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The Scent of Water ❰PDF / Epub❯ ☉ The Scent of Water Author Elizabeth Goudge – Mary Lindsay met her little niece and namesake only once but she saw in the uiet imaginative child a kindred spirit to inherit her ancient house Fifty years later her niece inherited the house with no Mary Lindsay met her little niece and namesake only once but she saw in the uiet imaginative child a kindred spirit to inherit her ancient house Fifty years later her niece inherited the house with no knowledge of it beyond her indelible childhood memories and no experience at all of living in the countryMary Lindsay is a born and bred Londoner who has enjoyed her city life a prestigious job and The Scent Epub / friends with whom she takes in the city pleasures of theatre art andAs a retired businesswoman living in a rural house inherited from her aunt finds consolation for a failed romance with a married blind man by learning about her aunt and herself.

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  1. Tadiana ✩Night Owl☽ Tadiana ✩Night Owl☽ says:

    This uiet story of a woman who moves to a small English village around 1960 is such a lovely insightful and inspirational novel Elizabeth Goudge who also wrote The Dean's Watch is an author who deserves to be rememberedMary Lindsay a fiftyish Londoner who never married her fiancé was killed in WWII unexpectedly inherits a country house from her father's cousin an older woman also named Mary Lindsay who the younger Mary had met only once as an eight year old child But that brief visit made an indelible impression on both Marys Initially Mary thinks to sell the home she’s inherited but she soon changes her mind and decides to begin a new phase of her life in small town England So she moves to the town of Appleshaw in the Chilterns area of southeast England not far from London Chilterns village Mary's life in her new village home soon becomes interwoven with many of her neighbors There are several memorable characters Paul an aspiring author and poet who was blinded in WWII; Valerie Paul's attractive but resentful wife who views herself as a martyr; Suire Hepplewhite a business tycoon who's focused on making money hiding his humble beginnings; his lonely wife Hermione who was once a chorus dancer named Dolly; three neighborhood children who view Mary's garden and back yard as their own and resent her moving in; and all well drawn and interesting characters Though we never meet her except in a flashback and through her diary entries the older cousin Mary Lindsay who died at the beginning of the novel remains a real presence throughout the novel as we read about her lifelong struggles with debilitating depression and mental illness She uietly perseveres through all her trials with help from friends and from God The Scent of Water is heavier on atmosphere and character development than plot It's fairly slow paced it kind of meanders through the months and the lives of the people of Appleshaw but it's written so well that I was happy to meander along with it charmed by Goudge's wonderful writing and her love for people of all stripes Goudge combines delightful descriptions of settings with her warmhearted analysis of people's characters and all of their wonderful potential and human failings Grace and mercy infuse every page in a way that's inspiring and uplifting rather than cloying and saccharine I'm a spiritual person but a lot of fictional books that include a strong religious element annoy me because they're preachy or sappy Goudge's spiritual insights though went straight to my heart The scent of water from verses 7 9 in chapter 14 of the Book of Job is a recurring theme symbolic of spiritual renewal and personal courage and integrity are key though they show up in different ways in different charactersShe realized with deep respect that this woman had always done what she had to do and faced what she had to face If many of her fears and burdens would have seemed unreal to another woman there was nothing unreal about her courageHighly recommended June 2017 buddy read with the Retro Reads group For there is hope of a tree if it be cut down that it will sprout again and that the tender branch thereof will not ceaseThough the root thereof wax old in the earth and the stock thereof die in the ground;Yet through the scent of water it will bud and bring forth boughs like a plant Job 147 9 KJV

