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When Conscience Speaks When Conscience Speaks Defines Conscience, Describes Its Functions And Operations From An Evangelical Christian Context The Book Identifies And Corrects Some Of The Major Conceptual Misunderstandings Of Conscience And Its Role In Our Growth And Maturity It Shows Readers, When Facing Life Challenges, How Conscience Can Be Used In Making Effective, Christ Like Decisions Many Persons Have Taken The Word Aconsciencea For Grantedaassuming We All Have The Same Understanding Of Its Meaning This Is Untrue But Most Treat Conscience As A Central Yardstick In A Political Scandal, Conscience May Be Used As A Basis For Self Judgement The Terrorist Finds Justification By It Witnesses Swear In Courts By It Priests And Pastors Make Statements Of Doctrinal Claims On The Basis Of Their Conscience Paul Says, AI Speak The Truth In ChristaI Am Not Lying, My Conscience Confirms It In The Holy Spirita Rom