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Sugar Hero ❮Ebook❯ ➭ Sugar Hero ➮ Author Michael Dahl – Thomashillier.co.uk A digital solution for your classroom with features created with teachers and students in mind Perpetual license 24 hour 7 days a week access No limit to the number of students accessing one title at A digital solution for your classroom with features created with teachers and students in mind Perpetual license hour days a week access No limit to the number of students accessing one title at a time Provides a School to Home connection wherever internet is available Easy to use Ability to turn audio on and off Words highlighted to match audio On Halo Nightly's eleventh birthday her Aunt Pandora gives her a collection of jars filled with brightly colored candies Soon she learns that the candies give her the incredible powers of nature Halo uses the powers to combat Doozie Hiss a rival student with superpowered hair.

10 thoughts on “Sugar Hero

  1. H H says:

    Fine for what it is a graphic novel reader for reluctant girl readers in grades 3 6 who are below grade level Kind of powder puff girl ish in this origination story telling how Halo Nightly inherited candy that tranforms her into a superhero from an aunt I think there are girls in the target who will enjoy this series

  2. Madison Madison says:

    An easy reader graphic novel about a girl who gains super power by eating candy My preschool kids loved the simple story and graphics

  3. Mestawot Mestawot says:

    never read yet

  4. Zaynab Zaynab says:

    I love princess candy books make books about princess candy please and ad a feature where you can actually read the book

  5. Vickey Vickey says:

    This comic has a cute and fun art style that helps hide an babyish easy reader inside a cool graphic novel Great for slower or reluctant readers aged 6 10 I think Halo gains cool super powers and uses them to keep her nemesis from doing evil Pretty basic but fun

  6. Kristen Harvey Kristen Harvey says:

    When Halo receives a birthday present from her Aunt Pandora on her 11th birthday her life is forever changed She is given a jar of different colored candies Soon she discovers this is no regular candy Each ones gives her a different power dealing with nature Finding herself facing off with Doozie she must use her new candy powers to fight Doozie's superpowered hairI love the start to this series with a play off of the name Pandora from mythology and a box of goodies The idea of candies that give you superpowers is lots of fun and a bit silly that it will definitely appeal to children I love the extra goodies at the end of the book They give a villain profile and make it look like a nutritional fact box you'd find on food There's also some great puzzlers that have the answers upside down For the teachers and librarians there are some great discussion uestions writing prompts and even a glossary for terms children may not know I also love how appealing these graphic novels look They really make you stop and look at them because frankly they look cool and fun

  7. Kelly Ketcham Kelly Ketcham says:

    Positive A graphic novel intended for girls I was so excited to find this book because most of the graphic novels I see are aimed at boys or are unisex however this book has a girl main character and is definitely written for girls This would be a great addition to my library because none of my girls are interested in graphic novels but this one might change their mindAudience and Applications This book is probably made for 4th or 5th graders There is a lot of suspense and mystery in this book and I think this aphid novel would be a great way to teach suspense and why an author uses suspense My students really struggled with that this year 2010 January 1 School Library Journal

  8. Ryan Ryan says:

    I love that this series combines being a princess with being a superhero So many books a girl is just one or the other Instead of some strange birth defect or nuclear mishap our girl gets her super powers from candy This time we get to see water and fire powers I wonder what other powers she will come up with Since is is a capstone publication there is of course discussion uestions writing prompts etc plus mini bios of the a character #BeattheBacklog 2017 CLOAK A Character receives a gift from an unexpected sourceOur Super Hero receives a box of Candy from her deceased aunt for her 11th birthday

  9. J-Lynn Van Pelt J-Lynn Van Pelt says:

    A fun intro to a new graphic novel series with a pink haired girl who becomes a super hero when she eats magical candy that her mysterious Aunt Pandora gave her The candy is labeled in Spanish words and helps her solve a mystery at school The pictures are bright cartoons that students love I am looking forward to the rest of the series

  10. Tara Strosnider Tara Strosnider says:

    Amazing great graphic novel series for girls it's cute adorable and action packed a uick fun read too princess candy is amazing and its so girly and action packed I love princess candy highly recommend it

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