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Teaching as Leadership ❮Ebook❯ ➠ Teaching as Leadership Author Steven Farr – Thomashillier.co.uk A road map for teachers who strive to be highly effective leaders in our nation's classrooms Teach For America has fought the daunting battle of educational euity for the last twenty years Based on ev A road map for teachers who strive to be highly effective leaders in our nation's Teaching as PDF/EPUB ² classrooms Teach For America has fought the daunting battle of educational euity for the last twenty years Based on evidence from classrooms across the country they've discovered much about effective teaching practice and distilled these findings into the six principles presented in this book The Teaching as Leadership framework inspires teachers to Set Big Goals; Invest Students and Their Families; Plan Purposefully; Execute Effectively; Continuously Increase Effectiveness; Work Relentlessly The results are better educational outcomes for our nation's children particularly those who live in low income communitiesInspires educators to be leaders in their classrooms and schools Demystifies what it means to be an effective teacher describes key elements of practice and provides a clear vision of success Addresses the challenges every teacher in every classroom faces on a daily basis An accompanying website includes a wealth of tools videos sample lessons discussion boards and case studies.

10 thoughts on “Teaching as Leadership

  1. Karla Karla says:

    My first non fiction book of the year was one I had to read as part of a book study at work At first I was very excited about this book as it proports to teach ways to teach low income or other disadvantaged kids in effective waysI would be for this As I went through each chapter though I became and frustrated with the book It is very idealisticwhich is okay except there was no realism to go with it No explanations of how things could actually be achieved I also found many instances of poor assumptions made about those very dis advantaged kids it was supposed to be helping It made me think about an issue worth considering so I won't say it was 'bad' but I did not enjoy it nor did I feel it enriched me

  2. Libraryqueen Libraryqueen says:

    If you went through a traditional college of education don't waste your time This book will not give you any new insights on teaching just insight into the teaching as charity mindset of TFA This is truly a handbook to prepare those who are considering a two year stint in education to come in and make a big splash pad resumes and move on to lucrative careers

  3. Anna Anna says:

    Though in parts it can seem very repetitive Teaching as Leadership really is a great way to start thinking about the Teach for America approach to leading a classroom I received the book as part of the Teach for America pre insitute reading as I am entered the San Antonio charter corps this summer Because it is based on teachers with records of success in the classroom the six step program is illustrated throughout with uotations from former teacher corps members I found that the sections on what not to do were probably helpful than those about what a good teacher should do Most of the positive advice seems common sense in hindsight but that is part of the charm of the book Great teachers are not genetic mutants they use good judgment and set high but achievable goals for their students Duh?

  4. Jessica Jessica says:

    Overall this book is a solid compilation of all the ideas a beginning teacher needs to consider I remember looking for materials to prepare me better to enter the classroom and this would have been helpful as a guide since I learned many of the things they discuss on my own with some difficulty It hits many of the big players eg Tomlinson Wiggins McTighe Nieto For my current purposes it helps articulate some ideas about teaching development but is not overly informative and does drag in parts If interested you can simply check out their website which has the framework and rubric that they go into great detail about in the book

  5. R C R C says:

    I enjoyed this as a technical guide to characteristics and steps taken by effective teachers As a general read I found the book dry and difficult to compete despite the engagement fostered by my investment in teaching

  6. Krupakaran Krupakaran says:

    A look at teaching mindsets and practices that makes new sense every time I read Something when read from a space of nothingness no preconceived notions and prejudices gives access to a new world of teaching and being with children Loved it

  7. Kendel Christensen Kendel Christensen says:

    This book is great It really is I read the whole thing before summer institute and it definitely provides a framework for successful principles in teaching Set big goals Invest students and their families Plan purposefully execute effectively continuously increase effectiveness and work relentlessly If there is one thing TFA does and does well it is create an exhaustive rubric for something they care about the entire book breaks up these principles and talks about them in depthThey include an extensive Rubric to measure where you as a teacher currently are and what the next level of proficiency will look like Extremely helpful if daunting the crazy thing is that effective teachers can and do make a difference The book cites studies showing how exceptional teachers can foster up to 4 or years of growth in a single year and how if we could duplicate the top uartile of teachers to be in every classroom it would effectively close the achievement gap Truly inspirationalOther ualities and Abilities of Effective teachers An ability to suspend judgment Asset based thinking A strong locus of control and growth mindset Interpersonal awarenessuotesother gemsThis is a consistent pattern among highly effective teachers they put their goalposts in the ground before they create the gameplan not after They hold themselves and their students accountable to their vision of success not to whatever material they happened to have covered Pg 112Like a good interview a good lesson goes much smoothly if you have practiced out loud beforehand p147Instead of ready aim fire adopt do it fix it try it an approach that values the learning that comes from trying acn action over the learning that comes from merely thinking about performing an action P150More info can be found at if only I can see those gains in my classroom I guess I should give myself than 4 months to see the type of gains this book shows

  8. Nathan Nathan says:

    Reading this was like reading a book on entrepreneurship or improve your business book It was great to see the similarities between good teaching and a well managed business This similarity makes it somewhat sad how little teaching is valued in America from a compensation perspective The book has numerous examples and case studies to support the various viewpoints and tips it brings up I would definitely recommend it to any teacher regardless of the grade they teach I'm at a University and even though there were never examples from that setting in the book I still found it extremely usefulI don't know if it was me or the book though but it was felt extremely dense to read like walking through a swamp that I was knee thigh deep in Which is odd because of the other similar readings I've done I would have thought this book would have passed by faster One theory is the numerous number of examples which ask the mind to reorient itself just a little bit for each story rather than go through the entire book as a single piece It is not to say that the book is disjointed the chapters build well upon each other and information is very clear It was just dense and took some time to process while reading This isn't a weekend book

  9. Sarah Hanawald Sarah Hanawald says:

    Parts of this book were excellent other parts dragged a bit I most enjoyed the descriptions of how the excellent teachers planned purposefully to help students succeed However there wasn't anything particularly new in the chapter if the reader is familiar with the principles of backwards design and planning learning vs planning activities What the authors do successfully is describe what those who implement such planning actually do They discuss having a vision for the classroom at the end of the year then breaking that vision down into steps that are achievable One young teacher said that once she learned the value of having a vision for learning she no longer was picking activities that I hoped would interest my students and that somehow through that interest they would learn Making sure students themselves see that vision is key as well

  10. Ashley Ashley says:

    I encountered the ideas now collected in this book as a Teach For America corps member in 2004 These concepts shaped and continue to shape my teaching practice If I could pick one book to give to a new teacher eager to effect change in the classroom this would be it It helped me to set aside excuses and work strategically every day to solve problems creating barriers to my students' learningCaution the philosophy proposed here may change the way you think about teaching forever

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