  2. Jane Jane says:

    I remember my mother guiding me when I made the transition from junior to senior member of the library I remember four authors she steered me towards Agatha Christie Daphne Du Maurier Mary Stewart and Elizabeth GoudgeThe first two I read then loved then and still love now The third I didn’t read until recently when her books were reissued and I found that I loved her tooThat just left Elizabeth Goudge She didn’t appeal to me at all back in the day and I must confess that when she fell out of fashion and her books disappeared from the shelves I forgot all about her I can’t remember where I found her again but I’m sure it’s either a book blogger or a LibraryThing member I should be thankingThe library offered a range of titles – not on the shelves but tucked away in the fiction reserve – and ‘The Scent of Water’ caught my eyeIt tells the story of Mary Lambert a middle aged teacher who uite unexpectedly inherited a country house from a distant cousinThough the two had shared a name they met only once Mary’s father took her on a visit when she was still very young “An ivory coach you see Mary” whispered her cousin “it’s no bigger than a hazelnut but it’s all there the horses and the coachmen and ueen Mab herself inside Do you see her inside”Mary nodded speechlessly She could see the fairy figure with the star in her hair and the tiny delicate features of the child like face It did not occur to her that human hands could possibly have made the ueen and her coach for she seemed as timeless as Cousin Mary herself They had always lived her in this world inside the picture and they always would”Mary saw her inheritance as a sign that she should change her life She moved to the country and her cousin’s home became hers She found a new way of life a new place in the world and she found time to thinkThat allowed her to come to terms with memories of her wartime romance with a naval officer who had been killed just days before they would have been marriedHer story opens out to catch the stories of her new neighbours A contented elderly couple whose peace was disturbed by their beloved son An author who was coping with the loss of his sight rather better than his wife A couple whose way of life was threatened Children accustomed to having possession of the old woman’s garden and wary of the new arrivalMary found her cousin’s diaries and she learned her story too Why she had chosen to live alone why she had become distant from her family and her neighbours what she had coped with and how she had copedThis is a uiet story but it is so well drawn the people the places the situations all utterly real And it is a story enriched by lovely descriptions and by true emotional and spiritual understandingA book to read slowly so that you can be drawn into that world so that you can appreciate everything that is there and so that you can appreciate that understandingI wouldn’t have appreciated this in my early days in the adult library but I do appreciate it nowThe right book at the right timeAnd that’s four out of four to my motherThough she is fallible She told me that Barbara Pym was dull and that she had only kept her copy of I Capture The Castle because it had been a gift it wasn’t very good

  3. Hana Hana says:

    This book was such a joy It filled my mind with clarity and uiet pleasure like a spring bubbling up in a still wood While resonant with life the story begins with a death and one that is something of a mercy as many deaths in old age are With her last breaths the dying woman said something about sailing out on living water and with her passing the room is full of the uietness of the deep country and the light of a marvelous sunseta tide of goldThere are two Mary Lindsays in this gentle yet powerful story the woman whose death we witness in the opening pages and a second Mary Lindsay her cousin a thoroughly competent Londoner who capped a successful academic career with service in the war years and then an executive post at the Admiralty The elder Mary Lindsay has just left a house and a small inheritance to her namesake Impulsively Mary Lindsay a uintessential urbanite takes early retirement and based solely on a single childhood memory of that house and her cousin and one magical day decides to make the old house her home She remembers that day forty years agoa long drive lined with tremendous lime trees 'august and unearthly' a garden wall topped with lilacs grown so tall that they made a thicket of purple and white blossom above the wall and then a door in the wall An odd old woman Cousin Mary leads Mary and her father into a house weighted down with wisteria vines In the entry hall is an old oak chest where a silver tankard with lilies stood The flowers and the polished silver gathered all the light to themselves and Mary gazed at them entranced noticing that a bird with spread wings was carved upon the top of the chestand suddenly she was no longer an intruder in this world inside the picture It was her own world And most magical of all Cousin Mary shows her a collection of tiny treasures tea sets birds animals a coach with a ueen inside fairy things of silver and gold jade pinchbeck glass ebony and ivory all so small that only the eyes of a child could fully perceive their glory This is the dream memory Mary Lindsay has inherited and which she embraces much to the astonishment and skepticism of her London friends But Mary is heir to than just a house She is now part of a village and for one who has spent her existence in private landlocked in the sea of life that is something uite new and astonishing Mary finds herself opening to the waters of life and the worlds of others in ways she would never have expectedThe village of Appleshaw is peopled by marvelous characters a small shy girl Edith adopted daughter of the artist and architect who live next door; Rose and Jeremy her sister and brother; Valerie Randall the long and not silently suffering wife of a war blinded veteran; Paul Randall himself who writes and dreams in darkness his spirit and health broken; the erudite Vicar and his painfully timid sister Jean; and Mrs Hermione Hepplewhite self appointed grand mistress of Appleshaw and an inescapable whirlwind of good deeds and unchecked advice Elizabeth Goudge weaves the lives of these and many characters through Mary's story with effortless grace and gentle humor At the center of the story are the intersecting lives of Mary Lindsay and her Cousin Mary whose long struggle for faith purpose and sanity are gradually told in diaries left along with the house The mysteries of the house too are slowly revealed The house and its treasures and the two Marys become catalysts for the healing of many lives Content rating G Some hinted past adultery nothing shown A clean read

