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Nobody's Baby But Mine ❰PDF / Epub❯ ☆ Nobody's Baby But Mine Author Susan Elizabeth Phillips – Genius physics professor Dr Jane Darlington desperately wants a baby But finding a father won't be easy Jane's super intelligence made her feel like a freak when she was growing up and she's determine Genius physics professor Dr Jane Darlington desperately wants a baby But finding a father won't be easy Jane's super intelligence made her feel like a freak when she was growing up and she's determined to spare her own child that suffering Which means she must find someone very special to father her child Someonewell stupid Cal Bonner the Chicago Stars' legendary uarterback seems like the perfect Nobody's Baby ePUB ½ choice But his champion good looks and down home ways are deceiving Dr Jane learns too late that this good ol'boy is a lot smarter than he lets on and he's not about to be used and abandoned by a brainy baby mad schemer A brillant lonely woman who dreams only of motherhood A take no prisoners tough guy who'll settle for nothing less than surrender Can passion and physical attraction propel two strong willed yet vulnerable people to a totally unexpected love.

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  1. A. A. says:

    5 StarsAbsolutely amazing Why didn’t somebody tell me sooner how freaking awesome this book wasYou HAVE TO read this book if you like hot football players cold brooding aholes who redeem themselves by the end of the book my favorite strong and above average smart heroines love hate or enemies to lovers relationships uirky families in small town settings non cliché storylinescomplex multi layered characters exceptional writing witty banter and super hilarious dialoguea big stupid smile on your face when you finish a book UICK REVIEWEnjoyment 55Writing style 55Storyline 55Hero 55Heroine 55Secondary characters 55 Hotnesschemistry 55 Romance 55 Angst 355Darkness level 15Humor 55 Depth of the book 55POV multiple 3rd person Triggers view spoilerNone hide spoiler

  2. Mimi Smith Mimi Smith says:

    1 star WarningRANTING AHEAD Spoilers too First apologies to all SEP fans and people who liked this book Usually I don't do reviews of books I don't like but this one annoyed me so much I had to say SOMETHING And that something probably won't be that coherent but oh wellI read some other books by her and liked them although I noticed a slightly disturbing pattern Hero's emotionally immature heroine falls in love with a hero hero can't admit he loves her heroine runs off hero has an epiphany hero grovels heroine takes him back But I can deal with it because she can in fact make it workOK back to this book It starts when the heroinewho has an I of 180despairs how she's alone and wants a baby but she doesn't want the baby's father to be smart because then the baby will be cursed by being actually you know smart Then a solution appears she sees a football player on TV and because he's a professional athlete and speaks with an accent he must be REALLY stupid right So she manages to trick him into getting her pregnant and fully plans not even to tell himcause he's stupid and a jock why on Earth should she tell him He finds out and marries her for the child She's condescending insulting him and assuming he doesn't understand any word longer than 2 syllables Than she finds out he has a degree and feels betrayed because he's not stupid but they still fall in love and in the end she ends up being the victim and his own family ends up protecting her from him and ARGH To be fair he had his problems too always going out with 21 year olds and there were some good dialogues and funny scenes but I just couldn't bring myself to enjoy the bookThe only reason I kept reading the book was because someone recommended Dream a Little Dream but I just couldn't bring myself to read it or any other book by SEP and I don't see that changing in the foreseeable futureAgain apologies to SEP fans hope you don't hold this against me No hard feelings right I mean uh you know uh don't throw those books please AHHHHH DUCKING

  3. ♥Sharon♥ ♥Sharon♥ says:

