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Island Madness 1943, The German Army Has Been Defeated At Stalingrad The Tide Is Beginning To Turn But On Guernsey And The Rest Of The Channel Islands, The Only British Territory To Have Been Occupied, Such A Reversal Is Unimaginable The Reality Of War Seems A Lifetime Away, Yet Resentment And The Debilitating Effects Of Food Storages Undercut The Picturesque Calm However, Life Goes On, Parties Are Held, Love Affair Blossom And The Guernesy Amateur Dramatic And Operatic Players Continue To Stage Their Productions When A Young Local Woman Is Found Murdered, Both The Islanders And The Occupiers Are Forced To Acknowledge That This Most Civilized Of Wars Conceals A Bitter And Darker Struggle Than Anyone Cares To Recognize.

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    Mid 4 This is a formidable novel which raises the question of allegiance and loyalty amongst a population subject to occupation by enemy forces, and the moral complexities of fraternisation with the latter In addition, how empathy with the culture and lives of those under their jurisdiction from any member of the occupying force could be interpreted by a distant leadership Binding sets this novel on the idyllic island of Guernsey, under occupation by the Nazis at the height of the Second Worl Mid 4 This is a...

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    This book took a long time to get rolling Until I got to page 112, I was reconsidering my choice and wondering if, locale and time period notwithstanding, I would have to make this a DNF Then things really started to sizzle The Channel Islands were the only part of England to be occupied by the Germans during WWII There were a lot of difficult issues to navigate here Homes were commandeered i.e., stolen for the officers and anything that might allow contact with the outside world was conf This book took a long tim...

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    Got 120 pages in and it is still going nowhere time to gas it and move on.

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    Taking place on the island of Guernsey during Word War II, this is a novel is not sure if it wants to be a murder mystery, an historical novel, or a scintillating romance The first 100 pages introduce all the characters German officers one referred to as Major and the other as Captain very confusing , too many Guernsey girls, Todt workers, police constable Ned Luscombe, and the Van Dielens Mr Van Dielen, a builder of large projects, is working with the Germans to construct fortificatio Taking place on the island of Guernsey during Word War II, this is a novel is not sure if it wants to be a murder mystery, an historical ...

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    Ever since reading The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society and The Soldier s Wife, I have been intrigued by the story of this Guernsey Island s occupation by the German forces during the Second World War I have a difficult time rating this one at times I was ready to quit reading it altogether, but I did stick with it This...

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    Great story, set in Channel Isles under German occupation The story is great, the telling is great, and a wonderful insight into a odd little corner of history.

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    Excellent Well written, lyrical, suspensful I did not know about the German occupation of Guernsey, it was good to learn something new.

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    An emotional portrait of people under unbearable stress and how they respond

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    loved this book intricate story of life in war compromises made in order to survive.

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    Having read The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society, I was already intrigued by the German occupation of the Channel Islands This is a much darker book It points out the dilemmas the Islanders must have felt at the time What if Germany wins the war If they are to be the rulers long term, is co operation with them wrong Some are growing up with an established occupation For the young women there is limited choice of men even in peace time The war has meant that...

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