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Pilgrimage to Heresy ❮Read❯ ➵ Pilgrimage to Heresy Author Tracy Saunders – Thomashillier.co.uk PILGRIMAGE TO HERESY asks disturbing uestions about the nature of faith and pilgrimageThe Catholic Church would rather you didn't learn the answersTrier Gaul 385 CEPriscillian of Avila A wealthy forme Pilgrimage to Heresy asks disturbing uestions about the nature of faith and pilgrimageThe Catholic Church would rather you didn't learn the answersTrier Gaul CEPriscillian of Avila A wealthy former Senator a charismatic bishop with a huge following in his native Galicia argues for his life against his accusers two powerful Spanish bishops who win the ready ear of the new Emperor Maximus Along with eight of his closest followers including Eucrotia the widow of a Roman noble Priscillian is accused of witchcraft and heresy Yet Pilgrimage to Epub / Priscillian's message is one of celibacy simplicity and gentleness Is he guilty For centuries it has been claimed that St James is buried in the cathedral in Santiago de Compostela in northern Spain the Holy Grail of pilgrims for over years But what if he is not What if the occupant of the crypt is none other than Priscillian a man whose Gnostic message threatened to undo the power of the newly formed Roman churchThe Camino de Santiago Spain CE Miranda has left her untenured position at the University of Toronto to go on a kilometers hike in the north of Spain On her second day walking in the Pyrenees she meets Kieran a lapsed candidate for the priesthood who is translating a book written in Latin a book he shouldn't have The next day Kieran is missing and so is his translation A religious injustice Two love stories one doomed from the start and a mystery perhaps.

  • Hardcover
  • 376 pages
  • Pilgrimage to Heresy
  • Tracy Saunders
  • English
  • 06 March 2015
  • 9780595707027

2 thoughts on “Pilgrimage to Heresy

  1. Linhowie Linhowie says:

    A marvellous readI enjoyed this book from start to finish It is thought provoking imaginative and weaves fact with fiction that somehow seems believable while reading As I embark on my own Camino Francés it has added another dimension to my journey above and beyond the guidebook or memoir

  2. Jane Blanchard Jane Blanchard says:

    Pilgrimage to Heresy Don´t Believe Everything They Tell You The Camino Chronicles relates two stories The first is of modern day Miranda who is walking the Camino de Santiago She meets Kieran a priest in training and their conversations cause Miranda to uestion her beliefs Kieran gives Miranda a package to carry and protect as she travels to Santiago With this package comes a mysteryThe second story is of 4th century Priscillian of Avila a Gnostic bishop who is persecuted by his peers for his beliefs and called a heretic and a witch After reading his story the reader wonders whose remains actually rest in St James' tombBoth are love stories love between two people and love between friendsOf the two I found Priscillian's story interesting better crafted with realistic dialog It also provided me with insights as to what was going on in the Church during the formative centuries I appreciate the research that Ms Saunders did to write this book and her talent for devising a captivating story I am looking forward to reading of her books

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