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  1. Dangermousie Dangermousie says:

    Oh Lisa Kleypas why?I am fast coming to the conclusion that I don't care for most of Kleypas' stuff outside of her Hathaways and Wallflowers series How one woman can write two series so good and the rest so not is a mystery But even with that Only With Your Love is a whole other kettle of fish I mean what woman wouldn't want a true love who is a rapist pirate twin of your kinda dead husband?UGH I don't read too many older romances so I have been pretty lucky at avoiding hero on heroine rape that romances used to be so fond of 20 years ago only a rare book nowadays ventures into that territory like Anna Campbell's Claiming the Courtesan but at least in that one the hero is portrayed as deeply disturbed damaged and not right in the head and the heroine doesn't get over it lickety split It still makes me want to stab something but at least the author realizes that sort of behavior is not the norm And the fact that I even have to give points for that is insane But yes Hero I use the term loosely is a pirate who purchases the new widow of his sibling and promptly proceeds to rape her As one does I'd think even if the idea of rape wouldn't give him pause loyalty to his apparently nice dead sibling would but no that would not be macho It's OK though you guys heroine totally has a good time once she gets over her resistance and the whole 'clawing his face off doesn't work' thingUGHHHHHHHETA I do not get the allure of pirates Two words crotch lice

  2. Azet Azet says:

    Every touch of yours was heaven and hell I thought about putting my hands around your neck and throttling the life out of you—anything to stop you from becoming necessary to me But it’s too late now You’re mine and you have only yourself to blame You made yourself mine” Justin VallerandA thrilling Bodice ripper that delivers swashbuckling Adventures with the Anti heroic Vallerand male i fell in love with in the former bookIn this seuel Only With Your Love he has become a lethal and feared pirate known as Captain Griffin who lives the uncaring life of a paganHe finds his soulmate in his deceased twin brothers wifeCelia Vallerand and takes her innocence without knowing she will change his life foreverCelia Vallerand hated Justin with reason and i couldn`t fault her for thatI mean the forced seduction scene while she was seriously grieving made me despise Justin for his selfish behaviourGOD i could never have forgiven him for itCelia and Justin were so oppositeshe was a calm rational being while he was anything but civilisedBut togetherthey simply fit into one great puzzle of yearningdesire and a powerful love neither wanted nor expectedI think Justin Vallerand must be the most pagan hero Kleypas have ever written except for Sebastian in Devil in WinterThere was a great restless energy about himhe gave out the haunting feelings of a vicious animalHe could killsteal and even take the innocence of his dead brothers wife without any shame or guiltHe took what he wanted and it didn`t matter what it did to anyone elseBut it was his love for Celia that grounded him and made him humanSince his heart was so much distanced from humanityhe is a man who can only love once and for alwaysEveryone living in the Vallerand Plantation could sense a certain attachment between Justin and CeliaI love that even when there was a instant sorching attraction between the twothey gradually started to love each otherIt was agonizingsweethilarious and so so incredibly beautiful to watchDespite their faults i came to love Celia and Justin and the epiluge made me sigh with happinessI am so glad for their deserved happy ever after

