intelligence covered with a dusting of dark satire Little Children is primarily about lackluster marriages adultery and child raising in typical American upper and middle class suburbia Oh and there is a sex offender in here tooWe have Sarah absent minded mother of Lucy who is member of a reading group and the mommy tribe that meet at the local playground though she kind of despises them Herself and husband Richard haven't been intimate for months as he'd rather be sat in his office sniffing a pair of dirty panties that he ordered through the post from Slutty Kay his online infatuationThere is Todd nicknamed the Prom King by local women husband of Kathy who looks after their 3 year old son during the day whilst Kathy works And it's at the park that he first meets Sarah who is just waiting for a decent kind good looking man to put some excitement back into her life because she isn't going to get it from Richard Sarah begins to imagine a life with Todd a former campus hunk and high school football hero who has always had his pick of the women To his surprise though despite Kathy being a stunner Todd finds himself eually drawn to the plain looking Sarah She diverts his attention from his desultory efforts to study for the bar exam he has already failed twiceAn affair was always on the table Or the washing machine as it turned outAnd with added pressure from his wife who is a documentary filmmaker she thinks it's about time he was the one bringing home the biggest pay packet so she can finally play mommy The view here of families in the eyes of Perrotta's men and women are those of contemptible alliances of boredom and of disappointment Every spouse feels the need to escape though it usually ends up as some sort of new domestic arrangement that proves futile in their anguished hopes of starting afresh So now we come to Ronald James McGorvey who returns to the neighbourhood after a three year stint in prison for having exposed himself to a girlNow you might think Perrotta treats this guy with total contempt but he doesn'tFrom the neighbours and mothers in the book yes but not from the writer All main characters receive Perrotta's wry affection and McGorvey gets it too There are some really tender moments in the book including moments between Ronnie and his elderly mother who he moves back in with after prison She loves her son and sees him as someone who is suffering an illness rather than believing he is an evil monster and tries to help him as best she can And as much as I tried to fight it it was difficult not to have sympathy for him and her in the end What I liked a lot about this novel is that Perrotta humanizes without sentimentalizing and pulls off being uite cold blooded at times but yet he is so full of warm feelings for his main characters Through the linked events that occur Perrotta delivers a really satisfying ending to his narrative which is crowned by a deeply touching and ironic scene which takes place at the same playground where Sarah first felt attracted to the dashing Prom KingThe dialogue here is really astute and so genuine depending on the situation each character finds themselves in and with some really good interior monologues these characters feel so real they could uite easily just be living down the road Everything seemed to move along at a jolly old pace too which was a surprise to me so I felt compelled to just get on and finish the thing in as little amount of time as possible Another reason not to drag it out is that I knew what was coming anyway having seen the 2006 movie a few times I'd put movie which really impressed me at least on a par with the novel

  3. Bren Bren says:

    “After all what was adult life but one moment of weakness piled on top of another? Most people just fell in line like obedient little children doing exactly what society expected of them at any given moment all the while pretending that they’d actually made some sort of choice” ― Tom Perrotta Little ChildrenWhat happens when your bored and disillusioned? When the flatness of the days mold themselves into your soul and you are not SAD just indifferent?And you think is this all there is?I have read two of Perrotta's books and loved both of them He does have a way of creating bleakness and atmosphere in a really realistic mannerAnywayLittle Children is about the daily grind of life in the suburbs It kind of reminds me of a bit of one of my all time favorite books 'revolutionary Road While I do not like this as much it is still an incredible storyThe characters created are achingly real And love them or hate them they are drawn so vividly I was deeply moved by the story of boredom silent angst and wrong choices which can result in tragic turns of events as well all knowI do seem to be drawn to these types of stories I love the psychological components that often accompany books like this I had the opportunity to read several reviews and many said the film was better I agree slightly but I think that is because the cast in the film gave such incredible performances With his other bookElection which was also a movie I disliked the film and loved the bookFor fans of Literary Fiction this is a great pick and it would also be perfect for book groups as there really is so much to talk about

  4. Jeremy Jeremy says:

    Tom Perrotta is usually very fun to read I'm pretty sure I've read all his books and I typically polish them off meaning I read them not eat them; you should not eat books within the day which for me is impressive A dinette set could finish a marathon with time to spare well before I complete a book but Perrotta's voice is easygoing and funny and a master at pacing if you ask me so I happily breeze right through But Little Children for which he has arguably received the most attention is in no way his best book Now I still finished it in a day or two so at least it's not boring I got the impression that Perrotta felt like he was making this ostensibly mind blowing point about the parent child relationship wanting us to sit down with our head in our hands and murmur My God my child is not the child but I the parent am really the child although my child is the child as well but only because nature has forced him to be a child whereas I the parent a supposed adult have no such excuse for my childish behavior and yet I remain a child a child who has a child I'm calling DHS on myself Thank you Tom Perrotta I hate to think of him snapping his fingers and declaring Aha I will name my book 'Little Children' That's perfect Because it involves little children like real actual children but really it's about the little children in all of us Because that's all we are Everyone Honey Honey? Where are you? Honey are you in the bathroom? Where are you? Honey? Jesus there you are How can you stand the TV that loud? I just figured it out Guess what I'm calling the book? 'Little Children' It means two thingsI guess if you had never read any of his stuff in the past this book might seem pretty good and where it was the first novel of his to really spend much time on the charts it seems likely to me that better than usual marketing coupled with the fact that on the whole young parents seem to like to read books is the most viable explanation for the novel's comparatively runaway success Worst of all is the ending which is just really really stupid Didn't like the movie much either

