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The Doll with the Yellow Star [Read] ➯ The Doll with the Yellow Star By Yona Zeldis McDonough – A tender story about the power of love in the face of lossNine year old Claudine doesn't want to leave her much loved home in France to go live in America not without her parents But she knows about t A tender story about with the ePUB ´ the power of love in the face of lossNine year old Claudine doesn't want to leave her much loved home in France to go live in America not without her parents But she knows about the shortages about the yellow stars Jews must wear and about Adolf Hitler And she knows that there are some things she needs to do The Doll PDF or even when she doesn't want to It's wartime and there is much that is different now There are things that Claudine will lose to this terrible war But not everything that is lost must be lost forever Here is a moving story about lost and found lives and the healing power of love.

  • Hardcover
  • 96 pages
  • The Doll with the Yellow Star
  • Yona Zeldis McDonough
  • English
  • 09 November 2015
  • 9780805063370

8 thoughts on “The Doll with the Yellow Star

  1. Kate Willis Kate Willis says:

    Oh wow This story made me cry so hard It's technically written for children but the story and writing are so good that I claim it I loved the child's perspective on immigrating to America during the early days of World War II her fear of wearing a yellow star and her heartbreak over having her family torn apart There were also some sweet instances of every day life and the doll theme was pretty cute It is such a beautiful mix of sorrow and hope Best uote Claudine thinks of the coals They didn't look dangerous at all; in fact they looked uite ordinary even a bit dull But then there were other things that seemed dull or ordinary and turned out to be dangerous Words in the newspaper Or a scrap of yellow cloth cut into the shape of a starAltogether I thought this was a masterful sweet story perfect for readers of all ages

  2. Adam Richter Adam Richter says:

    The book The Doll with the Yellow Star really shows you what the younger children in that time had had to go through during WWII It also gives a good preview about WWII and what was going on if you don’t know much about it Through the main character Claudine you get to see how hard it was on these children to be separated from their parents and have to start new lives With the help of a new fluffy friend named Violette Claudine is able to get through most of the war until she finds out she has lost possibly forever She is then reunited with her father but Hitler took her mother Claudine and her father one day find a happy and unbelievable surprise when at a market that then changes Claudine's life forever I would recommend this book to younger youth who don’t know much about WWII or to teenagers who aren’t big on reading books

  3. Sharon Zink Sharon Zink says:

    I was going to give this book to a young person but after I read it I knew no young person would be interested in it It is a nice story of a young girl who was separated from her beloved doll while being sent to safety away from Europe during World War II But it does not grab the reader

  4. Rebecca Ostrega Rebecca Ostrega says:

    This is my first historical fiction book reviewThe story is about a girl named Claudine that lives in France with her parents during WWII She enjoys all things little girls do and even though times are rough she gets a doll for her birthday and names it Violette It's not until the Nazis being to show up that life changes Claudine is forced to wear a yellow star on her coat which immediately changes her outlook on life and friendships She is shunned for being a Jewish Her parents encourage her to try to accept how things are and keep busy making clothes for Violette Angered Claudine puts a yellow start on the inside of the doll's cape to let the doll decide whether or not she wants to let the star show As it becomes and dangerous to remain in France Claudine's parents decide to send her to America to live with her aunt and uncle On the journey Claudine leaves her doll behind and doesn't hear from her family for years She assumes they are dead until her father surprises her Claudine and her father move around trying to get something of their life back in order In the end Claudine find Violette resumes a somewhat normal routine and her and her father live happily once againThis book reminded me of those biographies that come with the American Girl dolls I found myself feeling sorry for the girl angry at the situation with WWII and proud that Claudine never gave up Although she missed time spent with her family she was never angry or resentful towards her father as we read so much about in modern booksI think the story would be appropriate for intermediate grade students It's written in a way that girls can relate to and offers an emotional side to WWII away from the usual lesson topic There were a few pictures scattered throughout the book that looked of a painting style It gave the book an older feeling The story was a uick and easy read which is perfect for a supplemental literature project assignment or discussion

  5. Josephine Sorrell Josephine Sorrell says:

    i read the book in one sitting which I think makes the story powerful The part about the doll was a bit unrealistic but it made the story a little happy in a very unhappy world in WWII FranceGr 3 5 Eight year old Claudine is a Jewish girl living in occupied France during World War II Her loving parents try to keep her life as normal as possible and even manage to buy her a lovely new doll for her birthday But after the Germans decree that Jews must wear a yellow star things begin to change for the worse and soon Claudine's parents decide to send her to America to live with her aunt and uncle She convinces them to let her take Violette on whose clothes she has also sewn a tiny yellow star But at the end of the voyage her toy gets lost and Claudine wonders if she will ever see it or her parents again A well meaning yet additional purchase Teri Markson Stephen S Wise Temple Elementary School Los Angeles

  6. Janean Janean says:

    I just finished reading a children's book about the holocaust entitled The Doll with the Yellow Star The setting begins in Paris as Hitler's influence is spreading It is from a different point of view than I've read before The main character a young girl does escape to her aunt's and uncle's house in New York In the process however she looses her doll which was the last present her parents gave her The significance of that is increased because Claudine the young girl had sewn a yellow star on the inside lapel of the dolls coat so the doll could show it when she wanted Also sewn on the inside is a picture of her mom and dad This would be an appropriate introduction for children to the personal losses of war

  7. Miss Amanda Miss Amanda says:

    gr 3 5 88 pgsWWII Paris France and Long Island US On her eigth birthday Claudine is given a beautiful doll Violette As life becomes difficult for her family under the Nazi occupation her parents decide to send Claudine to live with her aunt and uncle in America Claudine hates to leave her family and home She isn't able to bring a lot with her but insists on bringing her doll Violette On the ship journey Claudine is separated from her doll she hopes to be one day reunited with her doll and with her parents As the waiting turns into years Claudine longs for the day when her family will be reunitedsee also When the Soldiers Were Gone by Vera Propp

  8. Aiden Segal Aiden Segal says:

    this book is so sad

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