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  • The Ghost and Mr. Moore
  • Ryan Field
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  • 14 October 2016
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7 thoughts on “The Ghost and Mr. Moore

  1. Felicia (Ferishia) Felicia (Ferishia) says:

    The story of a man falling in love with a sexy ghost only he can see I though it was a cute sweet very sexy story and maybe just a bit sad This did not got uite like I thought it would but I enjoyed it

  2. Michael Michael says:

    I really really wanted to like this book I read the summary that was provided here at GoodReads and liked the premise Single gay dad ghost romance small town politics rebuilding a life It had potential The problem is that the summary told the whole story Dexter the main character leaves Hollywood with his daughter and heads to the east coast He buys a beautiful home that is haunted meets a local that gets him involved in a local political issue his ex bf loses his money and Dexter has to do a reality show to earn cash I didn’t hate the bookI was entertained and I did think they ending was nice My main problem was what got me from beginning to endThe book suffered from 3 main things1 It needed to be proofread again There were a few spots where words were droppedinstead of “he went outside” you would see “he outside” “He’d” be written as “he’s” side warning If you get this on Kindle be prepared to see “Page break” all over the place Ugh2 The character of Capt Lang doesn’t feel authentic He’s a ghost that has been trapped in this house since his death He doesn’t talk like a man who lived in 1897 New England You could assume he’d picked up a few modern phrases by watching tv or listening to the inhabitants of the house over the years but that assumption falls apart due to inconsistencies Example He doesn’t understand what words like “freuency” and “wavelength” mean but he says things like this to Dexter “When I was alive no one knew my sexual preference” or “I enjoy watching you especially when you call out my name when you climax” Sexual preference? Climax? It just didn’t feel like words a 100 year old ghost would say3 Details Too many in some spots and not enough in others We learn almost nothing about Capt Lang I would have loved to have known I didn’t feel the same way about the house the town oras silly as it sounds Halloween decorations Pages of details are given about these things and it just feels like for the most part unimportant filler I mean some details about the house and what is taking place Halloween are greatbut not on the level given here I wish the same energy had been spent on details about the charactersThere are a lot of sex scenes and they are very nice If you’re looking for “uivering holes” “eager openings” “Yes I want you inside me” and “Take me now” you won’t be disappointedand a detailed discussion about ghost comeIt’s not a horrible book I’m sure many people will read it and enjoy it It can grab you at times and the setting Ryan has created is a wonderful fantasy I just couldn’t totally fall into the book and be a part of this world Two stars may seem low but I'm actually selecting two for the words associated with itit was ok

  3. Roger Hyttinen Roger Hyttinen says:

    When I was a kid I fell in love with an old television movie and the subseuent television series entitled “The Ghost and Mrs Muir” about a woman who purchases an old house that is haunted by the ghost of a Sea Captain So I was delighted when I recently stumbled across the book entitled “The Ghost and Mr Moore” by Ryan Field — a modern tongue in cheek gay retelling of the original movie Mr Field has written several other books in a similar vein parodies of popular films and I’ve enjoyed several of them so I thought I’d check this one outFamous child actor Dexter Moore moves into an old house in Provincetown along with his daughter and housekeeper The house was once owned by a handsome sea captain Captain Lang who according to Dexter resembles Hugh Jackman and according to local rumor the house is haunted Sure enough strange things begin happening shortly after they move in cupboard doors open by themselves strange breezes pop up out of nowhere in the house and the sound of laughter echoes through the rooms when there’s nobody aroundThe ghost eventually makes an appearance and in no time at all the ghostly Captain Lang and Mr Moore have sex – lots of sex Some might say too much sex But still there is an interesting storyline especially once a camera crew begins following Mr Moore and his family around the house for a reality show To make things even interesting Mr Moore’s ex shows up and tries to win him back — which doesn’t sit too well with the jealous captainLike the original movie Mr Moore and Captain Lang sit down and write several books together about Captain Lang’s wild adventures at sea But at the end of the day the two need to think about the reality of their relationship and the feasibility of a human with a ghost loverI definitely enjoyed this light hearted low angst story with fun characters and a storyline with several subplots that held my interest The Ghost and Mr Moore is a story with lots of heart and may even bring a tear to your eye from time to time If you’re a fan of the original Ghost and Mrs Muir or ghost stories in general and don’t mind than a generous sprinkling of sex in your stories then you may want to check out The Ghost and Mr Moore Mr Field did an excellent job of this retelling of an old favorite and as usual did not disappointThis review was originally posted on my blog at