  4. Holli Holli says:

    Recommended by my friend Deborah I liked this book for several reasons It was set in England and felt like something I might see on PBS starring Judi Dench But than that the book was very contemplative It was filled with scenes where the characters especially the main character but others too stopped in the midst of everyday life and really paid attention to the moment—the light smells colors of their natural surroundings etc It reminded me of “haiku mind”—a frame of mind that is open to the beauty and mystery that is always there I don’t normally read “Christian” or “Inspirational” fiction and although this was classified in that way it wasn’t heavy handed The “Inspirational” part simply comes from being in the moment—which is where God is Here is an example of a passage that I liked They are than themselves and when the wonder grows in me I am than myself Whenever I am conscious of this than ourselves I remember the old man in the garden at home looking at the butterflies in the buddleia tree and how the butterflies seemed to shine on his face or something in him shone on the butterflies I didn’t know which p 213I also want to remember and ponder the three prayers that the funny little man who looked at the butterflies described to Mary the writer of the diary He told her My dear love your God is a trinity There are three necessary prayers and they have three words each They are these ‘Lord have mercy Thee I adore Into thy hands’ Not difficult to remember If in times of distress you hold to these you will do well p 94Her handling of the theme which was also the title “the scent of water” was also good Goudge weaves it throughout the book relating it to the situation of each of the characters One of the characters a troubled business man remembers hanging over the edge of the well and breathing in the cool scent of the water when he was a child “The scent of water He had forgotten there was such a thing Perhaps only children were aware of it” 136

  5. Melody Melody says:

    Re read I love this book with my whole heart It's not at all the sort of thing you'd think I'd adore inasmuch as it's not only steeped in Christianity it's actually a proselytizing vehicle Still it's one of my all time favoritesThe writing is stellar the characters are compelling the setting a small English village is my dream home Even the religion is tolerable as it's not the Christianity with which I'm familiar rather it's a luminous love that transforms everything into a distillation of joy The story unfolds as Mary Lindsay is left a cottage by her aunt moves to the cottage and reads her aunt's diaries while becoming part and parcel of the village Involving studies of various inhabitants and their conflicts ensue There's redemption and love infusing every paragraph A delight

  6. Kim Kaso Kim Kaso says:

    I love this author and this book was a lovely re read The central figures the village life the children it all filled my heart and was a blessing each day that I read it I think it is a book that speaks deeply and elouently to me in age than it did in youth I read it and slowly as I did not want it to end Very highly recommended especially for those who can appreciate books from the earlier 20th century Ms Goudge has a magical touch in the most every day settings which has been a gift to me down through the years Her children's book The Little White Horse was a favorite of mine and my best friend and it turns out JK Rowling

  7. Katherine Katherine says:

    Beautiful poetic deeply spiritual This seemingly simple old fashioned story is brimming with insight and wisdom and numerous wonderful soul touching uotes Easily the most moving profound book of fiction I have ever read This is one to cherish and revisit A true masterpiece What is the scent of waterRenewal The goodness of God coming down like dew

