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    A gripping page turner about a little boy growing up an East Prussian refuge.

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    I read this about 10 years ago A clever marketer, the author Mr Gunther Nitsch contacted any Nitsch s he could find in N America He found my parents in Toronto They, after reading it themselves, bought 3 books for their 3 adult children so that we might better understand their war time challenges and flea from East Prussia We never established whether we are directly related to Gunther Nitsch but it is entirely possible based on the same name, same area of Germany The book is well researched and written based on the author s recollections and events during wartime Germany It chronicles the author s family s trials consisting of some horrific events with several very suspenseful chapters It includes their perspectives and feelings at the time which helps to bond us to the family members Mr Nitsch even responded to my emai...

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    This is an author published memoir of his life in Europe during WWII He was born in East Prussia in 37 and lived peacefully on his grandfather s farm during the war All changed when the Russians invaded and his life and that of his family was one of survival until 1950.I liked reading another perspective of the events of those years He shares his family s total lack of knowledge of goings on Little pleasures we take for granted like drin...

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    This book is non fiction and recounts the childhood of Gunter born in 1937 in East Prussia who survived the war with his mother, grandmother and brother Living and surviving during the war by working in the fields, factories and camps It gives me a much better understanding of what my siblings lived through while in Germany It makes me want to get my oldest sister...

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    This true story about six years of Gunter Nitsch s childhood is hauntingly captivating He tells of the incredible hardships he, his mother, his siblings and extended family suffered as they made their way from Russian occupied East Prussia to...

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    This was a good book that I found personally interesting because it told much of my family of origin s story Such saddness, fear, hunger especially for children that survive during wartime I actually contacted and spoke with the author as I felt it helped under...

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    I read this only because it got sent to my office b c the man who wrote it is from scarsdale, i was pleasantly surprised with how well it was written and how captivated i was

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    I enjoyed the book so much I bought his next book Stretch Coming of Age in Post War Germany Just finished that one and loved it too.

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    Heart wrenching autobiography of early life of Gunter Nitsch, a memberof the Caf Conversation.

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    Wow I will definitely have to read Gunter Nitsch s second book, Stretch, which is a followup to this one.

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Weeds Like Us The Uprooting Of Seven Million Civilians Women, Children, And Elderly Men From Their Homes In The German Provinces Of East Prussia, Pomerania, And Silesia Following World War II Is Largely Unknown In The United States Weeds Like Us Is A Gripping True Adventure Story About The Author S Own East Prussian Family The Author S Earliest Years Were Spent In Relative Comfort On His Grandfather S Farm In East Prussia During World War II For Him, Life In Hitler S Germany Was The Natural Order Of Things Then, In January 1945, Just After The Author S Seventh Birthday, The Russians Rolled Into East Prussia Full Of Unexpected Twists And Turns, Weeds Like Us Tells The Story Of What Happened Over The Next Six Years, As The Author S Family Tried To Make Its Way Safely To The West.