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Dear Me ❴PDF / Epub❵ ★ Dear Me Author Joseph Galliano – Thomashillier.co.uk These nuggets of wisdom are offered by an Academy Award–nominated actor James Woods a popular comedian Aasif Mandvi and a world famous novelist Jodi Picoult to their sixteen year old selves No matte These nuggets of wisdom are offered by an Academy Award–nominated actor James Woods a popular comedian Aasif Mandvi and a world famous novelist Jodi Picoult to their sixteen year old selves No matter how accomplished and confident they seem today at sixteen they were like the rest of us—often unsure freuently confused and usually in need of a little reassuranceIn Dear Me celebrities writers musicians athletes and actors have written letters to their younger selves that give words of comfort warning humor and advice These letters present intimate moving and witty insights into some of the world’s most intriguing and admired individuals By turns funny surprising raw and uplifting this singular collection captures the universal conditions that are youth life and growing up.

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  1. kylajaclyn kylajaclyn says:

    What an inspired and charming book I'd like to see another one published with letters from Everyday Joes and Janes In the spirit of this book I am going to write a letter to my 16 year old self too I think everyone should do the sameDear Ky Miss 16What baggage you will have in the future But as heavy as it is it's all you girl I am here from the future to dispense a bit of advice to you My first thought penny is that you should take everything with a grain of salt including all of the following Ha1 Do not run away from your problems by agreeing to be homeschooled Amy is going through the same angst you are and Jason is just a dumbass You all are at that age Suck it up chica What about prom? What about a real graduation? Coming from the future I can tell you that you will not have another of those for a longggg time Give serious thought to what you will be missing for at least than one night And then carry on with your original plans in case these revised ideas cause you to get knocked up or lose your virginity on prom night like some of your other friends they know who they are I know how emotional you are You don't need that2 And speaking of virginity uit your moaning You will make up for lost time in five years when you realize that you're not missing anything unless you're having sex with love in there somewhere It still hasn't happened yet the love thing So maybe if you stick to your 16 year old plan of not having sex until you are in love you'll save yourself me uite a bit of scars It's worth a shot because I know you still won't listen 3 And what of love? What of that boyfriend that you never stop wanting? Well all these years later and off medication you do not stop wanting But now you have something much important than a boyfriend you love yourself You didn't ever think you'd say that and really mean it did you? Time is funny that way So no boyfriends Two two week flings and one for a month and a half that's all you've had in 24 years But I am telling you then as I am telling myself now there is no need for jealousy All these girls with boyfriends just wait until they take off their make up After that they won't look uite so Hollywood to you You've got to save yourself the agony of trying to figure why you've never had a proper relationship because you'll never understand it And I can tell you that it makes no sense because you are beautiful funny very smart and in possession of pretty darn good tastes well so now but you see my point So stop trying to figure it out and start embracing all that you are Maybe you're just the one person on Earth who is too awesome for a boyfriend I know that's one you haven't considered Start considering it now and you'll love yourself much sooner4 And speaking of boyfriends go ahead and date Jon in 2008 He'll break your soul in two weeks but he'll also derail your life plans and enable you to go out in the real world I've seen what living in California did to you and I can tell you that need it in every possible way However you also need an education sucks when people are right With this in mind call PVCC at the end of the 2008 semester and get that F off your transcript It's just bowling but still 5 Your initial desire to go to ODU is the correct one6 Your dad is right about a few things like the fact that you will not love Clay Aiken forever or Aaron Carter oh god Nor Enriue Iglesias LFO or Britney Spears But some things you have carried with you since being 16 You still love the Backstreet Boys Lizzie McGuire Titanic and anything pertaining to the 90s So save your money on romcoms and purchase those instead Since you're going to spend money anyway you might as well know what to spend it on7 For fuck's sake girl open a savings account Even 10 a month will be a small fortune by the time you are 24 And do NOT go on that cruise in 2008 Again you need an education And you need that money You could have traveled the world by now with it or bought a car paid for school etc It's the dumbest mistake you will make and probably one that will not effect the space time continuum if you actually listen to me and DON'T GO8 Twilight is as bad as you think it is When you go to read it in 2009 so that you can properly pass judgment DON'T You don't need to because I'm telling you now it really is that bad Some books you can and should judge by a cover Stop trying to be so self righteous and reserve judgment You should have trusted your instinct instead which is that you hate vampires and these books are stupid Your instincts are often right Imagine that9 When your future friend Lauren you'll meet her soon sends you that bundle of CDs that includes Say Anything's don't save it for last You need to listen to it first because it will render everything else irrelevant And go to their concert in 2007 even though you will have no one to go with you 10 Most of the people you talk to now you will not be talking to in 2012 Keep that in mind when you give your heart away so freely11 In two years you will leave Texas Sometimes you do get what you wish for12 You never thought you'd live to see a legend die You are wrong13 You also never thought you'd meet a celebrity you wished it but never really believed it again you are wrong You will meet Ryan Gosling Think about that the next time you watch The United States of Leland13 Screw everything I've told you to do except this one thing ENJOY your moments of happiness while you are in them I know how you analyze every happy situation even while you are in it Don't think about why you are happy Just be happy Life's gonna get pretty fucking tough chica and you're going to need to know how to be in the moment without overanalyzing You don't think you can do it now but I know you can You're the toughest bitch I know You'll grow to have alligator skin and still not lose the core of who you are It's pretty miraculous Now you know that in those fleeting moments when you love your life that you are absolutely RIGHT to do so So please breathe while it's still easy to do so You're going to be a fine young woman; one of the greatestLovethe Future Kyla age 24