  3. KatieV KatieV says:

    I liked this but didn't think it had the magic of Kleypas' later works Many of her Victorian era England novels are favorite re reads of mine but I doubt I'll revisit this Very early in her career Kleypas dabbled in the bodice ripper genre so prevalent at that time I don't know if she was still developing her writing skills or if that genre just isn't her forte Possibly bothI love some of the older bodice rippers but this was just a 'like' for me If you want a bodice ripper with Creoles in pre Civil war Louisiana I suggest Jennifer BlakeWhy wasn't this a 'love'? I'm not uite sure I can express it or put my finger on it There were things that didn't seem well developed or explainable The story was interesting if not original The hero is the identical twin of the heroine's husband If you've read the first book you figure this out immediately so I don't think I'm spoiling anything for anyone The heroine was traveling from her native France to Louisiana with her husband Philippe when their ship was attacked by pirates just as they are about to consummate the marriage They had waited because Philippe had allowed her time to adjust since they didn't know one another very well and mostly via correspondence Also I believe it was another way to let the reader know that their relationship wasn't what it should have been Basically they loved each other but out of common background respect and position not with a great passionThe heroine is abducted and her husband thought to be dead and tossed overboard The hero Justin had left his family years before and became a pirate and is on the pirate island where the captive heroine is taken When he realizes who she is he rescues her from the evil pirate who'd taken her to give to his disgusting sadistic brotherShe doesn't realize who Justin is since Philippe had never spoken of him which I found odd Yes Justin was the black sheep but they were married and Justin was Philippe's twin however I suspect it was a sloppy plot device to hide Justin's identity for longer and to illustrate that Celia and Philippe weren't as close as they should be Another reason behind the secret identity was Justin had a long shaggy beard and hair which hid his features from Celia although she did find the eyes familiar He doesn't tell her who he is until they arrive at his father's plantation Max Vallerand from Only in Your Arms later re writtenre titled to be When Strangers Marry Trigger warning for sexual assault On the way from the pirate island to the plantation Justin forces himself on Celia she is also nearly raped at several points by villains In romance land this is what I'd term a 'forced seduction' since her traitorous body gives in Since it's such a common trope for those times I always make the distinction in fiction not real lifeThis didn't make sense to me because the guy had just lost his twin who he dearly loved even though he was at odds with the family for his choice of career He saved Celia because of his love for Philippe and because he felt it was a debt of honor and then he rapes her? I know he had a distrust of women due to his mother but his recently dead brother's wife?? I'm someone who isn't offended by the forced seduction trope but this didn't sit right with me And I think later attempts to explain his behavior weren't up to par with what I expect from Kleypas It seemed she did telling than showing in a lot of casesI also could never bring myself to like Celia I didn't hate her but I didn't like her I was lukewarm over both of them actually Kleypas can create such SEXY alpha heroes but again he didn't measure up to what I expect from KleypasPerhaps it's just me but I took issue with how Celia spoke about Justin to Max and Lysette Maybe it's cultural but in my world you NEVER bad mouth someone's childclose family to other family members ESPECIALLY if those family members are giving you a homesheltering you and don't otherwise know you I'm not a Creole but I am a southerner and that's just NOT done I had no problem with her hating Justin I just thought it was insensitive to trash him to his father's face when it was obvious Max loved his child even if he didn't love his lifestyle AND he believed he'd just lost Justin's twin It was especially jarring since she never told Max or Lysette why she hated him All they knew was that he saved her and brought her to them after Philippe was killed I wouldn't have sung his praises or pretended to like him but I wouldn't have taken every opportunity to crow about what an animal he is to his father who had never met her before yet took her in without uestion and gave her a home They didn't seem to take offense but it seemed really insensitiverude to me I didn't expect her to be grateful to Justin but I did expect her to be grateful to the Vallerands for sheltering her and curb her tongue as a show of that gratituderespect especially in light of their grief over Philippe As far as Justin goes I had no problem with her taking shots at him personally he deserved itAlso there were inconsistencies that irked me a bit between book 1 and 2 I read the re write of the first book and in that version for example Lysette was pretty but not a breathtaking beauty However it was mentioned over and over again how unbelievably beautiful Lysette was in this book Perhaps that continuity glitch was due to changes made in the rewrite?Anyway I may have liked this if it hadn't been a Kleypas' novel I just know what she's capable of and this didn't measure up However the plot kept me interested and I kept reading

