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51 Puppy Tricks ❴PDF / Epub❵ ☂ 51 Puppy Tricks Author Kyra Sundance – Thomashillier.co.uk Give your puppy a head start 51 Puppy Tricks gives you the tools you need to teach your puppy essential skills helpful behaviors and fantastic tricks through step by step instructions and photographs Give your puppy a head start Puppy Tricks gives you the tools you need to teach your puppy essential skills helpful behaviors and fantastic tricks through step by step instructions and photographs Tricks and tips are specifically designed for your puppy's developing mind and body The first two years of your puppy's life are a crucial time in his 51 Puppy PDF/EPUB ² or her development By teaching your puppy early and using positive reinforcement methods you will instill in him or her a cooperative spirit and a lifetime love of learning Instead of focusing on curbing bad behaviors this guide will help you establish a lifetime bond with your puppy as you teach skills ranging from beginner come stay to advanced tidy up toys into a boxfetch the newspaperPositive reinforcement methods are the fastest and easiest way to teach a puppy These anxiety free methods produce a joyful puppy who is a willing partner in the learning process Trick training builds relationships by deepening communication pathways trust and mutual respect It offers a way to bond with your puppy as you strive toward common goals and delight in your successes The trust and cooperative spirit developed through this process will last a lifetimeStep by step instruction guides you through the simple steps of teaching a trick Troubleshooting ideas and tips provide solutions to common real world challenges Photos of every step of the training process show you exactly what to do and take the guesswork out of teaching The chapters coverPreliminary Skills respond to a clicker kennel up find me and Body Positions sit down crawl roll over kisses and Coordination tunnel teeter board hoop jump flying disc and Communication ring a bell to go outside leave it sit before chowtime and Shape Behavior fetch open the door hide your eyes and Chaining litter in the step can soda from the fridge mail from the mailbox and An appendix lists the tricks by skill level so you can find the just the right tricks to teach your puppy A glossary of terms ensures you'll know exactly what is being discussed Bond with your puppy as he or she gains confidence and learns amazing new skills with Puppy TricksAlso by Kyra Sundance learn to do even with your dog with Dog Tricks; The Dog Tricks and Training Workbook; Minute Dog Training Games; Dog Tricks Kids Edition; Dog Training ; The Pocket Guide to Dog Tricks; Kyra’s Canine Conditioning; and The Joy of Dog Training.

8 thoughts on “51 Puppy Tricks

  1. Ann-Marie Ann-Marie says:

    Cute puppies Good easily understood ideas

  2. classic reverie classic reverie says:

    I am only giving this 3 stars because I am sure many would enjoy and like teaching all these tricks but almost all seemed not applicable to our little papillon puppy I read 25% of this book and started to see how I would not teach her these tricks and scanned the rest of the book Wonderful pictures and easy to understand visual pictures Not for my Ruby but could be for your puppy🐶

  3. Suzy Dominey Suzy Dominey says:

    Very easy to follow and success for training puppies

  4. Lisa Gastineau Lisa Gastineau says:

    Should be fun for puppy and usSo looking forward to teaching our puppy these tricks She loves learning and she will love the challenges and building on what she already knows

  5. Asl4u Asl4u says:

    Very well writtenIts a great lust of tricks and manners that you can teach your puppy The instructions are clear and easy yo follow and some if the likely problems you might face when teaching the task are outlines in the troubleshooting section I bought the book mostly to get ideas for new tricks i could plan to teach my puppy glad i bought ut cuz there are bith several new ideas for me to try and a couple oh yea That i remember from long ago when i had my last puppyGood book

  6. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    I read this book through but haven't tried it with my puppy yet; intend to ASAP Still the value of the information in this book beyond tricks makes it a suggested read for any puppy owner When your puppy is older you can expand with 101 Dog Tricks which I also suggest

  7. Aubrey Aubrey says:

    Great variety includes photos and varying skill levels

  8. Tanya Hakala Tanya Hakala says:

    Great pictures descriptions and tips I'll be picking this one up when the time comes to get our puppy

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