  2. Tressa Tressa says:

    What a neat concept for a book In Dear Me A Letter to My Sixteen Year Old Self Joseph Galliano has enlisted seventy five celebrities to write letters full of advice warnings and encouragement to their sixteen year old selves With a group that includes writers singers actors and musicians old and young you won't be surprised that the letters range from the humorous to the serious to the touchingSome of my favorite adviceDear Angie Treasure your abilities you won't always have them I can see I can pee I can hear I can bend I can steer I can kneel I can crawl I can run backwards I can chew I can do it all I can fallSo dear one dance and ride your bike but don't forget that one day you won't be able to get back onAngie Dickinson oh one thing your across the street neighbor is going to ask you to learn guitar with himI suggest you take him up on itGarth Brooks Dear Gillian You are completely and utterly self obsessed If you spent a uarter of your time thinking about others instead of how much you hate your thighs your level of contentment and self worth would expand exponentiallyOh and honey expand your horizons; your world is a bigger oyster than your low self esteem wants you to believe Love yourself think of others and be grateful I love you I believe in you and I look forward to respecting you Me You Us PS Follow your dreams and not your boyfriendsGillian Anderson Dear Jo This must be a lot weirder for you than it is for me; after all I know you I also really like you which you will find impossible to believe given that you are racked with insecurity and self loathing Jo give yourself a break You're not the only one who feels small and inadeuate; you'll realise eventually that everyone is the wizard of OzOne last thing One day you will not only meet Morrissey but he will know who you are I KNOWJK RowlingI would tell my sixteen year old self that all the universe stopping drama of high school won't add up to a hill of beans the day after you get your diploma And I would be rightWhat would you tell your 16 year old self?

  3. Laala Kashef Alghata Laala Kashef Alghata says:

    “You seem to spend a lot of time laughing that’s good You’ll remember laughing like that when you’re old” — Joanna LumleyThis is a really really lovely book I adore it It is what the title states — lots of celebrities and personalities writing letters to themselves when they were 16 Most have advice some are funny some are sad some are touching It doesn’t matter that these people are famous That may be why some people buy it but that’s not what you get from the pages If you’re young it’s interesting to see what people other than your parents would want to know when they were young And what a vast variety of people From Stephen Fry to Archbishop Desmond Tutu to Tracey Emin It’s fantastic If you’re older it may touch you differently make you wonder what you would want to know at that age and see the mistakes that other people have madeI’m really glad I bought this and I want all my friends who are running around or crying their eyes out or thinking they’re unbeatable to read it I uote Joanna Lumley because even though I don’t know who she is her entire letter seemed to be written for me I bet you’ll find one that you think is aimed at you too

  4. Clare Holman-Hobbs Clare Holman-Hobbs says:

    A really great collection of letters and interesting to see the differences between them

  5. Eimear Eimear says:

    Some of the writing is to scrawly to read unless you're really dedicated and want to spend a long time staring at a page of suiggly lines A lot of the letters are very good and some seem uite rushed Good book but a bit of a disappointment in places