    Listening to this one was perfection Y'all know that I adore SEP and this series and I know I am repeating myself who cares but listening to these stories makes me love them even Anna Fields is an amazing narrator and she did a wonderful job at bringing this story to life Cal can he be any pigheaded Probably not but I loved himJanie as smart as she was the plan that she put in place at the beginning had some major flaws but thank the heavens above that love always wins outAnnie I'd love to have her as my grandma She is a spitfire And finally Lynn and Jim's side story just warmed my heart ❤ It was abundantly clear where Cal gets his pigheadedness LOL I want to add 2 ★'s to my ratingDoing a re read is fantastic You don't have to read every single page to get the oh so wonderful feeling And boy did I get that oh so wonderful feeling while re reading this one I adore SEP She is truly an icon among her fellow authors of romance I simply love her writing style her characters her plots She will forever be on my favorite authors pedestal I am having such a great time reading this series My first SEP book was Fancy Pants which I really enjoyed but the Chicago Stars Series is uickly becoming my favorite of her books thus far What I am finding that I enjoy the most is the humor And I don’t mean just a giggle here and there; I mean laugh out loud humor Along with the humor you get a great story line a sexy and brooding hero and a sweet and beautiful heroine with a backbone All of the books in this series can be read as a standalone which is also fantastic but I have decided to read them in order Some of the characters from the preceding books have a cameo so for me it was helpful to know what their story was about I think Nobody’s Baby But Mine is my favorite There was something a little fragile about this heroine than the others and the hero was a little relentless in his own particular uest Janie she was a little uirky I guess that couldn’t be helped since she was a physicist But she was also funny beautiful and awkwardly flirty Janie thought she had the perfect plan when she decided on the man to father her child She knew she didn’t want a man that matched her I She needed one that was lacking in that area She had her reasons and she knew setting her eyes on Cal Bonner was the answer to her expiring biological clock Cal loved this guy Being the uarterback for the Chicago Stars is his life He is mans man too Loves the niceties that he can afford and has a certain reputation to live up to He is also very charming handsome and amusing When Janie presents herself to him he was a bit leery He’d have his fun with her of course but the result of it wasn’t anything he’d ever expect When everything backfires on Janie she finds herself in a bit of a mess One that could not easily be fixed Cal is beyond livid with her and decides the only way to deal with the “situation” was to bring Jane back to his hometown to wait things out Here she meets Cal’s Gran Annie his mom and dad Jim and Amber Lynn and his brother Ethan Each one of these people brought about moments that made me cry a little laugh a lot and warmed my heart Of course my favorite moments are with Janie and Cal though The banter between them was endless and the anticipation of her reveal read the book and you will know drove me batty in the most wonderful way possible Jane and Cal fall into a comfortable relationship and both are a bit surprised with how far they have come But they struggle to turn that next corner and Cal finds himself on the wrong side of the fence He never thought it would be so hard to convince someone that he loved them This was such a fantastic book and I am thankful that my friend Karen continued to nudge me to start this series ❤ I highly recommend this to all my friends

  4. Mo Mo says:

    Phillips unites a beautiful brainy scientist desperate to be a mom with a brawny smoking hot jock who though handsome enough to father her child is nowhere near as stupid as she wants her baby’s daddy to be The lovely Karen is reading this series and her updates and reviews have whetted my appetite to do a re read Was it as good second time around Definitely I loved itI loved Janie I loved Cal I loved Annie the adorable Granny “Don't mess with me Calvin You'll only get hurt” Jim and Amber Lynn So so sweet I loved you too “You’re the most important thing in the world to me I know you don’t believe it but I’m going to prove it to you” “Maybe I'm missing something but I don't rightly see how somebody who claims to have had What'd you say One partner can be welled trainedHe had a point Her brain clicked away I was referring to the instructional videotapes my agency has all its new employees watchThey train you by watching videos His eyes narrowed reminding her of a hunter looking down a gun sightNow ain't that interestingShe felt a little surge of pleasure as her child lost another few points on the Iowa Test of Basic Skills Even a computer couldn't have picked a perfect match”

  5. Danielle Danielle says:

    This book was so much FUNI mean that's probably the best way to describe it I was smiling or laughing most of the time and that's because it was outrageousNo it wasn't that believable and what the heroine did tricked a man into impregnating her well that's something I could normally never forgive But I did The story was light enough that I couldn't hate the heroine She and the hero's banter was so funny I was often shaking my head laughing and trying not to wake my husband up This was the funniest book I've read by SEP and it was not what I was expecting at all I love Kiss an Angel so much it's actually what got me started on SEP's novels And while that one was serious this one was definitely on the light and humorous side with plenty of conflict to keep me invested And the perfect characters to go with Jane is a scientist and is freakishly smart She thirty four and desperately wants to have a child But there's a problem she's single with no prospects in sight And she doesn't want to go to a sperm bank because she's convinced all donors are medical students and she needs a man with a low I to balance out her genius genes She had a hard lonely childhood being so smart and she didn't want that for her child So certain circumstances arise and she pretends she's a hooker for a certain dumb football player and well she sabotages the condom I didn't think I would be able to forgive her but the thing is Jane and Cal were hilarious together They start out as enemies after he finds out what she did but then they realize they have a lot in common And I loved their banter and yelling at each other Fighting makes me smile What I didn't like was the small added pov of Cal's parents and their relationship Psst I don't care about that and I noticed SEP does this sometimes and I always skip those added in POVs Whoops Anyways Cal really isn't all that dumb He might say ain't and have an accent but he's far from stupid Let's just say Jane was pretty pissed when she found out Nobody's Baby But Mine was a great light humourous tension filled and a whole bunch of other good adjectives romance that had me smiling all the way through SEP fan Check it out

