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  1. JSou JSou says:

    Kurt Vonnegut has always been one of my favorite authors; he was one of the very first writers that was able to change the way I think I had always loved books but after my first encounter with KV in high school I amazingly realized what a novel could actually do But it's than than that Vonnegut has always reminded me of my grandpa though thinking about it I'm not really sure why The only things I know of that they had in common were their age WWII and Pall Mall cigarettes Maybe it's that reading KV's books have clued me in to a side of my grandpa I was never able to know So many times I would ask him about his experiences during WWII only to hear Aww honey you don't want to hear about all that Then he would uickly tell a joke to change the subject This man who practically raised me and gave me everything else I'd ever wanted never gave me that I didn't know if he really just didn't want to talk about it; I mean who knows what he saw and what things he had to do over there I remember my grandma telling me that he never even said much about it to her She told me he thought it was inappropriate to talk about certain things in front of women It's not that he thought women were inferior to him it was a matter of respect He was from a different era that's just how he was Awhile ago my GR friend Cait sent me a great article about Vonnegut attending the Connecticut Forum shortly before he passed away At the interview Joyce Carol Oates went all feminist on him in front of everybody After reading that I still can't bring myself to read one of her books Bitch JCO not my friend Cait Seriously Joyce he's an old man Lay The Fuck Off I'm not sure when all of these stories were written but some of the ideas in them do seem a bit dated Most of them wouldn't seem spectacular to anyone who hasn't read any Vonnegut before but considering the sub title of the book Unpublished Short Fiction I'm okay with the fact it wasn't a phenomonal collection Who knows if Vonnegut who was always re writing even wanted these to ever be published? One high point this book has some of KV's illustrations that I'd never seen before yay pictures Here's my favorite drawn only a few months before he died Reading this felt like it gave me an extra inside look into Vonnegut Kind of like finding a picture or letter from a loved one who's passed away No matter what it looks like or what it says it still feels like a treasure Certain things can remind us of who people actually were and this book shows that Kurt Vonnegut above all was a writer In my eyes just like my grandpa there is nothing he could do that I wouldn't absolutely love

  2. Abhinav Abhinav says:

    THIS IS AMAZINGPut that on repeat 13 times for all the 14 short stories in this compilationLike I said in my only status update while reading this it seems unbelievable that these stories written in the early part of Vonnegut's career never saw the light of day until two years after his death This is the second such compilation of short fiction by him published posthumously four have been released till date the first being 'Armageddon in Retrospect'I happened to read somewhere that Vonnegut wrote these 'purely for money' they were rejected by the 'slick' magazines of that time Perhaps the editors might have realised that the stories appearing in their own magazines wouldn't possibly match up to theseThe stories in this compilation dabble in a variety of genres ranging from sci fi to romance to whodunit to allegory to Depression era coming of age tales to life's tragicomedies There is a maverick inventor who creates a billion dollar talking machine that delves into the darkest recesses of one's mind 'Confido' then they are tiny beings who fly around in a spaceship that looks like a paper knife 'The Nice Little People' You have a dull boring PR officer whose bright new assistant gives him love his life back 'FUBAR' a suabbling couple who have lost love on account of one spouse finding fame 'Shout About It from the Housetops' then you see two naive rich love birds having their first brush against poverty in the Depression era 'King and ueen of the Universe'There are two tales of crime mystery too 'Ed Luby's Key Club' moves at the blistering pace of a thriller while 'The Honor of the Newsboy' is a classic whodunit And let's not forget the one from which the compilation gets its title where a once upon a time uack finds a new way to make his living My personal favourite however has to be 'The Petrified Ants' all I can say that for me it's somewhat of a short story euivalent of George Orwell's two greatest works I'm not kiddingTrue there are always a few stories that aren't probably as good as the best of the lot But in each of the stories here you find that touch of humanity in the narrative the raw emotions the deep understanding of how people react to different situations Vonnegut's uncanny ability to find humour in the unlikeliest of places The storytelling is simplistic straightforward but yet so good pleasant to read45 to 5 stars for 'Look at the Birdie' by Kurt Vonnegut This happened to be the first time I'm reading Vonnegut this definitely won't be the last since I'm a fan already Highly recommended for those who enjoy short stories fans of the author for it does provide valuable insight into the making of one of America's greatest post war writersPS Watch out for the illustrations throughout the course of this book One heck of a talented artist that Vonnegut chap was

