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The Pursuit of God As The Hart Panteth After The Water Brooks, So Panteth My Soul After Thee, O God This Thirst For An Intimate Relationship With God, Claims A.W Tozer, Is Not For A Select Few, But Should Be The Experience Of Every Follower Of Christ Here Is A Masterly Study Of The Inner Life By A Heart Thirsting After God Here Is A Book For Every Child Of God, Pastor, Missionary, And Christian It Deals With The Deep Things Of God And The Riches Of His Grace In The Pursuit Of God, Tozer Sheds Light On The Path To A Closer Walk With God.

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    I bought this book for myself and was so moved by it that I reread it chapter by chapter often as my nightly devotional I personally found it to be one of the best books to fill me with hope This is the best edition of it available at

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    First ReviewI hesitate to call Tozer a theologian because his approach to Christianity and the practice of faith is very practical He is very well read and often deals with theological topics but he typically scoffs any intellectual dealings with faith and puts forth his down to earth alternative The description of down to earth only goes so far, because Tozer is also very clearly a mystic He focuses on experience, feeling and hearing God s voice as important to faith He also emphasizes those to the point of relegating scripture to a close second in matters of faith I liked the book this is my second time through it Tozer has many good observation about a life of faith and good insight can be gained from reading this book I am just not sure it strong enough to stand by itself as a guiding text for the Christian life Second ReviewI revisited Tozer recently and concluded that I was a bit too rough on him in the first time around It was obvious from my third reading that Tozer is a thinker The reason from his initial distancing of his argument from scripture is because God needs to be viewed as a person to be interacted with and not a distant deity to give lip service I still agree with most of...

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    Broke down in tears reading one of Tozer s prayers Praise God for the hour I spent reading part of it today, it was as if God was hear with me sharing the wisdom from the book Incredible book that taught me to slow down and listen to God.

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    My review of this book can be summed up in four words it blew me away Tozer identifies one of the major problems in our Church today As a Church, we are creating a new breed of Christian who understands doctrine better than at any point in history yet fails to understand what it truly means to be a follower of Christ.Having identified the problem, Tozer offers a beautiful solution that is practical and mystical than theological His book is an invitation for the the reader to seek God above all else While many Christian writers invite the reader to seek God to the point of making a decision for Christ, Tozers encourages the Christian to make the seeking of God the continual foundation upon which their life is built on.Tozer s book served to draw me closer to God and instilled in me the desire to come even closer It is a book I am sure to read often in the future and gladly add to my list of essential reads.You will also be gla...

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    I read this book over and over It s the one I d pick to have on a desert island The way Tozer talks about faith and living the Christian life he takes what religion has turned into complicated and noncommittal routines and returns to the blessed simplicity of what it...

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    I read this many moons ago, and just now listened to it again Very edifying book, with some brilliant sections.

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    Tozer writes, The modern scientist has lost God amid the wonders of His world we Christians are in real danger of losing God amid the wonders of His Word Discuss what you feel Tozer means by the second half of his statement.I m not sure, but I think he fears we are in danger of living too much by our head knowledge, which is indeed a real danger for christians We accept with our mind the theological truths of the Bible, but do not show by our actions that we have truly taken them to heart.Give a favorite quotation from the book and discuss why and how it impacted you Has it ever occurred to you that one hundred pianos all tuned to the same fork are automatically tuned to each other They are of one accord by being tuned, not to each other, but to another standard to which each one must individually bow ...

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    This book would will does require thought and a solid grounding in the Bible I find the central theme to be of immense and transcendent value The theme dealt with has to do with the basic idea of finding God vs knowing God vs growing in God I could say a lot but as those reading this will be not only atheist vs theist but also Christians of various denominations There are places I must disagree with some of whats taught here, but that does not mean that I disagree with the basic point of view.I can and do highly recommend this for Christians seeking a closer relationship with God.I won t go into basic disagreem...

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    An interesting and inspirational guide for Christians seeking to get closer to God.The book is public domain and is available free from many sources I downloaded free, from , to my Kindle I listened to it on LibriVox, also free, as I read on Kindle.It is about a two 2 hour read.

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    Feeling humbled to write a review on a book written by such a man of deep faith as AW Tozer Nonetheless, I will do so in hopes of convincing some of you to take the plunge It s a short book 122 pages.the language is a tad archaic but by no means insurmountable The thing that most struck me was the importance of keeping our gaze on the Lord no matter what we are doing at the time No act can be unholy if attempted while keeping our eyes on the FAther No place is holy than another No conversation or task mundane if undertaken with our eyes on the face of God While it sounds a bit intimidating to train ourselves to focus on two things at once, certainly we do so all the time Just as our stomachs growl and we are reminded constantly that we are hungryyet we do not often have the leisure to go and eat immediately so we feel both our hunger and the importance of the task at hand This is indeed a holy habit worthy of developing.Thus the Gaze of the Soul chapter impressed me maybe powerfully than did some of the others And the chapter entitled Apprehending God speaks of how we can experience God with every one of our faculties And it is the person who is deficient in faith who fails to intimately know the God whom they claim to worship Just as we know th...