  6. Angela (Reading Frenzy Book Blog) Angela (Reading Frenzy Book Blog) says:

    5 starsNobody—and I do mean no body—crafts a comedic enemies to lovers story as well as Susan Elizabeth Phillips Period Oh and arrogant jerks Somehow she creates these arrogant and bull headed alphas who are so sweet at heart that they easily win you over And her heroines I always adore her gutsy heroines Basically I’m a huge SEP fan in case you can’t tell Nobody’s Baby But Mine is the third book in the Chicago Stars series and it’s every bit as enjoyable as the previous booksI fell in love with Jane Darlington She’s attractive but not gorgeous Her body is far from flawless she dresses conservatively and she doesn’t have a seductive bone in her body She’s flawed funny determined and loveable It’s great when the ordinary girl gets the hunkCal Bonner is a stubborn aging NFL uarterback Jane comes along when he’s at a crossroads in his life The two are like oil and water and I enjoyed every minute of their hilarious bickering He’s downright mean at times but I had a huge soft spot in my heart for himThe mountains of North Carolina make a beautiful setting for the unfolding storySEP has created a bevy of interesting characters and she takes her time in developing all the relationships There isn’t a single character I didn’t enjoy Cal’s protective mother Lynn and his stoic father Jim have their own absorbing side story One of my favorite characters is Kevin the young cocky and talented backup uarterback I absolutely adored Cal’s spunky uirky and wise grandma AnnieThis book was written in 1997 so you’ll notice some outdated references like VCRs and VH1 music videos Remember them but the story stands the test of time in every other regard Some aspects are over the top in typical SEP fashion but I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face Nobody’s Baby But Mine is a simply delightful entertaining and hilarious romance #winning

  7. Karen Karen says:

    5 STARSimage error

  8. peachygirl peachygirl says:

    So I have been binge reading SEP's novels to fill the void in my heart left by LH and been having a spectacular time Until this oneThe heroine Jane is a world renowned physicist with 180 I points and a sad lonely life Her solution is to have a baby with an idiot to tone down her baby's intelligence and ensure a normal childhood which she never had Her pick is Cal Bonner legendary uarterback and an obvious dumb jock So she poses as a hooker screws Cal with a sabotaged condom and gets her wish fulfilled If you have reached this point without wanting to throw up or club Jane in the head I applaud you Because what follows is worse Cal finds out about Jane's master plan through an indiscreet neighbor and is rightfully pissed But he's apparently pissed at the face that she's 32 and not barely out of her teens like his usual girlfriends Anyway he marries her to make his unborn child legitimate and brings her to his hometown In spite of his attraction to her he cannot get over that initial deceit and treats her like shit He even goes as far to isolate her from his family and the entire town to make her seem like an uppity bitch During the last 30 percent he realises he's an ageist sexist piece of shit and accepts his love for Jane who by that point is already head over heels in love with this guy even if he's not the dumb jock she thought he was The moment she threw a fit when she realized Cal had a degree with honours and not a dumbass like she had imagined I wanted to throw this book in a fire But SEP's writing gave me some much needed patience I had so much issues with this one I don't know where to begin I wanted to sympathize with Cal because no matter what anyone says he was the victim But he made it so hard for me to feel bad for him His immaturity callous attitude and arrogance was just a tip of the iceberg So I guess these two were shitty enough to be perfect for each otherSo this sucked donkey balls Why didn't I hate it then SEP is a fucking ueen that's why No matter how crappy the plot was the narration and banter between the leads were too good to ignore Also some of the secondary characters were so damn entertaining I was suealing with excitement every time Kevin Tucker made an appearance Cal's younger brother was also a snack And their grandma was a freaking delightAlmost one tenth of the book covers the marital woes of Cal's mum and dad I'd give my right arm for an entire book on them Amber Lynn Bonner was one amazing woman I'm still gonna read of SEP but I'm going to make sure to avoid clusterfucks like this