  3. William Thomas William Thomas says:

    When I was 16 and started working my way through the Vonnegut library the man could do no wrong That is until I turned 22 and read Jailbird What an awful piece of shit that book turned out to be And now that I've read all of his major and minor works save some of his post Timeuake work I can stand back and analyze it without being so starry eyed as I was in younger years Even though he was my first literary love and will always be number one in my heart I can honestly say that these works could have remained unpublished and the world would have been just the same If we could somehow cut approximately 60% of these stories the book would have been powerful and 5 stars However it is perfectly clear why some of these stories remained unpublished and uncollected for so long because they stink to high heavenAnd if you don't like what I have to say about it then why don't you take a flying fuck at a rolling doughnut Why don't you take a flying fuck at the mooooooooooooon?

  4. Josh Josh says:

    Reading an author’s posthumous previously unpublished work never sits completely right for me In almost any forward of a deceased author’s “uncovered work” you can find someone vouching for the guy or gal as being a real stickler for editing a tireless craftsman someone who always wanted to get each turn of phrase just right And I get that It really resonates Anyone who has ever written anything would be mortified to have an unprepared version of it sent out to an audience of strangers especially if the person’s literary credentials were on the line So that said how to go about reading LatB?It’s nice mostly tidy collection of short fiction Most of the stories sit firmly on the realism side of the fence than on the sci fi one but Vonnegut can shine on either Perhaps it’s best to review each story individually thenConfido Eerie enough with a finish a bit like an episode of the twilight zone 4 starsFubar Ho hum Youth vs old age 2 starsShout it from the housetops I had to go back to remember what this story was even about Perils of creation and all that Suburban monotony? 3 starsEd Luby’s Key Club Great premise riveting story likable characters Kafkaesue problems The end moves uicker than I would have liked This felt like notes for a novel too 45 starsA Song for Selma The worst of the lot Some humor Not enough 1 StarHall of Mirrors Maybe the best story in the collection for my money Again the ending felt a bit rushed but this had some excellent narrative control 5 StarsThe Nice Little People Tralfamadorians? Proto Tralfamadorians? This felt most like the Vonnegut of Cats Cradle Slaughterhouse V and Sirens of Titan Great voice Most complete feeling of all the stories 5 starsHello Red Goodbye Red 1 StarLittle Drops of Water I don’t even recall 1 StarThe Petrified Ants Better left submerged methinks 1 StarThe Honor of a Newsboy Pleasantly uaint though I imagine some might be turned off by how aged it feels 3 starsLook at the Birdie uick and cutthroat 4 starsKing and ueen of the Universe Ho hum domestic yarn 2 starsThe Good Explainer A weak ending to a decent collection of stories I was ready for this one to be over 2 starsAnd really I was ready for the collection to be over throughout most of the listen There are some seriously nice nuggets of writing here and Vonnegut is never truly deplorable but so much of this collection should have been laid to rest with the author So it goes 25 stars

  5. Rose Rose says:

    so so brilliant i can't tell you how happy this book made me i got it for christmas from a friend and i don't know if he got it randomly or he really knows me cause it was filled with short stories with happy endings aka my absolute favorite kind of storiesi can't tell you how many times i smiled or laughed i'm truly upset that i'm done if anyone knows any other books similar to this one please feel freeeee to let me know of them

  6. AdiTurbo AdiTurbo says:

    Two or three brilliant stories a few sharp one liners and the rest is uite mediocre not up to Vonnegut's usual standards I can see why this stuff hasn't been published before

  7. Missy (myweereads) Missy (myweereads) says:

    “Do we all have to bleed before we can believe each other?”Look At The Birdie by Kurt Vonnegut is a collection of short stories from his earlier career Previously unpublished they showcase his uniue skills readers have come to loveThe subject matter vary from good versus evil science fiction human nature social influence and many others This was my first read by Vonnegut therefore I had no idea what to expectInstantly the first story pulled at my heart strings and left me shocked The story is called “Confido” it’s about a salesman who creates the ultimate hearing aid which is than what it appears to be Others which stood out for me were “Shout About It From The Housetops” “A Song For Selma” “Hall Of Mirrors” “The Honor Of A Newsboy” Look At The Birdie” and “The Good Explainer”These all had elements which had me tense laughing at parts which were dark surprised and unsettled Vonnegut’s use of language and timing made the stories so uniue and enjoyable I hadn’t even gone through the first two when I knew I had to read by himThis book is a good taster into his work and has me ready to read A definite recommended read