  4. Nenia ✨️ Socially Awkward Trash Panda ✨️ Campbell Nenia ✨️ Socially Awkward Trash Panda ✨️ Campbell says:

    Instagram || Twitter || Facebook || || PinterestLisa Kleypas is one of the most popular historical romance authors out there and with good reason Her Victorian and regency stories are charming with strong heroines and to die for beta and alpha heroes But what forgotten moss covered tales pave the beginning of her path to success? TO THE BACK LISTONLY WITH YOUR LOVE is one of Kleypas's earlier stories First published in 1992 it's one of those new wave bodice ripper tales that tried to be a little less politically incorrect and rapey than their absolutely over the top crazy sauce drenched predecessorsSPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS The heroine of our tale is the virginal Celia who is going to New Orleans by ship to marry her husband Phillipe Vallerand who has waited this long to consummate the marriage When we see them he's about to give up all patience with that until he's summoned by one of the crew because of pirates Phillipe runs off giving Celia his goodbyes and a pistol Why a pistol? To shoot herself if the pirates invade her chambers of course because honor is everythingWell the pirates invade her chamber but Celia doesn't have the guts to shoot herself so she shoots one of the pirates in the guts She's overpowered and as the pirates are manhandling her out she sees that Phillipe has been shotMeanwhile on Pirate Island Captain Griffin is chilling out with his crew and side eying their rivals the Legares The two groups don't like each other but have reached an uneasy stalemate Griffin decides to end that stalemate when he sees the prize Legare and his men have Griffin decides to buy her and Legare argues with him and then when they eventually reach a price Dominic Legare says Griffin can't have her until his brother Andre rapes and tortures her first They agree to fight a duel to the death for Celia and Griffin ends up fighting someone who Legare names as his secondAnyway pirate honor doesn't mean much because Legare immediately tries to renege Griffin escapes kills Andre and abducts Celia After threatening to rape her a few handfuls of times he actually does it and Celia curses her traitorous body for liking it says how much she hates herself etc Then she finds out that Griffin is related to her husband in some way although he won't say how and that his real name is Justin GriffinJustin dumps Celia off with her husband's family in New Orleans where it's revealed that Justin is actually Philippe's black sheep twin brotherFor a while nothing really happens Celia is with the Vallerands and mopes a lot Then they find Justin who is all stabbed up heal him and lie to the authorities saying that Justin is actually Philippe so he doesn't get arrested for his pirate crimes Celia angsts about her feelings driving the family and me mad Legare shows up again wanting revenge and claims that Philippe is actually alive and being held hostage Celia and Justin are kidnapped Justin is tortured Celia is almost raped but then rescued Legare is murdered Philippe was actually having an affair while he was engaged to Celia and has slept with the woman again They decide that they weren't actually meant for each other so Philippe marries the OW and Justin marries CeliaTHE ENDThe beginning of this book was like a traditional bodice ripper with the pirate island and the duel to the death I didn't even really have a problem with the forced seduction because that is something that a pirate would probably do because they lack the morals of the societies that they pillage from What bothered me was Celia's reaction to what happened and the way their relationship went from there She built up Justin as this noble man who did what he wanted and was strong and brave but he was a pirate who raped her when she was emotionally vulnerable and then mocked and taunted her about it afterwards It was like that was completely forgotten once it was no longer relevant to the story I get that this story is a product of a different times when the typical romance formula was different but this is a perfect example of why I do not tend to like bodice rippers in the 90s early bodice rippers were brutal and it was usually pretty clear that the hero was not a good guy The 90s bodice rippers tried to soften this up but actually ended up sending some pretty uncomfortably mixed signals because here you have a hero who rapes but he does it because he was just so impassioned and in love he couldn't help himself? Nope I am not buying that I'll take the 1970s bodice ripper heroes over the 1990s bodice ripper heroes any day They were just as full of sht if you pardon my language but at least they didn't try to sell that sht as chocolates and rosesCelia is also a very unpleasant heroine All she does is cry and mope I also felt like the narrative really went out of its way to make her seem helpless and small as she does not eat her food but nibbles it instead and is described as skinny and child like several times she's described as looking like a young boy I did think it was an interesting touch that Celia did not speak much English and that this proved to be a difficulty for her in her exchanges with others as that is something that was probably a big issue back then with Google Translate not being a thing but that too seemed like yet another detail meant to render her dependent and helpless I just can't help but compare her to the heroines of the Gamblers series and the Wallflowers series and come up shortI love Lisa Kleypas and I enjoyed this glimpse into what her early writing looked like She has really found her voice since then and her writing is so much polished now In that sense books like these are great because they create a compelling before and after for one of my favorite authors However I did not like the story I thought it changed tone too many times and did not find the heroine at all likable I think this story would have been better if it had been published twenty years before with an antihero character who actually acted like a give no forks pirate instead of a garden variety douche flowerPirate island exists by the way and it's a terrifying place 1 to 15 stars

  5. Al George Al George says:

    Seriously There is something very wrong in my head Intellectually I know why the heroine might come across as cold and unfeeling and all sorts of fcked upit's because her situation is all sorts of janked up But still the selfish little brat inside of me was all I don't like her Gah What a whiner am I Note read for the 2017 New Years Challenge pirate category AND as a monthly read in the Historical Romance group 2 birds and all that Judge away beeches Setting Time Genre American1817LouisianaSeries Yes but I have not read #1 Should I?Sexy times A few Tame for Kleypas imho Plan on reading by the author Always I'm most appreciative of her workSynopsis Ok heroine Celia abducted by pirates is rescued by another pirate who FYI sorta kinda for sure possibly forces himself on her Think male privilege argument here For my part I'm totes going out on a cypress limb see what I did there?? and saying yea he basically raped her So maybe that's my problem with the book but I am digressing Anyhoo he returns her to her new home Things go on There's still the matter of the other pirate who rape male power imbalance pirate angered when he took Celia His name is Justin fyi So the story goes on and I feel like I can't say a whole lot because it's spoiler y at that point view spoiler Basically her husband was is Justin's brother there's this whole he's dead part During which time the male privilege rapey business happens Justin is injured doing his pirate thing and is brought back to the plantation where Celia obsessively helps to heal him and gets busy with him again And then we find out brother is alive and then there's some serious drama hide spoiler

  6. JennyG JennyG says:

    Hero was wonderful despite some non pc behaviour Although the heroine's reactions seemed realistic considering everything she was going through I never uite warmed up to her She kept grating on my nerves Nonetheless it was a memorable read and I enjoyed it PS Hero never cheats There is an attempt of rape by another man and forced seduction by the hero