  9. Heidi Hart Heidi Hart says:

    The Cereal Killer bit was funny and that's the only reason I'm giving this two stars instead of one I first read this about 10 15 years ago when I was first starting to read romance I remembered it fondly and it's stayed on my keeper shelf through moves than I can count Rereading it now though it's abundantly clear that I'm a much discriminating reader and much in tune with sexual politics than I used to be because I really didn't like it this time around My major issue with it is the premise Dr Jane Darlington is a wicked smart physicist with an I in the stratosphere She's determined to have a baby but she wants to find a stupid father because she doesn't want her kid to be freakishly smart like she was This isn't the way genetics work and a genius scientist like Jane ought to know that She doesn't want to use a sperm bank because she thinks all sperm donors are medical students so they'd be too smart I used a sperm bank to conceive my sons and donors like people come in all sorts of varieties Her solution She poses as a prostitute sabotages a condom and sleeps with Cal Bonner the uarterback of the Chicago Stars She heard him on the news and assumed based on his downhome southern drawl and his profession that he must be a moron Taking away a person's reproductive autonomy is morally reprehensible It's a violation akin to rape In SEP's lexicon it's bunny boiler crazy and wrong In my professional life as a domestic violence prosecutor I see cases where abusive men sabotage condoms or hide contraceptive pills in order to impregnate their girlfriends the goal being to keep them tied to the abuser and financially dependant upon him though in books and movies it's always women who get pregnant on purpose usually to trap a man into marriage It doesn't matter whether women or men do it often it's appalling either way but the perception that women do it contributes to the widespread rape culture belief that women are untrustworthy in sexual matters like whether we're using contraceptives when we say we are whether we're faithful in relationships when we say we are whether our lovers can trust us when we tell them they're the father of our babies and whether and these are the big ones we really mean it when we say no and whether we're truthful when we claim we've been raped Anyway it takes two tries where Jane's lies are increasingly desperate and the sex is bad in a way that SEP intends to be comic but isn't for her to succeed in getting pregnant Jane knows her behavior is reprehensible but she somehow rationalizes that it's okay as long as she doesn't let herself enjoy the sex If she permitted herself to derive even a moment's pleasure from his caress she would be no better than the prostitute she was impersonating This had to be a sacrifice or she could never live with herself p 50 As an aside given that Jane is a genius scientist I might have been okay with the secret baby premise if SEP had written her as truly lacking in social skills perhaps on the autism spectrum a la Jennifer Ashley's The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie It wouldn't have made it right but if Jane had some sort of clinical lack of empathy I might have been able to write off her behavior as misguided rather than bunny boiler evil Needless to say when Cal finds out about the pregnancy he is righteously furious and bent on revenge He hates Jane but he's determined to preserve his rights with regard to the baby so he marries her with the intention of divorcing her as soon as the baby is born I would have demanded proof of the pregnancy from a doctor before marrying such a crazy liar but that's just me When the press breaks the story because he's a hotshot sports God he forces Jane to move with him to Salvation North Carolina his hometown For a few months they live together in a state of open warfare that reminded me of The War of the Roses a movie I hated Jane gets Cal's goat with a prank involving Lucky Charms which is frankly inspired but it's about the only bright spot otherwise their conduct is meanspirited and bloodthirsty Nevertheless Cal's moral code reuires him to be faithful even in the bonds of a fake marriage and Jane is a weak woman so they have plenty of sex even as they snarl and humiliate each other Apart from the cereal prank the only other thing I enjoyed about this novel was the subplot involving the conflict in Cal's parents' marriage They've been together 37 years but are reeling from a family tragedy and their history is rich and compelling and about a million times interesting than the games Cal and Jane are playing Jane and Cal obviously have a lot of issues to work through before they can have a happy ending and to tell the truth I'm just as skeptical and as suicked out by the very notion of a HEA in these circumstances as I am by those Old School romances where the heroine falls in love with the hero after he rapes her and I won't spoil the plot by going into detail except to say that in the end Cal is the one who does The Grovel which sucks because Jane's transgression is so much offensive and unforgiveableFunny how a reader's feelings about a book can change so drastically over time isn't it

  10. Wendy& Wendy& says:

    5 Plus All the Smarts Stars Spoiler Free Years ago I discovered Romance novels and was able to binge read Susan Elizabeth Phillips I was going through a health challenge and it was SEP who got me through it with a smile on my face and many facepalms I will forever be indebted to her It Had to Be You Chicago Stars #1 Heaven Texas Chicago Stars #2 Nobody's Baby But Mine Chicago Stars #3 Dream a Little Dream Chicago Stars #4 This Heart of Mine Chicago Stars #5 Match Me If You Can Chicago Stars #6 Natural Born Charmer Chicago Stars #7 First Star I See Tonight Chicago Stars #8 Stars Collide A Chicago Stars NovelhttpswwwgoodreadscomreviewshowFor Reviews Free E books and Giveaways

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