  8. Amanda Amanda says:

    I have been a Vonnegut fan for years and just recently received and read this collection of his earlier short stories And though the San Francisco Chronicle commented that it seems Vonnegut is working out the kinks in these early attempts uite frankly I think it may be my favorite Vonnegut work and to think it went unpublished for so long is astonishing Unlike many of his stories which I find well written ironic hilarious and cynical this piece is well written ironic hilarious and sweet I don't know if Vonnegut as a man became cynical with age as probably happens with lots of bright people but I get the feeling that this early work shows his brilliance when it was maybe not un touched by cynicism but less touched by cynicism Most of these stories left me with a feeling of hope and tenderness towards mankind And I only say most because there are two stories that are meant to be on the sad side What struck me most about this collection was the rare sweetness in Vonnegut's voice And I think that will stay with me for a long time

  9. Erik Graff Erik Graff says:

    There's a reason for these stories having been unpublished during the author's lifetime they're not very good Still for someone like myself who has pretty much read all of Vonnegut with appreciation for his authorial voice this book may be worth a look There are moments in some of the stories which are uite good either because they are emotionally moving or because they're very funny

  10. Erik Ferguson Erik Ferguson says:

    I'll try to avoid spending too much time dwelling on what's already been said about how amazing it is to read for the first time this collection of stories written while Vonnegut was still working for GE But for just one small point it is in fact important to note that the raw materials with which Vonnegut worked throughout his career especially the elements of disillusionment with larger Systems of which his characters find themselves a part; and unfortunately themes of some distortion of reality that imply the presence of real distress in the author's life appearing in what might have been called his formative years if he had been significantly younger when these pieces were written And of course his dark wit about it all shines through cleanlyTo me though the most distinctive factor in this collection is that which is the most dissatisfying for someone whose experience with Vonnegut began with Slaughterhouse Five A result of the constraint that Vonnegut was – of necessity – writing with the goal of publishing at this time it’s that he was working with very little room to toy with form Never has Vonnegut seemed so little like VonnegutHe does what he can of course by consistently exploring the element of surprise But sadly some of the endings especially in the first three pieces in the book end up being too happy – a bit Hallmark channelish The engrossing pieces however work much better “Little Drops of Water” and “Hall of Mirrors” are probably the best here and the finishing touches of the otherwise straightforward “The Nice Little People” leave a taste of Nabokov in the mouth the right blend of sour and otherworldly A contemporaneous reader could have well expected that the author would later demonstrate much capability Vonnegut was a master when he had room to breathe This collection illustrates the contrast between his mastery and pre mastery by showcasing his characteristic punchy ness while disallowing him the opportunity to deomonstrate the most important of his traits his reasons for being punchy

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Look at the Birdie: Unpublished Short Fiction ❮PDF / Epub❯ ✈ Look at the Birdie: Unpublished Short Fiction ⚣ Author Kurt Vonnegut Jr. – Thomashillier.co.uk Look at the Birdie collects 14 short stories from an original writer in American fiction This series of vignettes never published in Vonnegut’s lifetime reveals a warm wise funny portrait of life in Look at the the Birdie: PDF Å Birdie collects short stories from an original writer in American fiction This series of vignettes never published in Vonnegut’s lifetime reveals a warm wise funny portrait of life in post–WWII America a world where suabbling couples high school geniuses misfit office workers small town lotharios struggle to adapt to changing technology moral ambiguity unprecedented affluence Featuring a Foreword by Look at PDF \ author longtime Vonnegut confidant Sidney Offit Look at the Birdie is for readers who thought that Vonnegut’s voice had been stilled forever introduces his short fiction to any who have yet to experience itForewordLetter from Kurt Vonnegut Jr to Walter J Miller Confido FUBAR Shout about it from the housetops Ed Luby's key club A song for Selma Hall at the Birdie: Unpublished Short Kindle - of mirrors The nice little at the Birdie: PDF Î peopleHello Red Little drops of water The petrified ants The honor of a newsboyLook at the birdie King ueen of the universe The good explainerIllustrations.