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Welcome Home Watson Feels Like He S Been Riding His Bike Forever Leaving Boston, And His Ex Boyfriend, In A Cloud Of Dust, He Heads West Finding Himself With Nowhere To Stay On A Cold Rocky Mountain Night, Watson Takes A Chance On A Traveler S Rest, An Old Fashioned Place To Just Hang His Hat For The Night Bandy Was A Traveler Once, Too, Until A Desperate Bout With Disaster Changed His Life He Takes Watson In, Shows The Man That It S Worth Picking Up The Pieces Of A Shattered Life But Can He Convince Watson They Can Make A Home For Both Of Them

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    This is a wonderful feel good story, all about finding home and love where none was expected With no drama other than that of the past, it reads like a very sweet modern day fairy tale with some wonderfully naughty bits and loving physical activities added in to make it a rather hot read It is true that both characters have dealt with tragedy, in their own way, but they have moved on and this almost seems like their reward Watson may look tough on his bike and wearing his leather outfit, but all he really wants is someone to love who will love him back His ex in Boston treated him truly badly with the breakup from hell, but the truth is, Watson and he hadn t really connected for a while And while Watson gets on his bike to go west and is hoping for a better life, he doesn t really expect to find love He is all the surprised when he meets Bandy who welcomes strangers in need of food or a bed for the night into his house And while Watson cannot believe his luck, he is not too dumb to turn down an opportunity at happiness once he sees it.Bandy is one special guy He used to travel, and has seen much of the world, but then disaster struck and he had to change his life I think it s amazing how he deals with it and no, I am not going to give details because ...

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    3.5 star review by ColetteThis is one of those short sweet love stories that puts a smile on your face and makes your day just a little bit better.After finding his boyfriend in bed with someone else, Watson jumps on his bike and heads west, just west Eventually he ends up in Colorado, tired, hungry and than a little angry, seeing a light up ahead he stops It is there he meets Bandy, who tells him he is on Sutter s Mountain and that he found what used to be a hunter s lodge, but was now a place for travelers, someplace to stop and rest and eat He invites Watson in and feeds him a dinner of beans, coffee and corn bread.They get to talking and Bandy offers him a place to stay for the night They share each other s stories and the attraction between the 2 grows, leading to some hot sexiness.Bandy and Watson find something in each other neither was looking for, sometimes love finds you when you least expect it.A copy of this book...

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    Short and heavy on the sex, but a nice enough read.I wish there had been a bit between them for us to see as far as conversation and relationship the most they talked at the end was need love .Not bad, but nothing great either.

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    An enjoyable short story which brings two MC s who have loved and lost together in an unexpected place that becomes homebecause home is where the other ishome is where love is.

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    A chance encounter seems to become something much deeper and unexpected.

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    3.5 Stars review to follow on Love Bytes

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