  5. Kelly (and the Book Boar) Kelly (and the Book Boar) says:

    Find all of my reviews at case you haven’t seen me brag about it before are unaware I work a couple of blocks away from this beauty ^^^^That’s just the parking garageSo I can go check out books conveniently during my lunch hour There’s also the porny library up in the ‘burbs that gives me the hookup on all of my scientific research projects Since Fall has finally fallen and the temps are no longer in the bazillions I’ve taken it upon myself to walk down to the ol’ bibliotech a time or two – and since I’m a farking crack addict I now have FIFTEEN physical books checked out in addition to a bunch of e copies and eleventy thousand galleys Added bonus since I suck at reviewing I have actually read a few of these already but keep getting distracted by suirrels the convenience of Kindle notes rather than the inconvenience of post it notes so now I’m all like Basically what all that amounts to is you should expect an even shittier review than I generally puke out Okay so do you ever have a lifetime phase where you are kind of like this And then you take a new job in your company and for the first time in 10 years you are supposed to interact with others and it is extremely people y and you just want to scream But you’re trying to pretend you’re almost normal and that would totally blow your cover and so you bottle up all of your annoyance until you get home and then you flip out on your husband about shit like And then you finally come to the conclusion that you need to give yourself a time out If the above has ever happened to you I highly suggest reading a book that confirms In order to feel better about yourself Little Children seriously delivered We’re talking affairs and secret internet fetishes and a real over achieving PITA supermom you want to punch in the throat and a child molester It probably goes without saying these were all Mitchell’s type of people A solid 4 Stars that worked so well it took me almost a whole month to get back to my typical approach to life Even my friend Deanna liked this one and she is pretty much the nicest person ever so now you know you don’t have to be a total psychopath like me in order to enjoy it

  6. B the BookAddict B the BookAddict says:

    Tom Perrotta appeared in my library's Who Writes Like file when I entered Richard Russo's name Personally I don't see the resemblance; Perrotta has none of Russo's wonderfully wry wit nevertheless Little Children was a worthwhile albiet uick read Yes this is a satire but not a laugh out loud one for me Infidelity a knicker sniffing husband a convicted child molester an unfulfilled housewife a retired cop with a penchant for violence but not too much actually about the 'little children'; it's an interesting mix As I've discovered in his other novels Perrotta likes to talk about moral dilemmas and he put this reader in the moral dilemma of actually pitying a child molester and that did shake me up a lot Perrotta writes with a sharp intuition into the human condition; this is an interesting sometimes compelling novel 35★

  7. Carol Carol says:

    This has got to be the first time in my entire life that I thought the movie version of something was better than the book Yes I saw the movie first and perhaps that influenced me But man Tom Perrotta is a crappy writer I felt like he was just punching a clock here so much of the writing was dull cliched and lifeless Not only that the movie managed to create complexity in the characters where the book did not For instance the movie actually managed to make me feel sorry for a child molester Not the book I also felt like the book completely failed to create a believable bond between the parents and children in the story I'm a stay at home mom and I completely get that staying home can be tough some days it's brutal in fact I have no problem seeing that portrayed in fiction; it can be done well But the book does nothing to convince us that the main characters give even the slightest damn about their childrenIt's a first for me for sure but this is one case where the screenplay writer was a better artist than the novelist

  8. Caroline Caroline says:

    Perrotta got it just right in this expertly written examination of suburban ennui and disillusionment Little Children focuses on some young married with children couples and how they interact with each other in both private and public ways It's sometimes uncomfortable and a touch sad and that's what makes it so great there's real truth here Scenes at a public pool work especially well to highlight the suburbanness of these characters' lives Anyone who's ever wondered This is it? when pondering their mundane lives may find Little Children uite resonant

  9. Timothy Urges Timothy Urges says:

    A character study of regretful adults All reverting back to childhood with their desires and deeds What do you do when you are unhappy with the choices you have made up to this point in your life? You seek an escape That is what this novel is about One of my recurring complaints about books in general is product placement Ignoring my anti consumerist attitude this was a good read The ending was perfect

  10. Cher Cher says:

    45 stars Incredible I really loved itEssentially this is a very cynical book that explores the various forms selfishness can take through the viewpoints of several deeply flawed characters living in suburbia If you don't count the measly 5% I read the night I started this one then I read it in one day not wanting to put it down Apparently there is a movie based on it that I need to check out now Loved this one and think it is a book that begs to be discussed in a group But be warned if you must like the main characters to enjoy a book like feel good novels or prefer a neat and happy ending then this is not the book for you Favorite uote She would be a mentor and an inspiration to girls like herself the uiet ones who'd sleepwalked their way through high school knowing nothing except that they couldn't possibly be happy with any of the choices the world seemed to be offering them First Sentence The young mothers were telling each other how tired they were

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