  7. Irene Irene says:

    Can Lisa Kleypas write like this again? 😭😭😭Only With Your Love is a helluva of a ride Celia has just married Philippe Vallerand and they are on the ship sailing back to Louisiana to meet his family when their ship is attacked by pirates led by Legares Celia sees her husband stabbed and thrown overboard and is taken to a pirate island where she is seen by Justin Vallerand Philippe's twin brother a privateer turned pirate Celia is unaware of Justin's true identity but Justin knows her identity Things get HOT between Celia and Justin Nearly half of their conversations end in an embrace And the declarations of love Whew Troublemaker Justin's love for Celia hits you in the heart The Vallerands duology is spicy and I appreciate it Thank you Kleypas What's also interesting about Only With Your Love is that Kleypas plays again with the changeling husband trope that she did in Stranger in My Arms but Only With Your Love does this with twin brothers It kicks the spice level up a notch and I kinda wish we played with the love triangle taboo a bit I uite liked the direction of the story where Justin had to pretend to be Philippe and also the twist reveal near the end Highly recommend this read

  8. kris kris says:

    Celia and Philippe Vallerand newlyweds are on their way to America from France when PIRATES Philippe gets stabbed and tossed overboard Celia gets captured threatened with rape and then rescued by—please hold your gasps till the end—Justin Vallerand the lost Philippe's TWIN BROTHER He threatens Celia with rape then straight up forces himself on her drops her at his family's estate takes off and several months later is himself dropped off shot stabbed etc I should pause here to note that allegedly Justin is the hero of this particular book I KNOW So Celia nurses him back to health and they fall in love EXCEPT OH SNAP PHILIPPE ISN'T DEAD WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO NOW? 1 Yep Rape 2 Swapping out twin brothers like you do3 I honestly don't know how to explain why I finished this thing because it is so bad 4 The hero literally rapes the heroine and the heroine convinces herself that she's to blame because she liked it WHYYYYYY

  9. Chi Chi says:

    Lisa Kleypas wrote a pirate story?? I was really surprised when I started reading it and couldn't stop until I finished itIn full disclosure there is a very uncomfortable to read scene the rape scene near the start Nowadays Lisa Kleypas doesn't write about non consensual sex but it was definitely a sign of the times 2000 that the book had such a bodice ripping scene It was discomforting to realise that such a scene was in the book especially so given that LK kept mentioning how much pleasure the heroine was experiencing despite enduring what is essentially rapeAlso it was a little discomforting to read about Celia's affections and near constant comparisons between the hero and the other man It was a bit suicky to read aboutLook despite those concerns it was still rather amusing to read something that's so wildly different from the books published nowadays particularly the obvious pairing between the fair skinned dainty fragile heroine and the big brooding dangerous and handsome hero And because this was written by the incomparable Lisa Kleypas especially in my eyes it was a rollicking well written book that I really enjoyed

  10. Nonieღserenity2bliss Nonieღserenity2bliss says:

    I guess even the most awesome writer cannot write a winner every single time P I have never read a Lisa Kleypas book that I don't love or likeuntil this oneI always believe that LK's strength is her ability to write wonderful larger than life characters; heroes that you immediately fall in love with and heroines that you wish you want to be Unfortunately in Only With Your Love not only do I not want to become the heroine I don't even want to be anywhere near her She's such a tiresome ungrateful nuisance and every words that came out of her mouth were toxic I wish the pirates would just leave her on the boat and blow it to pieces with her on it The storyline was alright; there were parts that I love but mostly I don't I find it dragging a little bit that I kept thinking when is this story going to end? When I start having such thought it was not a good sign

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Only With Your Love [PDF] ❤ Only With Your Love Author Lisa Kleypas – The newlywed bride of a Creole aristocrat Celia Vallerand prays for deliverance from the bloodthirsty brigands who abducted her from a New Orleans bound schooner Though she believes her beloved husban The newlywed bride of a Creole aristocrat Celia Vallerand prays for deliverance from the bloodthirsty brigands who abducted her from a New Orleans bound schooner Though she believes her beloved husband slain and despairs for her own life the shy French beauty fears above all the dashing Only With MOBI :↠ privateer who pays a king's ransom to claim herand boldly risks capture to possess herThe most notorious pirate of the open seas he is called the Griffin—a rugged and powerful renegade who arouses within Celia desires as dangerous as they are irresistible But the magnificent adventurer is a man trapped in a perilous deception—and he guards a shocking secret that could deny him the love of the gossamer haired enchantress who stirs his manly passions and enslaves his heart.

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