  4. A.B. Gayle A.B. Gayle says:

    I took a while to get to know and like Dexter but once I did I really liked this book Maybe because I liked the original concept so much Who wouldn't? The book is great for a number of reasons The sex is hot The Captain is suitably the perfect stud and Dexter the ex child actor narrator has a delightful turn of bitchiness especially when describing other people and their clothes Here's a couple of great examplesFred must have been about ten years younger He had darker hair with graying sides but it was too short for someone with a nose so large His outfit looked as if he’d raided Madonna’s 1980s closet He wore a shiny silver shirt covered with a shiny bronze vest His parachute pants were made out of some kind of plastic material and his shoes were black uarter boots with three inch Cuban heels Dexter hadn’t seen anyone dress like that in years and then another outfitHe was wearing acid washed jeans with pegged legs a red and white striped T shirt and thick red socks He’d been in Madonna’s closet again and he’d forgotten to raid the shoe shelf His hair was slicked and stiff with product and his eyebrows had been freshly plucked into thin archesHaving been involved in local political groups I enjoyed the account of the meetings etc Perhaps learning about the Captain's seafaring days would have been interesting but I had the feeling Dexter is a tad self centred No doubt over time he would have learnt especially as he writes 40 books about his lifeRyan creates fascinating gay characters and is in that respect almost the Jane Austen of our timeDexter's view of himself is amusing at timesHe had never been promiscuous in his life—he could count his lovers on one hand with fingers left to spare—and he hadn’t had sex in a long time But he did have one uiet little kink—or fundamental flaw depending on how it was perceived—that he kept to himself He loved exhibitionismHe paints a probably very accurate picture of life in that gay Mecca ProvincetownBest of all what happened in the Provincetown dunes between gay men remained in the dunes If he spotted someone in town who had seen one of his blatant amateur strip shows it was never mentioned They just nodded smiled and continued walkingDexter is an observer like many of Jane's characters He sees but he doesn't always understand as in this reaction of their daughter Brighton to his cheating ex partnerHer reaction to Michael always made Dexter wonder No matter how many times Michael disappointed her Brighton never stopped worshipping him Dexter isn't beyond his own brand of bitchy insincerity at times but never with the people he cares about his housekeeper Marion his daughter Brighton and the ghostA good sweet story

  5. Shanna Shanna says:

    I did not find this book remotely romantic I've read other books where there's a romance with a ghost that were very romantic This book wasn't one of them I just found the main character Dexter pathetic and desperate I found captain Lang creepy and under developed The only redeeming characters in the book were the secondary ones I loved Brighton and Marion I just couldn't buy that Dexter was passing over chances for a normal healthy relationship for a ghostly obsessive one Even the 'happy' ending just didn't strike a cord with me It was too trite Over all I would say that this book had a good premise but simply didn't get beyond that to being a good book

  6. Denicemarcell Denicemarcell says:

    fun uick read only a couple of uibbles1 proofreading in the beginning missed a few misnames Dexter is referred to as Michael2personally i don't think enough time was allowed to drive from P'town to Logan Airport but thats me or it could have been made clearer how early they had to get up to be there to allow enough time for TSA and their procedures

  7. Heather Heather says:

    As I love the movie The Ghost and Mrs Muir I was intrigued after reading the blurb for The Ghost and Mr Moore I was not disappointed This is a great story tongue in cheek at times serious at others but entertaining all the way through A ghost story set around love and determination to make it work even when everything seems impossible A fun read from beginning to end

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The Ghost and Mr. Moore➹ [Download] ➵ The Ghost and Mr. Moore By Ryan Field ➼ – When a famous child actor Dexter Moore leaves Hollywood and moves to Provincetown MA with his daughter and his longtime housekeeper he doesn't expect to find that his new house is haunted And especial When a famous child actor Dexter Moore leaves and Mr. PDF/EPUB è Hollywood and moves to Provincetown MA with his daughter and his longtime housekeeper he doesn't expect to find that his new house The Ghost PDF/EPUB or is haunted And especially not with the ghost of a strong virile young sea captain who looks like Hugh Jackman and makes love like no other living man Dexter has known Ghost and Mr. Epub â But Dexter must deal with important things than ghosts He soon discovers that his ex partner lost all his money in a bad investment and Dexter is forced to go back to work So he reluctantly agrees to do an intrusive TV show where he is followed with cameras for three months If he doesn't he'll have to sell his magnificent new home and move back to HollywoodIn order to make the TV show interesting Dexter's new best friend gets him involved in a heated town dispute The new president of the chamber of commerce wants to cancel a town tradition and start something new and half the town is against him But Dexter doesn't get involved with this for the TV show or ratings He's only interested in helping people and saving an important fundraiser from being canceledWhile all this is happening Dexter slowly gets to know the ghost of handsome Captain Lang He's the only one who can see and hear Lang They make passionate love together they spend long hours talking about Dexter's strong feelings and they start working on a series of books about Captain Lang's notorious adventures at sea that will ensure Dexter's financial future But when the books are finished and the two men finally admit they are in love how will they reconcile their feelings with reality.

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Ryan ryanfield Hybrid author of over published and Mr. PDF/EPUB è modern romance novels and stories including AN OFFICER AND HIS GENTLEMAN FANGSTERS THE RAINBOW DETECTIVE AGENCY and best selling VIRGIN BILLIONAIRE SERIES The Ghost PDF/EPUB or The profile photo isn't very good but it's really me and it's recent from I'm not supposed to be a photographer RfieldJaolcomView my complete profile.