  6. Fen Fen says:

    I will freely admit that the only reason I even knew about this book was because my favorite actor James Marsters has a letter printed in it but it was really uite an interesting read Some of the letters were flippant some were way personal than I would have expected but nearly all of them got me thinking My favorite may have been the letter from Alan Rickman saying basically if in the future someone asks him to write a letter to his 16 year old self don't do it Make your own uniue messes and then work your own way out of themAnd as for my favorite actor? Well it was about what I expected mostly flippant and taking the whole writing a letter to your 16 year old self way too literally Still overall it was a fun and thought provoking book

  7. Jayde Jayde says:

    A letter to my sixteen year old self is a great concept but the book does not live up to the potential of it's idea The letters contained within on very rare occasions invoke emotion but for the most part miss the mark and land somewhere in mediocre territory I constantly found that my eyes were wandering down the page to judge how much there was to go before I could gratefully turn the page a tell tale sign of an uninteresting read There are a few familiar big names but for the most part the book features letters from obscure 'filler' people you will have never heard of with an eually obscure and uninteresting letter to their sixteen year old self

  8. Amelia Amelia says:

    Like in any anthology there are hits and misses It's hard to single out anything particular for the former because they all say or less the same thing a Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul II blend of make the most of the time you have and don't sweat the small stuff The difference really amounts to whether there is a smattering of humour Joanna Lumley Emma Thompson or a little bitterness Annie Lennox Lesley Manville and or less biographical information in the letters As for the misses some people just didn't seem to have put as much thought into it Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall for eg really? All you'd like to tell your teenage self is to say no to things that cannot be done properly in the limited time available? And this was the letter to close the book? and some people put things that were frankly revolting When I say some people I mostly mean Jonathan Ross and his desire to express that he has always liked masturbating Charmed I'm sure I liked that Dear Me was composed of pictures of the letters people wrote It had much personality than if it had been just straight typing although some of the handwriting took some deciphering I also liked the space included to write your own letter at the end This would be particularly useful for an adult presenting it to a teenager to write what they would like the recipient to know Dear Me would however have benefited from an index or alphabetical order to allow the reader to pick out particular letters Perhaps also a reader who knew who half of these personages areMy favourite uote Trisha Goddard Not belonging will give you the freedom to follow your dreams instead of the crowdPS A large chunk of the letters are from the LGBT community chiefly gay male which is perhaps to be expected in a book which is fundraising for the Elton John AIDS foundation Or perhaps it's simply that figuring out your sexuality is less of an issue for heterosexual people and thus less likely to be mentioned Either way I'm mentioning it as Dear Me might be most relevant to a young person struggling with their sexuality NB Different editions seem to contain different authorsletters Mine is the version with foreword by Elton John

  9. Scout Scout says:

    Too homogeneous to read than a handful of entries in one sitting but not meaty enough to work as a coffee table book It casts a wide net covering everything from bestselling authors to youtube sensations but the same sentiments are repeated over and over those sentiments themselves being rife with cliches I also take fundamental issue with the premise of the book I know the point of it is to see what wisdom various personalities have gained in the course of their lives and there's nothing wrong with that but I find the medium it's presented in writing a letter to your past self bothersome Of course something like telling yourself that you will meet the love of your life in a nightclub on a trip to a specific country as someone whose name eludes me does in her letter is ridiculous but even just giving yourself general advice is pointless You're obviously going to learn anything you can tell yourself eventually and when you do it will most likely be through an experiences significant enough to deeply ingrain the wisdom in uestion in you instead of trust placed in a letter even if it is from your future selfAnyway there are good and bad letters here but there's so much overlap between the two that the whole book just becomes a blur of Don't give up and It's okay to be different I'd be content just reading JK Rowling's to learn that she was is? a Smiths fanatic such a telling thing about a teenage girl really and being unaware of the rest's existence

  10. Laura Laura says:

    I think this book would be just as interesting if it was written by everyday people as opposed to just those who have gone one to fame and success Thankfully there seem to be lots of places for people to post their own the book's website Facebook page Twitter etc which I think I'll enjoy checking out This also made me think a lot about what I would write to myself which has proved to be an interesting thought exercise

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