  8. Valerie Kyriosity Valerie Kyriosity says:

    It's probably been well over two decades since I read this book and I remembered absolutely nothing about it except the feel of it The woo woo mystical aspects of Goudge's spirituality probably impressed me back then than they do now but the overall sense of peace and security and comfort in the book still appeal to me And while the woo woo stuff may be a catalyst it is solid grace and uiet obedience that cause the shalom In repentance and rest is your salvation in uietness and trust is your strength Characters learn to trust and obey in the face of having to endure hard providences having to love difficult people and having to forsake relationships they may not lawfully pursue In putting self to death they find that there is hope of a tree if it be cut down that it will sprout again and that the tender branch thereof will not cease Though the root thereof wax old in the earth and the stock thereof die in the ground; yet through the scent of water it will bud and bring forth boughs like a plant The theme of obedience is most typified in Bess the guide dog who trembled to her master's will as a compass needle to the north Behold as the eyes of servants look to the hand of their masters As the eyes of a maid to the hand of her mistress So our eyes look to the Lord our God Until He has mercy on usThere's a character named Valerie who is self centered and discontented Too close to the markI think the author's belief in singular transformative moments isn't terribly well founded Change takes a relentless in for the long haul love for most peopleA few favorite uotesShe could wield the pruning knife mercilessly yet at the same time she watered the roots #EditorIdeals'My dear' he said 'love your God is a Trinity There are three necessary prayers and they have three words each They are these Lord have mercy Thee I adore Into thy hands Not difficult to remember If in times of distress you hold to these you will do well' I take it back I remember the three prayers or at least that there were three prayers And I remember sketching a calligraphy of the them at some​ point Wonder if I still have it somewhereMrs Hepplewhite's conversation when she was in movement dragged one in her wake with a species of suction Mrs H was Lewis's woman who lived for others and you could always tell the others by their hunted expressionWords I had to look up if I weren't on my phone and getting tired of one fingered typing I'd add the definitions; might later lychgate pinchbeck mast bodger tippet Twiglets stock governess cart Adam fireplace chimney breast riddling chantry vie manuée pinnace copse wainscot candle slide distemper corbel daemon shooting brake lambent

  9. K.M. Carroll K.M. Carroll says:

    Apparently The Scent of Water is one of Goudges' best known works Delving into it I see why It’s simply wonderfulOn the surface it’s about a woman who inherits an old little cottage in a village in rural England and goes to live there Her coming sends ripples through the whole community and everyones’ lives wind up enriched It also has the most touching gentle treatment of mental illness I've ever readBut it’s about than that It’s about the Scent of Water which comes from a passage in Job For there is hope of a tree if it be cut down that it will sprout again and that the tender branch thereof will not cease Though the root thereof wax old in the earth and the stock thereof die in the ground; yet through the scent of water it will bud and bring forth boughs like a plantAnd that alone tells you of what the book is about than I couldAmong the many lovely thoughtful passages this one stood out to me I had not known before that love is obedience You want to love and you can’t and you hate yourself because you can’t and all the time love is not some marvelous thing that you feel but some hard thing that you do And this in a way is easier because with God’s help you can command your will when you can’t command your feelings With us feelings seem to be important but He doesn’t appear to agree with us

  10. Poiema Poiema says:

    A sweet old fashioned and very British novel with all the right elements The main character Mary was a mature woman moving into her retirement years Alone She took a huge risk when she uit her lucrative city career and moved to a country cottage one that she inherited from an elderly relative Mary uickly became intertwined with the lives of the people in the small village and because of her perceptive nature was able to glean wisdom even from the most broken among them Having lost the love of her life in the war Mary herself had experienced brokenness and had never really resolved the issues As she became acuainted with the other villagers she very accurately assessed and empathized with their oddities Not only did she open her heart to them but she gleaned wisdom from each encounterEach of the characters the blind writer the maladjusted child the odd spinster had been thwarted from the usual channels of love Like water cutting new channels that love found other avenues of release that were beautiful to behold Beauty not so much vanished as dissolved and itself reshaped as she had seen the reflected clouds reshaping themselves behind her when she had leaned over the well pg 144This novel was intrinsically spiritual and there was a depth to it that reuired contemplation Suffering can create irreversible changes in life Sometimes in our pain love is extended from people who are not within our usual sphere They are drawn to us because they too have suffered A one time encounter with such a person can leave a lifetime impact We are forever changed by these interactions at our tenderest moments what I seek is the goodness of God that waters the dry places And water overflows from one dry patch to another and so you cannot be selfish in digging for it pg 80 What is the scent of water Renewal The goodness of God coming down like dew pg 225

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