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    This book had a good premise but it didn t follow through The h is a rich heiress interior decorator who at the age of 29 has given up on finding Mr Right in the normal way She decides to place a personal ad for someone looking for a straightforward business arrangement for marriage and family Her best friend decides to make sure she gets at least one response to the ad that has possibilities by attaching the business card ...

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    I just feel there was SO much that could have been done in this book The H h were just my cup of tea on paper A charming and beta hero A strong and independent h In fact, it resonated so deeply with me because I m almost feeling the same thing the h is I want to have someone to talk to at the end of the day I just feel it was mishandled at the end with weird confusions and I really think the H was at fault for not confiding in his wife what problems he...

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    This was one of the first romance novels that I ever read ad a teenager ahem, nearly 30 years ago It was one of my favorites I ve kept the book and came across it the other day and needed to reacquaint myself I smiled the whole way thru I mean, c m...

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    The H acted in an immature manner for most of the book.

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A Business Arrangement In For A Penny In For A PoundLauren Was Embarrassed When Matthew Kennerly Threw Her Out Of His Office He D Been Outraged That She Could Believe He Had Answered Her Newspaper Ad For A Husband.Well, Lauren Was Outraged, Too She D Taken A Businesslike Approach To Finding A Partner, And The Dallas Attorney S Accusations And Threats Had Added Insult To Injury.But The Worst Was Yet To Come When Matthew Arrived At Her Parents Home Unannounced And Ready To Take Her Up On The Proposition