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Exploring Science and Belief Some Scientists Have Religious Beliefs We Must Ourselves Be Prepared And Willing To Make A Reasoned Presentation Of Our Faith, Especially To Young Scientists, Who Have All Too Often Concluded That A Serious Faith In A Personal God And Objective Pursuit Of Scientific Truth Are Incompatible Professor Francis Collins, Director, National Human Genome Research Institute Some Do Not The Beliefs Of Most Popular Religions By Scientific Standards Are Based On Evidence So Flimsy That Only An Act Of Blind Faith Can Make Them Acceptable Dr Francis Crick Co Discoverer Of DNA S Structure However, Science And Belief Are Both Very Important For Us Do We Have To Choose Between Them The View That Science And Belief Are In Conflict Is A Major Stumbling Block For Many People Today Michael Poole Addresses This Issue In Exploring Science And BeliefIs Science The Ultimate Test Of What To Believe Do Its Laws Make Belief In Miracles Impossible Has Darwin S Work Ruled Out The Idea Of A Creating God How Did The Universe Develop Was It Accidental Or Planned What Will Happen To It Eventually Do We Have Any Significance In It These Are Some Of The Questions Addressed In Exploring Science And Belief Although He Start S From What Is For The Theist The Conviction, For The Agnostic The Hypothesis, And For The Atheist The Delusion That God Exists, Michael Poole Also Dicusses Evidence For God S Existence Table Of ContentsIntroduction God S Two Books Watch Your Language Explaining Explanations Belief, Faith And Evidence Miracles First And Last Things The Galileo Affair Enemies Or Allies Creation And Evolution Accident Or Design EndnotesGlossary

  • Paperback
  • 127 pages
  • Exploring Science and Belief
  • Michael Poole
  • English
  • 14 September 2019
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About the Author: Michael Poole

Michael Poole is Chief Medical Officer of Link Medicine, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA.

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