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  1. Michelle Michelle says:

    I have just started this book I met the author Bonnie Pemberton while she was doing a book signing at Book People The cover of the book was beautiful and we had an interesting conversation so I bought the book and had her sign it I am only on page 26 but so far the book is exciting and I am intrigued to see how the story goes So far the Spiritual leader of the cats has died and while he was communicating by psychic transmission who was his heir to become cat master the transmission was interrupted by an evil cat The leader died before he could complete his message Now the evil cat wants to become heir by preventing the true heir from rising to power The evil cat has just begun to stalk the loved ones of the true heir It is suspenseful so far I finally had a chance to finish this book It was a really fun read with suspense drama moral dilemmas and even a hint of romance Very entertaining

  2. Valerie Valerie says:

    This is a must read for all animal lovers and even for those who aren't who knows you may be after you turn the last page of this magical bookA heart warming story that captured me from the very beginning and held me close right thru to the endIn a way I wish there could be a seuel but a little imagination goes a long wayI'm happy to have travelled the road with the various creatures great and small

  3. David David says:

    Fun book I really enjoyed this Read it fast for me 3 days

  4. Rylee C Rylee C says:

    The leader of cats is dying and some one must take his place Buddy an average house cat is called to be the new cat master but it puts him and his friends into mortal danger Animal control has had it and all feral animals are sought out Dogs cats reptiles rodents and birds unite as one to help ensure a rightful master ascends to power Through out the book Buddy has to face difficult choices and challenges Buddy used to be a feral cat but was adopted by a human boy after almost being killed by his feral brother Jett In the book during certain situations Buddy is forced to make a uick and hasty decision which could lead to death or surviving another day in the outs Buddy and his friends are all in mortal danger and major conflict is forming between feral animals and indoor animals Fights break out and forced decisions are made and this is why Buddy has to learn some street smarts in order to survive I loved this book it had a great plot and was always drawing you in to read The characters all had uniue personalities that worked well with the story and made it flow The Cat Master was a heart filled story about friendship betrayal and loyalty

  5. Janeen-san Janeen-san says:

    This is an enchanting tale that will leave you wondering just what goes on in the mind of your pet cat Erin Hunter calls them Warriors and Kittypets and Bonnie Pemberton calls them Ferals and Indoors She has created a wonderful story filled with mystery and adventure about two cat brothers in a race against time to reach the throne and become The Cat Master ruler of all felinesWho will get to the throne first?Reread Jan 20 2011 to Jan 24 2011I still liked this book it was cool to reread My favorite character was Orie He was hilarious But I wished the author could've explained Buddy's selflessness a bit because while I was reading this he seemed toperfect He had flaws though but I think of what he felt rather than his actions could've been shown at the end if you know what I mean His feelings But instead it just said what his physical actions were Get it? But I thought this book was clever and funny A well though out book with lots of cool characters It makes you wonder what your cat is thinking about all the time Also the first time I read it we didn't have kittens so when I first read the book I wasn't sure exactly HOW the playful kittens acted but now we have kittens of our own They are a blast and they run around the house all the time and because I have real kittens to play with and relate to I could interpet the storybook cat's movements better This is a good book to read aloud or to oneself It was fun to reread 3 stars

  6. Cmoore Cmoore says:

    I read a lot of good books but the great ones shine like gems among them — to name a few Wolf Brother Inkheart Eragon and now I wasn't expecting The Cat Master to blow me away; the blurb just sounded sillyBonnie Pemberton has populated her story with the animals you expect to find in an urban landscape feral and domesticated cats and dogs and wild animals such as birds reptiles and possums This adventure story is told from the various animals' points of view The characters range from the self centered lizard named Orie who never helped anyone until a cat's cry shook his world to a selfless friendly dog named Tenba who would help a cat in need if it asked for it and a possum who often thinks with his stomach and forgets about any conseuences that may arise by chasing that runaway bug And the cats? Well wow How do I describe all of them? Just get the book and enjoy it

  7. merg merg says:

    Hermwell I sort of liked this book at first but by the end I was just reading it to get it over with It was like a mixture between Warriors The Lion King and maybe something else All the characters except for Soot irritated me Especially Shan Dara and Buddy And it was weird how the cats cried As in tears spilled from their eyes They laugh in Warriors but at least they don't cry It really didn't work the way that the author tried to mix real animal behavior with fictionthe lizard drove me INSANE He justdid not act like a lizard At ALL Lizards don't save their broken off tails okay? They don't ride around on dogs okay? Yes I know the cats in Warriors don't act like catsbut I liked Warriors a LOT better than this book Sigh Though the latest Warriors book was somewhat disappointinghopefully the next one will be better

  8. Hayley Hayley says:

    With his last breath the old Cat Master leader of all felines summons his chosen heir through mind talk But all is not well and a darkness descends upon the cat world as the message is intercepted by Jett brother of the new heir Buddy He becomes enraged because he had not been chosen instead Thus a deadly sibling rivalry ensues Will they plunge into darkness or will the light win out?This was an outstanding and well paced story that held my attention all through the book I was easily able to visualize the everything in my mind as I was reading It reminded me a lot of the Warriors series by Erin Hunter My biggest downside to the book is that I felt it was a bit predictableA satisfying book for those who wish to delve deeper into the secret world of cats in an outstanding and uplifting fictional tale

  9. Caroline Caroline says:

    This was a very good book to say the least Originally I thought it was going to be a lot like Warriors and let me just say I LOVE WARRIORS3 I was really hoping it wasn't going to be a Warriors spoof And guess what? This book although it was about cats had uite a different plot It added funny twists such as adding random characters' points of view possum mockingbird lizard and those made it original All these animals although it was mainly about cats came together and linked in many unforeseen ways They all helped each other out to formulate a loving and satisfying endingVery good book

  10. Katy Ann Katy Ann says:

    I know I know You should never compare one book to another because each is different It just so happens though that it's human nature to compare I picked this one up because I loved the Warriors series in middle school With this new take on feralsindoors I did not find much pleasure Perhaps it is due to the fact that I attempted to read a type of book I loved as a middle schooler now as an adult therefore my tastes have changed and my mind grown I did enjoy the different animals other than felines giving their point of view I simply won't be picking this story up to re read

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